Whoopi Goldberg Surprises 'The View' After Pneumonia Battle For Brief Return

The View
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“The only way it’s going to get better is if I begin, so this is my beginning," she told the co-hosts after surprising them while on-air Thursday.

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Commenti 100
Lulu R
Lulu R Giorno fa
Meghan truly has issues, why is she rolling her eyes and making comments like that. How can one person be so entitled and insecure at the same time. The fact that she made this about her is insane. Please get rid of this fat hag
Charlesetta Mccartney
Whoopi is a wonderful person I love all her movie
truth dog
truth dog 4 giorni fa
Soon to be called the woman in the coffin by President Trump!
Luis Penate
Luis Penate 16 giorni fa
Shannon Feathers
Shannon Feathers 18 giorni fa
Why was I so annoyed when I heard Joy demand Sunny to go sit down? Kinda rude... unless Im missing something.
Savage KingX
Savage KingX 19 giorni fa
They are 6 best friends with nothing in common
Terry Shaffer
Terry Shaffer 21 giorno fa
I’ll thank God when they fire her
Ronan Baker
Ronan Baker 22 giorni fa
Whoopie Goldberg you are ugly
yomister2007 22 giorni fa
One of the greatest moments on the View
Chisom Agbara
Chisom Agbara 23 giorni fa
Joy, sunny, and Whoopi are absolutely PERFECT together and Ana, like they are the perfect combination
Rye 23 giorni fa
we love u Whoopi!
G W Mese fa
Hey, I thought Whoopie lost her job for spitting on people.
Jaylen Wright
Meghan really destroyed the vibe
one2 3four
one2 3four Mese fa
Hey Whoopie! Thanks for getting rid of those "front of the class-chalkboard" hard-on's
Richard Gagliano
Woopie, we are about as opposites ends of the political spectrum as you can get, but I think you are wonderful, and I have nothin’ but love for you. Wishing you a speedy recovery!
drp7301 Mese fa
Whoopi should go back to doing what she does best… Making movies!! If she stays on the view someone should give her a makeover! LOL
Beth Crumpton
We ALL came to visit you...duly noted, Meghan.
Laverne Blaszczyk
I'm glad Whoopi is okay...her hospital story was lovely
Scott D
Scott D Mese fa
I don’t even really watch this show just the off video on ITvid but god Megan McCain is so fucking annoying
Tommy Tom
Tommy Tom Mese fa
Why people cheering for them .they not gonna give anything ??old lady smell wreaking through the screen.Liberal opinions, glorifying homosexuality ,, hating God thats "The Veiw
Helen FEARS Mese fa
Wimpie is an idiot
Bertha Varela Ortiz
Gilr.what..di.you..mean...I..hear.them..mornng...night..day..girls. take. Them. They. We're. Yours. Not. My
George Pupparo
Whoopi, weed damages Lungs! ?
Julie Delahooke
This whole thing made my heart happy
Paul E
Paul E Mese fa
Bless you Whoopi 💐
Adaryll Kelly
Now learn to respect Bernie Sanders Healthcare fight now whopi! Bernie 2020!
lacruiser Mese fa
It would have been a good time for her to just retire. Please reconsider!
Nancy Rigging
Sasha Real
Sasha Real Mese fa
She the realest on that show.
d villa
d villa Mese fa
whoopi, you should have just stuck to comedy movies. so disheartened and disappointed after thinking so highly of you for a long time. what is your role in all disgusting stories we hear today, please?
Daniel _
Daniel _ Mese fa
can we talk about whoopi shoes though?! 😍🔥
Georgia Wesley
So Whoppi i love you we haven't meet yet your work is not done here on earth.
In My Opinion
They ALL need to see a Mental Health professional. What a circus SHOW!! ✔
DjSam OnDemand
Whoopi Whoopi Whoopi Whoopi Whoopi Whoopi Whoopi Whoopi
mizzchrist Mese fa
I don't know why this brought me in tears...but I guess it's just I felt the love they have for each other! We missed you Woopi!! ❤️❤️
Tori Collins
Tori Collins Mese fa
Pnuemonia in BOTH lungs and sepsis?! WTF? That's scary. Proof that we all sometimes push through sickness & don't take it serioualy enough. Glad to see Whoopi back!! Queeeeeen!!!👸
Debra Brawdy
Debra Brawdy Mese fa
The warthog is still alive
Jeanie Snowden
Omg why didn't her illness keep her home forever
Toni Weeden
Toni Weeden Mese fa
God Bless you Woopie!
Alex Spearing
Alex Spearing 2 mesi fa
Show so much better without her.
Connie Roark
Connie Roark 2 mesi fa
Now... since whoopi is seen... how about bringing RBG out in real time????? jus/sayin'
Leronda Smith
Leronda Smith 2 mesi fa
Welcome back whoopie
Birdy Sayvor
Birdy Sayvor 2 mesi fa
Fake happiness.... They were all glad to have some break from the controlling dreadlock monster😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
janice holman
janice holman 2 mesi fa
Like they didn't know she was there... TV is a lie
denisse almonte
denisse almonte 2 mesi fa
God bless her 🥰
Max Sam
Max Sam 2 mesi fa
Fucking silverback!
Sean Murph
Sean Murph 2 mesi fa
Goodbye whoopie...hopefully
Geraldine Tucker
I'm so glad to see Whoopi. When you see her you knew that she is a true fighter, God hhas the healing power. I've had this cough for over a month and it's getting better but because I'm not a fan of Doctor's I will not go unless it's to a point where I'm calling out Jesus name. But Whoopi get plenty of rest and see you on the View.
Robert DESTJEAN 2 mesi fa
Her black face friend joy wasn't about to give her the seat back
Darlene Shepard
Darlene Shepard 2 mesi fa
I am watching this on my computer and I been watching this on the news about her being sick with Pneumonia and almost dying from this. I am very glad that she's on the mend from this. I had Pneumonia as a child so I know I was 10 years old and spend 4 months in the hospital.
itziebitz 2 mesi fa
That happened to me too plus a kidney infection.
Benjamin rasta Benson
BeachN Sandy
BeachN Sandy 2 mesi fa
You tryin to save your career...that's why you came back.The devil is still waiting for the soul you sold to him to get to where you are. Keep being the agenda backers puppet.
Gale Wright-Lyons
I hope Whoopi stopped smoking permanently. I had problems with my lungs, and it's a painful ordeal to have a thoracentesis procedure twice. Oxygen level drops and most of us look like a ghost in terms of losing pigment in skin color. I have to stay away from people to avoid germs because I have scars on my lungs and active lymph nodes.
Rita Johnson
Rita Johnson 2 mesi fa
i tried to watch the show so many times! but that so called woman (whoopi) irritates me!!!!!
Rita Johnson
Rita Johnson 2 mesi fa
i have tried so many times to watch the show. but that so called woman! irritates me!!!!!!(Whoopi)
Rita Johnson
Rita Johnson 2 mesi fa
who cares?! they need to get rid of her! she is a bad representation of women especially the black ones!!!!(whoopi)
Deon Go healthy
Deon Go healthy 2 mesi fa
Lord, Thank you for Healing Whoopi😊
Mildred Wilkins
Mildred Wilkins 2 mesi fa
You look great GOD is amazing especially when he has a plan for ur life Be BLESS Whoopi
Tammy Goulet Schrader
Pneumonia is no joke. It can kill you.
Candice Mccrary
Candice Mccrary 2 mesi fa
Love you whoopi
latin boy
latin boy 2 mesi fa
Whoopi is royalty! Luv her
LoneWolfAlpha 2 mesi fa
Deranged lunatic whoopi
Magic Mountain
Magic Mountain 2 mesi fa
I love how excited they all were to see her and ran over
kriss mg
kriss mg 2 mesi fa
I barely watch this show but when I do that Meghan is as annoying AF! She has bad energy, really don't like her!
lena harris
lena harris 2 mesi fa
Glad your better whoppi,God Bless
Irene Cox
Irene Cox 2 mesi fa
I'm so happy you made me 😢 I'm so happy to see you I'm happy your feel better whoopi you look great please take care love. you. Hugs and 💋 💋 kiss
Love me some Whoopi! I pray you heal completely and be whole and healthy.
Mario J
Mario J 2 mesi fa
Bender Vision
Bender Vision 2 mesi fa
Should call the show " The Gut" good lord... Anna Navarro, the fake Republican, my goodness
AD 2 mesi fa
im sure john mccain told meagan to shut up on many occasions
Richard Allen
Richard Allen 2 mesi fa
When she came back , was she a conservative reborn
Gonnaneed Abiggerboat
Whoopi, stay home ... Please!
Diya Jones
Diya Jones 2 mesi fa
God is good all the time! Glad that Whoopi is ok!
rebas04 2 mesi fa
They look like s bunch of fat ugly dudes
Pat Washum
Pat Washum 2 mesi fa
Get well soon Whoopi get plenty of rest too♥️♥️♥️♥️!!!!!!
Andrea Lewis
Andrea Lewis 2 mesi fa
Meghan needs to b n the audience her demeanor is fake spoiled brat😡
hank jefferson
hank jefferson 2 mesi fa
Whoop could have died and I don't think anyone would have noticed her missing
1Heckofathrifter NC
I soooo Love this WOMEN😍😍😍 Love you and GET BETTER!!
Latasha Davenport
Stars work too many hours they don't get enough sleep😴it kills the immune system It's alot.
Latasha Davenport
She just did a movie with tiffany haddish 🎥
Cheryl Mckiver
Cheryl Mckiver 2 mesi fa
I guarantee u watch what u say on the view,About the Duggar,Touch Not! Or any other family like them... Reap what u sow! Evangelist🛐Cheryl
THIS is America AT IT'S BEST!!!!ALL of the audience and ALL of Whoopi ' Colleagues cheering her as she comes on stage...It was just AWESOME!!!!
Rissa Ceehart
Rissa Ceehart 2 mesi fa
Say What YOU WANT ,but just from that Reaction Whoop got just before she barely hit the Stage(Audience & Panel alike??)) 🗣🗣🗣W👏H👏O👏O👏P👏I 👏Is 👏the👏VIEW!💅 #IsaidWHATISAID #ANDIMeantwhatIsaid #Dont@MebcyouCantHandletheTruth😘
Greg Smith
Greg Smith 2 mesi fa
Justine Marie
Justine Marie 2 mesi fa
Love you whoopie glad you on the mend and happy press and paparazzi left you alone and let you be and heal on their own and it is it's very nice and kind of amazing if you know what I mean that nobody said anything nothing got out and people didn't bother you I'm happy for you for that because you're a human too and you deserve to be able to heel and not be bothered by people wanting to get a story or wanting to know what's happening like I'm in the hospital that's what's happening and leave me alone you already know what I mean by that very happy for you that you are getting better I had the money twice not fun I'm with you
Moormores 2 mesi fa
I like when Whoopi is around... She has this grounding feeling for this show.
Cara Okkerse
Cara Okkerse 2 mesi fa
Sepsis and pneumonia? I know my mom almost died due to having sepsis after having cancer! I’m so glad she’s still here. But enough about me. I’m glad Whoopi is ok and doing better
M B 2 mesi fa
Whoopi, You need to apologize to Monique and her husband about the comments you made in regards to him. Please! do it. God has spared you. Go and make peace with these people. This man has been very supportive of his wife. He's not the problem
JEd Griffin
JEd Griffin 2 mesi fa
I dont know why Meghan had to mention. They all came and saw her.. Everybody already knows that. Just let her tell her side of the story. This is HER time.
JEd Griffin
JEd Griffin 2 mesi fa
I think one of her cohosts knew she was coming back especially big blabber mouth Joy. She is visibly smaller in stature. Should have brought one of the Obamas on to surprise her.
Margo Resting
Margo Resting 2 mesi fa
Yah beher no sense of humor. Not with trash like you.
Margo Resting
Margo Resting 2 mesi fa
Does the ho have last stage of aids?
cg45029 2 mesi fa
iam glad she ok :)
citrine dragon
citrine dragon 2 mesi fa
Pneumonia is no joke... I'm glad you survived to tell the tale. When I had pneumonia, I also had clots in the lungs, and actually did die a few times. Ever since, I get paranoid when breathless, but the reality is very definitely better safe than sorry... most hospitals prefer sending hypochondriacs home than trying to revive someone who left it too late. I'm careful about fresh air, sick people and aerosol sprays... and if I continuously cough for more than 24 hours.... I see a doctor
Bettie Rogers
Bettie Rogers 2 mesi fa
I was wondering whether Whoopi had her pneumonia vaccine injection during her physical examination! It's important for every one to have a physical examination young and old! Get your flu vaccine every winter, after 65 years of age get the pneumococcle vaccine. By having your physical exam every year that reduces the chance of you falling apart! The lord was with her! Take better care of yourself! 03/20/2019
Darell Grant
Darell Grant 2 mesi fa
Pam Sanders
Pam Sanders 2 mesi fa
Glad to see you back...
Tamekia Price
Tamekia Price 2 mesi fa
Get well whoopie!love you!
God abandoned me
She is supposed to take it to easy n she not
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