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Thank you National Pork Board for sponsoring this video. Buy whole boneless pork loins from Sam's Club and cook it to the proper cooking temperature: www.porkmonth.com/?utm_source=famebit&utm_campaign=porkmonth&utm_content=bingingwithbabish
This week on Basics I'm going to show you how to take an entire pork loin and break it down into a perfect pork roast with some additional pork chops.
Ingredients & Shopping List
Whole boneless pork loin
2-3 Tbsp fresh rosemary
8 cloves garlic, minced, plus 2-3 additional whole cloves
3 lemons
4 sprigs rosemary
4 sprigs thyme
Fresh parsley
Chicken stock
Dry sherry
2 sprigs thyme
2 Tbsp butter
Special Equipment & Tools
Mesh sieve
Food processor (for pork loin filling)
Butcher's twine
Sous vide (optional for pork chops)
Vacuum sealer bags (if using sous vide)
"Apple Pies & Butterflies" Blue Wednesday
My first cookbook, Eat What You Watch, is available now in stores and online!
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11 ott 2018

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Commenti 2 068
Alisha Santiago
I'm not a big meat fan but man that looked good
Micheal M
Micheal M Giorno fa
Pork loin lookin kinda fine 😏
meganclare7 2 giorni fa
Lol that intro, no my mom always uses a whole loin I see them all the time. It's normally cheaper than buying it cut up.
Maya Lyubomirsky
Maya Lyubomirsky 3 giorni fa
im jewish why am i watching this
B Pal
B Pal 4 giorni fa
Twist: actually sponsored by the Lemon council. Who would also like to remind you of their slogan: "Fuck limes"!
B Pal
B Pal 4 giorni fa
Lemons with lemon sauce, with a zesty lemony lemon glaze and a hint of pork and a lemon wedge garnish. Pairs great with lemonade while watching Lemony Snicket. Alternatively, listening to U2's "Lemon". Or watching Liz Lemon. Also....lemon.
SirTrollingham 4 giorni fa
I'd eat that pork roast right of off your countertop, no plate required!
Jesus Perales
Jesus Perales 4 giorni fa
Honestly seeing this video actually makes me want to buy pork loins now I've always seen them but never bothered to get them but seeing how cutting your own porkchops to your size seams way more better than buying pre cut ones already thank you!!!
Drum Gamer
Drum Gamer 9 giorni fa
I'm gonna make this for my family some time!
Captain Thumper
Captain Thumper 10 giorni fa
The knot is a basic fisherman's knot
Miguel Saucedo
Miguel Saucedo 11 giorni fa
I will never make anything this good or this elaborate... but I cannot stop watching this channel. It's grade A food porn.
The SarahRose
The SarahRose 11 giorni fa
Idk if you already have one but if not you should do a green bean casserole
Jordan Pence
Jordan Pence 11 giorni fa
Babish, I don't know if you'll see this, but after watching this video, I bought a sous vide cooker, a vacuum sealer, and a whole pork loin. Holy moly, totally worth the investment. I just finished doing the pork chop recipe and the results were nothing short of pornographic. Can't wait to do the roll.
Josh Wicker
Josh Wicker 11 giorni fa
The best thing about this Is, even though I’m a butcher. It’s helpful to learn cooking techniques for when customers ask.
H C 11 giorni fa
Awesomeness right there
Ra steel
Ra steel 11 giorni fa
Surgeon's knot
Thomas B
Thomas B 11 giorni fa
My man Babish, what do you do with all this awesome food? Do you eat it all on your lonesome or do you have a crowed wating behind the camera, ready to tuck in?
jory league
jory league 11 giorni fa
Be smart, go straight to the company that supplies the pork to supermarkets, you'll pay sometimes only 1 third the cost and you'll get your meat from a pig that was butchered that day.
Greg Wasdyke
Greg Wasdyke 12 giorni fa
man I wish I had a countertop
Manhduy gaobac
Manhduy gaobac 12 giorni fa
Pls make meemaw's brisket from young sheldon
Scott Paules
Scott Paules 12 giorni fa
I bought a whole pork loin the other day and made your sous vide pork chops for dinner last night. They were amazing and perfectly complemented by the pan sauce. Can't wait to try the Tuscan style pork roast next. Thank you for the recipes! Love your channel!
Massimo A
Massimo A 13 giorni fa
Spaghetti tacos from i carly
Yato 13 giorni fa
Oh my god my taste buds are on fire watching this!
Seán O'Nilbud
Seán O'Nilbud 13 giorni fa
What the fuck was that total failure intro musak.
ttgk 14 giorni fa
Blasphemy!!! Bacon is the only true king of pork products!
Idk 14 giorni fa
135? I thought 145 was safe temp?
Nah Tsou
Nah Tsou 14 giorni fa
What brand is the chef knife he's using in this video?
Daniel Björling
Daniel Björling 15 giorni fa
So basically Im pork lion
Kyle Singleton
Kyle Singleton 15 giorni fa
Knots used in the roll of butchers twine were "reef knots" if anyones interested
c k
c k 16 giorni fa
Dear lord did you actually taste the roast? Worst thing ever. Wayyy too much lemon flavor and panchetta has zero to add when turned into a paste and spread onto pork. This guy is typical of youtube "chefs" literally worst thing I have ever tasted but hey it makes for great Instagram pics right? You cannot taste Instagram. F u dude.
Porcelaine Dolly
Porcelaine Dolly 16 giorni fa
When it’s against your religion to eat pork and you watch these videos to torture yourself
Assante Freeman
Assante Freeman 17 giorni fa
Is this the same as porchetta?
Jack Towers
Jack Towers 17 giorni fa
0:30 byoutiful
tigris115 19 giorni fa
Any precautions if I wanna translate this to America's feral pigs?
Paul Cory
Paul Cory 19 giorni fa
Surgeon's knot.
Vine Padernal
Vine Padernal 20 giorni fa
Can you make a Filipino dish? Please LOL! Give it with your twist! 😍 🇵🇭
matiko280 20 giorni fa
Hugh Mungus whaat? ;P
Armen Pashai
Armen Pashai 21 giorno fa
Babish you're going to slip a disc in your lower back if you keep bending down like that to grab food out of the oven!! 6:28
Waltham1892 21 giorno fa
I just made this and here are my notes: 1. I didn't have pancetta so I used bacon. Worked out fine. 2. The vinaigrette is not optional. Its a must for this dish to balance out the stuffing. 3. The roast came up to temp much faster than 120 minutes. I'd start checking it at 90 minutes. 4. I'd pair this with a green vegetable like asparagus, fiddle heads or green beans. Reviews for the dish were excellent. I will make it again.
Donna Panero
Donna Panero 21 giorno fa
H i
JudgmentDay78 22 giorni fa
It's a surgeons knot.
Jacob Defrancis
Jacob Defrancis 22 giorni fa
Me and my brothers enjoy getting together sometimes and recreating what you make and I happen to have a whole pork loin in my freezer. So I was wondering what sides would you suggest for this?
Max Devo
Max Devo 20 giorni fa
Asparagus and baked potato are always good bets.
Novit Gaming
Novit Gaming 22 giorni fa
*E A T*
Nelson Gonzalez
Nelson Gonzalez 22 giorni fa
Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom ......
Trypsykh 23 giorni fa
What the hell is porn doing on youtube?? Reporkted for sexual content.
Chad Lawhorn
Chad Lawhorn 23 giorni fa
Babbish, it's a surgeons knot you used to secure your luscious pork log
Jacob A
Jacob A 23 giorni fa
Hey Babish! Have you ever thought of doing a basics for tofu?
pandamonster00 24 giorni fa
Making that pork roll tonight. Hoping I got the swirls 🤞🏻
Sir Galahad
Sir Galahad 24 giorni fa
Can I do the flavour paste without the panchetta?
IB_M1 24 giorni fa
The frame rate of the last clip is painfully slow... :/
mian zhu
mian zhu 24 giorni fa
so nice,so delicious!
Kori Skene
Kori Skene 25 giorni fa
My dad is a butcher and pork loin is his favourite cut of meat. I'm certain he would approve of this video.
Travis Collings
Travis Collings 26 giorni fa
Even used the frying pan *
Travis Collings
Travis Collings 26 giorni fa
Just made this, followed it the whole way.. and this was the best roast I’ve ever had
Nathan Nuk3
Nathan Nuk3 26 giorni fa
I always leave this channel starving WTF!!!!!!!😂🤣
casey wheelwright
casey wheelwright 26 giorni fa
Made the roast from this video last night. It was such an absolute knockout that I didn't care that I was eating dinner at 9PM (maybe make it on a weekend if you go for it).
MDSsystems 27 giorni fa
fuck off with your shit ads
Joel L.
Joel L. 27 giorni fa
Surgeon's Knot.
Gardetto 28 giorni fa
The plate'in station? I see what you did there Babby.
ForeverChanging Lazarus
god that artificial audio skip in your intro pisses me off.
K1amaze 28 giorni fa
Meat is gross but I love your videos
Beau Tobler
Beau Tobler 28 giorni fa
Making this right now. Pork lion is the best
Ultimate Warrior
Ultimate Warrior 29 giorni fa
alright dude i always get these cravings for fried chicken wings but heres my issue: fast food can be a bit much restaurant style takeout is troublesome frozen is bleh deep frying at home ks a no go help man i just want to make good chicken wings at home
Max Devo
Max Devo 20 giorni fa
Coat the wings in a mix of salt and baking powder then refrigerate for at least 4 hours. Oven-roast until golden. Check his Lemon Pepper Wet episode.
Yukkio 29 giorni fa
Do you ever think you would do a basics on Sushi?
Annie zawada
Annie zawada 29 giorni fa
I just tried this. It’s fantastic!
Van Tran
Van Tran 29 giorni fa
Found out about your channel via Facebook a few months back I’ve been binge watching your videos ever since love your channel keep doing what you do 👌🏻
Larris Liew
Larris Liew Mese fa
sick watch
Michael Abebe Wondmagegnehu
In Germany we say to Pork Chops Fleischkäse 😂 languages can be so differnt
But Babish, I only get bone-in chops. Super thick cut holds up to brining and pan frying so beautifully. This is helpful, but not what I want. D:
Buttered Toast
i made this and it turned 135 at 1 hour is that normal?
Mugsy Mese fa
This ended up in my ITvid music playlist somehow and I don’t know how to feel about it.
Salvation73 Mese fa
1:52 heehee
Andrew Stockwell
Babish, once again you are an angel. I made a similar, inspired dish tp your rolled loin roast (different cut of pork,, slightly different insides, slightly altered sauce/drippings) and it was amazing. More importantly, it was super easy to make! Keep up the great work, you're a true inspiration!
Seth-Mikel Herrera
Would bacon work as a replacement for the panceta? And how can i make a paste if i dont have a food processor?
wow look at the freakishly small whisk i think chef John could use one of those
MoJo193 Mese fa
hey guys, whole boneless pork loin here
russell treweek
why is this in my music playlist?
Plasticman Mese fa
You should do a basics about cast iron, and how to use it, season it, clean it ect. I know it's been done.. but not by you. I'm going to try you're roast tomorrow, grilling the chops tonight. Hopefully i don't screw up my first "pamphlet cut".
Enzo Annecone
Do vegetarians meals plz
Matthew Jogola
You should make merch
Bionic Hornet
can you made some food using piri piri or asian red peper? You recipeis are great
sheagorath Mese fa
Loving the intro
PunkRunnerer Mese fa
I like applesauce on my porkchops.
marco abreo
marco abreo Mese fa
Absolutely Haram. Pigs eat their own shit.
Kenji Miyasako
4:00 surgeons knot
Carlos T.
Carlos T. Mese fa
Make the foods from the anime food wars
Meghan Mese fa
If you're not going to sou vide your pork chops, is it okay to cut them thinner? How thin?
Ryujin Mese fa
I have nothing like that stuff in my kitchen so yeah not doing that for now
Independent Policy
Question Babish. Is that rolled pork loaf considered a Porchetta, or would it be something else?
Lystanson Mese fa
What would’ve happened if this guy would join master chef??
You and I have very different definitions of basic. Who has money for a food process or a sous vide thing
renogiza -
renogiza - Mese fa
Its technically a surgeons knot, but surgeons often do this with a hemostat forcep instead of their fingers and make several loops in succession to prevent it from unraveling, on top of which they have to do it in silk or catgut instead of kitchen twine, making this far harder than it would otherwise be in the kitchen. How do i know this? Take a guess.
Geoff Kirk
Geoff Kirk Mese fa
monotone overload
Nairb Llebpmac
Surgeon's knot
Barrel Junior
Hey Babish could you teach us on how to cook with alcohol?
runaway466 Mese fa
Please do more of these basic butchery videos. Shopping can be one of the most important parts of cooking, and knowing how to break down a whole piece of meat can be both rewarding and a great way to expand your available cuts. Not to mention how much cheaper it is to buy a whole cut and spend a few minutes breaking it down.
I don't cook to much I just watch these cause you make everything look good and have a nice voice. And when you talked about adding lemon for acidity. All I thought about was thanos saying "perfectly balanced, as all things should be."
Chazareth Mese fa
7:48 Holy fucking balls in my ass, that is one delicious looking pork roast.
Angelo Mese fa
it already looks delicious like this, can we just chop it up and eat it like sushi?
Prossimi video