Who is better: ZAYN - Dusk Till Dawn ft. Sia Covers (Malaysia, Netherlands, USA, UK, Swiss, S-Korea)

Who is better
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ZAYN - Dusk Till Dawn ft. Sia. Who sang it better? Comment the best cover!
✔ Who sang it better: Feel It Still - P.T.M (South Korea, USA, Malaysia, Canada, Swiss, Germany): www.youtube.com/watch?v=EORhg...
Check out their channels:
Madilyn Bailey - *USA*: goo.gl/EnmciG
J.Fla - *Republic of Korea*: goo.gl/CLJNKL
Romy Wave - *Swiss*: goo.gl/P8zJ44
Davina Michelle - *Netherlands*: goo.gl/AcDy5c
Boyband - *United Kingdom*: goo.gl/qhNBAe
Shila Amzah - *Malaysia*: goo.gl/b8NEmD

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18 dic 2017




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Who is better
Who is better 6 mesi fa
Hey guys and gals! :] Here are my favorite song clips from 2017, hope you enjoy! I would appreciate very much if you could like the video or subscribe if you want more of these, it helps out my channel very much. But whatever you do, I hope you'll have an awesome day and thank you so much for watching!
Diza Diandra
Diza Diandra 5 giorni fa
wow amazing
Hannis Adeelia
Hannis Adeelia 5 giorni fa
thank yoy so much!!
화영 19 giorni fa
From korea, s korea and UK
Cik Din
Cik Din 22 giorni fa
@Emilia usa killer malaysia ok
Emilia 23 giorni fa
Beknazar Nishonov
Lhette Burac billaba
Madilyn bailey
jadore la chanson 💗💗💗💗
naruto 14 ore fa
J fıla
Michelle is the best ✨
سوي نفسك شفت اسم فخمم🗿
Sanjay Wankhede
Sanjay Wankhede Giorno fa
USA wins
Lilly Giorno fa
USA angel South Korea rapper Switzerland calm Nether land lovely UK Screaming Malaysia clear
El Mine
El Mine Giorno fa
Netherland is best ✅
El Mine
El Mine Giorno fa
Netherland is best ✅
asha mathew
asha mathew Giorno fa
Madilyn bailey is the best
Aminboyz AminBoyz
Gud voice USA
Nani Giorno fa
The first two and the last female
BHEM sanjose
BHEM sanjose Giorno fa
usa netherlands malaysia are the best
BHEM sanjose
BHEM sanjose Giorno fa
madilyn bailey
Pragati Chauhan
Pragati Chauhan Giorno fa
Malasiya is perfect Love from India
Vivigames Giorno fa
Sem palavras... _____
Aline Moraes
Aline Moraes 2 giorni fa
Mas legal quando tem os dois a menina e o menino mas ficou bom
Shadow Zr
Shadow Zr 2 giorni fa
I like the Boyland= united kindom
Hasti Ara
Hasti Ara 3 giorni fa
The last one was the best. =))
Timur Leinum
Timur Leinum 3 giorni fa
ᴀᴋꜱʜᴀʀᴀ ꜱᴀɴᴋᴇ
The UK had given me 1D vibes , 1 day 1D will be back ✨
Ajavi Mekro
Ajavi Mekro 3 giorni fa
UK boybands 😘. Love from Uk
Shaila Mahmud
Shaila Mahmud 3 giorni fa
Zayn is the best
player 3 giorni fa
The swiss is the most gentle singer
A.j. Aathi19
A.j. Aathi19 3 giorni fa
Lyrical Wood
Lyrical Wood 3 giorni fa
First I see comments and mostly like Malaysian girl. and when I watch this video .and I am also like the beautiful voice.
Sara Lopes
Sara Lopes 4 giorni fa
The First one madylin and the third one was the best i think love to madylin❤️❤️
KERE_GAMING 4 giorni fa
Malaysia:wow smooth voice👌 Usa:wow so powerful 👌 From🇲🇨
Zainab Ali
Zainab Ali 4 giorni fa
1.Korean is the Best 2. Netherland 3. USA
Shifat Jamil
Shifat Jamil 4 giorni fa
Its pretty hard to compare. 😅👌🤙👏
zafira aulia
zafira aulia 4 giorni fa
USA the best 👍👍
Alzea Xierene Barrientos
Madilyn is my favorite
Habibullobek Mardonov
Fla best one
WITCHES WISDOM 4 giorni fa
Kang sae- byeok{squid game}{cr:??}{player 067}
South Korea it's SOOOOOOO GOOOOOD!!
Molemo Mfaladi
Molemo Mfaladi 5 giorni fa
1.Usa 🥇🇺🇸 ( Madilyn Bailey) 2.Swiss 🥈 🇨🇭( Romy Wave) 3. Malaysia 🥉🇲🇾 ( Shila Amgah)
IzzyM Playz
IzzyM Playz 5 giorni fa
Alya Yet82
Alya Yet82 5 giorni fa
I like USA, Netherlands and Malaysia
anime girl
anime girl 5 giorni fa
The first girlllll
H&R _10
H&R _10 5 giorni fa
Koreeeeea 🥰😍😍😍😍
Janike Bouman
Janike Bouman 5 giorni fa
Davina michelle of course!!
Hannis Adeelia
Hannis Adeelia 5 giorni fa
this is my favorite song and my fav sing is malaysia and byee i am CRYYYYINGGG!,😭😭
Hollie Mclelland
Hollie Mclelland 6 giorni fa
Swiss never lands and the uk are my favs
Simona Chirila
Simona Chirila 6 giorni fa
First one;(
Katie Danae
Katie Danae 6 giorni fa
Madilyn Bailey is my personal favorite but these are all amazing
Arwen H
Arwen H 6 giorni fa
100% Madilyn
Salma ....
Salma .... 7 giorni fa
netherlands and s-korea rocked , so amzgly
Zohidcik Zohidcik
Zohidcik Zohidcik 7 giorni fa
gay couple
gay couple 7 giorni fa
I very like the girl name Bailey from USA voice
Cute Kiwi
Cute Kiwi 7 giorni fa
All of these are the best for me!
Frank Rina
Frank Rina 7 giorni fa
J.fla is the best
Learning science and maths
I loved All cause We can't judge somebody's talent there practice , atleast appreciate all of them .
Tine Gaanab
Tine Gaanab 8 giorni fa
United Kingdom is Best
Tine Gaanab
Tine Gaanab 8 giorni fa
Please United Kingdom
Tali Jamir
Tali Jamir 8 giorni fa
Netherlands. Republic of korean.
Elham Ramzi
Elham Ramzi 8 giorni fa
No one is talking about the Netherland performance 💯
Chikahiro Kobirasa Legoshi
Korea and UK are the best to listen UwU
Sharifah nor nini yana Syed mohd
Korea is the best best
People 9 giorni fa
Always Malaysia 🇲🇾❤💖♥💙💕🇲🇾
•Mimi Yt•
•Mimi Yt• 9 giorni fa
Nikki Meaney
Nikki Meaney 9 giorni fa
The better one is the fourth Because she had amazing voice
Michael Lim
Michael Lim 9 giorni fa
역시 한국 사람이 잘하내요.
Olusoga Oluwakemi
Olusoga Oluwakemi 10 giorni fa
The first one 🥇
Anne is love ❤️
Anne is love ❤️ 10 giorni fa
Ohhh madilyn 😢
Samantha Swart
Samantha Swart 10 giorni fa
Sweden 🇸🇪
Nigorabonu Xoliqulova
4th candidate's voice is so amazing 😘😘
Tashmia Hasan
Tashmia Hasan 10 giorni fa
UK is best
Chielietsu chielie chielie
USA best
Tongzapau Hangnung
Tongzapau Hangnung 10 giorni fa
Madily was the beat
lara oliverio
lara oliverio 11 giorni fa
Danie Maconie
Danie Maconie 11 giorni fa
Davina yu killed it
Kamila Musielak
Kamila Musielak 11 giorni fa
Madilyn bailey,davina michelle and boyband were the best
Jungkookmylove 11 giorni fa
ARMYBLINK 11 giorni fa
Obviously Jfla is the best 😍
Hasan Fuad
Hasan Fuad 11 giorni fa
jfla 😙
Ayush Poudel
Ayush Poudel 11 giorni fa
J fla is best
Brynn Thiemann
Brynn Thiemann 11 giorni fa
never mind netherlands and the uk
Brynn Thiemann
Brynn Thiemann 11 giorni fa
Lol's fun
Lol's fun 12 giorni fa
Omg madilyn lives in United States?!! I live there!
ARMY light
ARMY light 12 giorni fa
USA one was actually the best! In all her voice was the best! I LOVE MADILYN
عبدالاله عباس
Korea 👌👌👏
Indonesian amazing to koplo
Naina o
Naina o 12 giorni fa
I love it every one is 🥇
Xachatryan Emilia
Xachatryan Emilia 12 giorni fa
South Korea💜💜
Nico ranasinghe
Nico ranasinghe 12 giorni fa
Go SOUTH KOREA woohooo
Bts Army
Bts Army 12 giorni fa
CutiePie Slimes
CutiePie Slimes 12 giorni fa
Republic of Korea had a nice sound.
Joy Jay
Joy Jay 12 giorni fa
I hate JFla
Elizabeth Wairimu
Elizabeth Wairimu 12 giorni fa
Keep it up swiss
Vesuyi Nyekha,Nagaland
i love Netherland n Republic korean.. 👍
Akbar Rustamov
Akbar Rustamov 13 giorni fa
Claire Bts
Claire Bts 13 giorni fa
Rinzin Wangmo
Rinzin Wangmo 13 giorni fa
Weekly somali shorts
Remy wave ❤❤
Joy Jay
Joy Jay 13 giorni fa
Well I liked all of them a lot
kangcy haokip
kangcy haokip 13 giorni fa
Boy band
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