Why is Ukraine's Counteroffensive So Successful

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Ukrainian armed forces have delivered Russia its greatest tactical defeat since it failed to take Kyiv at the start of the war. But how in the world was this counteroffensive so successful, and does this risk the use of nuclear weapons by a desperate Russia? Find out in today's epic new video.

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3 ott 2022




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Commenti 3 823
Sary Mese fa
Remember folks, just because your army is _stronger_ doesn't mean it's always more _capable_
Cel Tic
Cel Tic 2 giorni fa
*in a nutshell, quality over quantity all day every day*
Bespoke Penguin
@Turkïyë Making a mistake once is understandable... Russia has made a career out of losing wars
Josey finee
Josey finee Mese fa
Actually the bigger they are, the harder they fall... Just because one like Russia has a way bigger army, and armament, doesn't necessarily mean they are better...
Vladimir Putin
We are using tactics in Ukraine we wanted to make war longer to make Europe and American economy weak sanction are also helping us to make their economy weak we are not mad to use nuclear we will win war I promise not to use any tactical or real nuclear because we don't have to we are just playing with Ukraine to make western weaker and use our weapon stock piles and I have order my commander to push back where Ukraine and western clowns are temporarily enjoying victory only till October from November 1 we will show Ukraine who we are and what we are capable of because I wanted to fight Ukraine in winter from February 26 I am master of making war long using low forces but in November I won't show mercy on Ukraine I will crush Ukraine army economy politics in upcoming winter where there will be real war and all weapons except nuclear But for now I am in patientce inpiste of western propoganda
you can wrestle with a bear, but you can't wrestle with a missile
Brandon C
Brandon C Mese fa
Infographics, they're making so much progress that you can't have a two week delay between videos. Next you'll be talking about Lyman and the other recently captured cities but at the rate the Ukrainians are going they'll probably have already captured Kherson.
Daniel Betts
Daniel Betts 15 giorni fa
this aged beautifully
milkbox 16 giorni fa
Pretty good prediction friend! Slava Ukraine.
hi Mese fa
@Brandon C hmm i dont know because well in ukraine there's basically a civil war between ukraine and russian ukraine so thats also explain why trigger Russia
Zoltan Csikos
Brandon, thanks for the laugh.
Gene Klosinski
Dariusz Dudka
We, Poles, have to say nothing but respect for the Ukrainians.
Sammy McFone
Sammy McFone Mese fa
the polish have been incredible. Just amazing. Imagine 1 million refugees showing up on any other doorstep in europe and to get that response. Bravo. Amazing.
Zhi Han Lee
Zhi Han Lee Mese fa
@Ray Lopez Heard that India is expressing gratitude that the Soviet Union had supported its independence, but now with some of its citizens in Ukraine caught up in the war, I guess it now isn't as supportive of Russia's actions. Still it reminds me of cases where some countries support certain other countries that're more commonly denounced by others because of benefits accorded by the 2nd country more specifically to the 1st country. Then the way we should respond to the situation might not be so clear cut. For example, a reason that Singapore's 1st PM Lee Kuan Yew was friendlier to the former Indonesian leader Suharto was that he'd ended the guerrilla warfare initiated against S'pore by his predecessor (that he'd also overthrown)
Ray Lopez
Ray Lopez Mese fa
@Zhi Han Lee Yes, true, Malaysia has their act together, like Singapore, Thailand. Indonesia, PH, India are more disorganized. Notice how India loves Russia, not a good sign.
Zhi Han Lee
Zhi Han Lee Mese fa
@Ray Lopez Poland's GDP per capita would then be around the same as Malaysia also, which also neighbours the Philippines
Big Paint
Big Paint Mese fa
Nope disagree
Sang Moon
Sang Moon Mese fa
Considering that the USA will likely be able to supply the Ukrainian military with winter gear better than Russia can supply its forces, Ukraine may be able to gain even more ground with the ground frozen enough to support vehicles.
Callsign DD9LS
@Nerdvana'sDomain The south of Ukraine has an almost Mediterranean climate. Comparable to southern France. Winters are fairly mild there, with an average temperature of 4°C (39.2°F) from December to February. It may get cold for a few days, but it won't be enough to make water passable for vehicles, let alone tanks. In general, Ukraine has a temperate continental climate, although it can get colder in the north and northeast than in the south, but Ukraine is not Siberia, Alaska, or North Scandinavia.
Bella Nova
Bella Nova Mese fa
Russia can't even supply food, so i 1000000% agree
The Shield
The Shield Mese fa
@Dinjur exactly 💯
Contumelious -
@H B said: "The Russian regulars stayed home because Putin thought he could take Ukraine with troops that were considered expendable, and because Russia's generals refused to commit their best troops to the battle.." So you are saying that the best Russian troops were guarding Kamchatka while the scrubs were fighting in Ukraine. NOW, Putin is drafting citizens who will be trained and do what...? Fight in Ukraine, same scenario as before. Replace the Elite troops in Kamchatka so THOSE troops can go fight in Ukraine? In what world does a general refuse their orders and still remain a general? That's obviously not true. I don't believe you know anything about the Russian troops.
jake sheldon
jake sheldon Mese fa
@Motorata this is absolutely correct. No sound minded leader would direct their tanks to drive over ice unless they were certain it could hold multi-thousand kg tanks, which you can’t be certain until after months of sub-freezing temperature
juha kämppi
juha kämppi Mese fa
Almost unlimited supply of weapons have been the key to Ukraine's success so far. Amounts of training in such short of a period have made immense advantages too. Now there are trained corps and the will to fight, every gun makes double the effect! Slava Ukraini, with love from Finland
Endor Mese fa
@Jojo Tv Exactly
Jojo Tv
Jojo Tv Mese fa
Yeah, we have to give them things like battle tanks and stuff, educate them and let them have their fun. If they beat russia, we dont need to do it ourselves eventually so we dont nees those tanks anyways.
Endor Mese fa
@Joseph Anderson US been training some officers and some elite units. Also we had over 300.000 reservists with previous combat experience. Yet much of our forces consists of poorly trained but furious and highly motivated soldiers. Edit. Oh and last thing we care about is our glory. We just want to win so this nightmare would end
Joseph Anderson
I thought the US have been training Ukraine for years? I also hoped we would stay out of this conflict so Ukraine could get all the glory. 😊
albina usachova
What supply, 8 months and we still don't have any tank whatsoever
nerxzz Mese fa
Edit- thx for the likes. i dont deserve them. peoples lives are not something to joke about. While you are reading this comment, someone is fighting for their life trying to stop the russian forces. i have edited out the comment.
nerxzz 19 giorni fa
@bogustoast22 none its a repost.
LIFE Thinking K
@SilverHawkScape fax
Adrian Martinez
@Niyas Rahman it's been a few months. If he hasn't done anything by now what exactly are you expecting
Athis Offsec
Athis Offsec Mese fa
@Michael Lin Ask the same question to USA! How they invaded IRAQ? what's the reason find that.
Athis Offsec
Athis Offsec Mese fa
@K dawg Uhh! But the weaker countries are backed by 50 Nations what about that?
Anthony Byrne
The fact Zelenskyy didn’t flee with the offer from the U.S. when virtually everyone was expecting the capital he was in to fall must have been a huge source of morale and confidence. Definitely don’t see many world leaders doing the same
james tomlinson
This war has made America more powerful. Its taught them so much. Their grip on the world has dramatically increased for many reasons. Other powers have realised how far behind they are. China, Russia etc....not even in the same league. I'm not American btw but I'm able to see the wood for the trees
The world is realizing what most of us knew. We all knew Russia was weak as is north korea and Iran. No one had the guts to call em out so reality did it for us.
Ian Shaver
Ian Shaver Mese fa
America is not perfect, it has done some questionable things over the years. But now that America is being compared to Russia’s invasion and China’s belligerence, America is looking better than ever. Plus, Ukraine’s war performance has taught the world that America is stronger than they thought. That means power.
juanfer andrade
A major problem too is the corruption in the Russian army resulting in ignored commands and faulty equipment since many commanders had freedom to act as they please and use their soldiers as they see fit which they want to keep, also some soldiers or commanders make a profit selling wires, components and stuff from unused equipment and could only be noticed when it wouldn´t work mid-war. The main takeaway from this war is that corruption, undiscipline and definitely a lot of other problems in their military can be lethal in any.
mark fish
mark fish Mese fa
Ukraine has been offering Russia soldiers to surrender their equipment and free citizenship in western europe. $1m for airplane, $500k for helicopter, $100k for tank.
kennethtully Mese fa
My friend in the British army has been training Ukrainians in the UK for months now and it's working well
Spirit1 Mese fa
My oldest brother is now retired after 12 years in the army, after he did two tours in Afghanistan in the late 2000's in 2016-17 he was deployed to Ukraine to train there troops. Long story short it was cool when he came back and talked how about his experience and how he could tell he was helping them get ready for something anticipated rather than just upgrading their training standards.
Marc Garmin
Marc Garmin Mese fa
I wish the ANA had had half the competency of the Ukrainians. Would have made trying to train them possibly worth all the headaches...
Jack Reacher
Jack Reacher Mese fa
take a coke and burger ... Only for the massacre in Odessa, let's not go any further, Russia should have intervened in 2014. Why it didn't, they have various justifications, but now we see that it should have intervened then. Otherwise, the aggressor states are respected in the world today, all themselves bearers of freedom and democracy.. Those who are the aggressors today are shedding crocodile tears, because the one who is now the aggressor is not a member of their club and is robbing them of a new colony already registered. Everyone knew that there would be war if they tried to enter Ukraine and Belarus, written and warned. Since a neutral Ukraine is not possible, the Russians willy-nilly go for its dismantling. They created a monster on the border with their stupidity, now they will pay dearly for it. Ukraine is destined to be like Pakistan to India in Western plans. Everything could have ended nicely by granting autonomy with the entry of the OSCE, but it is not worth it when the US and their local contractors allowed this. Obviously, before signing the peace, it is necessary to collect 200 billion for the "donated" weapons to the Ukrainians and who knows how many hundreds of billions to the closest NATO "partners" in addition to achieving the planned long-term geostrategic goals. The fact that the damage to the UA will be measured in trillions, that the UA will probably lose 25-30% of its territory in the end and you have millions of refugees and, in the best case, hundreds of thousands of dead, they are not interested.
Michael Lee
Michael Lee Mese fa
Please thank your friends in the British Army for this thankful American.
erlend Mese fa
@Tom Conlin we’ve been helping Ukraine for years so I doubt it
Louis Sivo
Louis Sivo Mese fa
Your team's videos are very good! After this war, there will be some amazing works (books, papers) coming out of analyzing this war. The Ukrainian's ability to fight (with help by NATO's contribution of weapons and intelligence) to halt Russia's advances is just one for the books. Lots of lessons to learn here.
Joshua Shaw
Joshua Shaw Mese fa
Imagine being the second most powerful nation in the world, and then getting vibe checked by a nation who didn’t even wanna fight. That’s like the bully getting knocked out and robbed by the quiet kid after trying to take his lunch money Edit: I see that I have sparked a war, oh sorry, military operation in the comment section below. Guys: Russia SHOULD be deadly, but it isn't. That being said they are extremely capable with nuclear weapons and cyber warfare Ukraine received support but only because of how they chose to react to the conflict, so it's still Ukraine's victory
Gilah Mese fa
@CrazyWorld The defeat of any country claiming to know YHWH, and turns from His ways, suffers defeat by such. It does not endorse you or your philosophies.
Gilah Mese fa
What you mean is that they are insane enough to use nukes.
Giles Hubbard
@saintlugia I was replying to the other guys comment. Nobody asked you That’s the context
saintlugia Mese fa
@Giles Hubbard I still do get your initial comment because you didn't provide any context for what you were saying
Giles Hubbard
@saintlugia yeah thats exactly what i just said
Recabite Jehonadab
I am still amazed and impressed how quickly the Ukrainians have adapted and learned how to use the weapons given to them! They are inspiring and their will is so strong. What an example for all to witness.
ArchMon Gaming
@NoBreakz You search Ukrainian News now. A lot of verified source news with videos will pop up this one is so delayed i probably understand why it's delayed because of animations probably.
NoBreakz Mese fa
@ArchMon Gaming so no verifiable source?
ArchMon Gaming
@NoBreakz It was mention before and there are also youtubers insight for this i guess you only watch this channel .
Carlos Forbidden
Not to mention the training they are getting from the US military and other nations on how the weapons work
Ashelm56 Mese fa
After that humiliating defeat in 2014, not to mention the Holodomor in which millions of Ukrainians starved to death under Stalin, they're highly motivated to not let stuff like that happen again. And with Russian soldiers committing war crimes to Ukrainian civilians in areas they occupy, it further gives the Ukrainians more reason to push the orcs out of their country.
wakannnai1 Mese fa
Just a reminder that the PLA operates on similar doctrines. Ultimately, the command structure and tactics are what are winning this war for the Ukrainians. Ukrainian forces have focused on exploiting as many shortcomings and gaps in the Russian army. After that they seem to be doing devastating counteroffensives once Russian forces have been "softened."
Corbin Brosneck
@Russia Ukraine War News your comment is literally unintelligible.
Shawn Durnell
@Russia Ukraine War News Yeah? What's China going to do with their military of little emperors? Their one child policy made going to war almost impossible.
Raptor Shark
Raptor Shark Mese fa
China can't even defeat the Indian border guards in Ladakh
XJP Mese fa
@Bob If the West had turned a blind eye to Russia's invasion like they did when it annexed Crimea, it would likely have encouraged China to invade Taiwan.
Bob Mese fa
@XJP that's what people seem to forget. There's zero chance that Taiwan will join peacefully. So the only reason the CCP hasn't invaded is they think the cost will outweigh any likely benefits. If they thought they could do it and survive, it would have been done by now.
Evan Kirkpatrick
I love these semi real time breakdowns. Would love to see more videos of what works and fails in modern combat.
Gene Klosinski
H B Mese fa
One of the reasons for Russia's lack of sophisticated weaponry is that such weaponry is heavily reliant on modern electronics. Russia's access to such devices is limited by export embargoes and sanctions, so it has struggled to design and build equipment which can match what the West can supply to Ukraine.
JohnJ469 Mese fa
The crazy part is that the tactics described at 6:00 are literally out of the book "Achtung Panzer" by Heinz Guderian. Russia is being beaten by tactics taken from "Tank Warfare 101". Even more, Ukraine is doing this without overwhelming air superiority.
Dingfelder Smurfalot
@Christian Tonzillo Idiot Director But that would be direct rather than proxy war, and there's little question it would be the end of the world. Forever.
Dingfelder Smurfalot
Great book!
NoBreakz Mese fa
russia is actually gaining military tarrain. the ukraine have had heavy losses gainin these "victories" but the areas that russia lost was nothing important. and now they are in even better defencive position.. only a fool thinks that ukraine is actually winning. give it 6 months and come back to this comment. its not going to be " putin is desperate and uses nukes" he doesnt even need to, because ukraina CANT keep loosing men and equptment.
Joselyn Mikolajczak
So in other words the Russians are falling and being beaten by the oldest tricks in the book
Chris Dean
Chris Dean Mese fa
Heinz Guderian was one of the best commanders of WW II.
sandhy l
sandhy l Mese fa
all the way Ukraine! it brighten my day, everyday hearing the Ukrainians' victories & progress.. 🇺🇦
litneyloxan Mese fa
I’m no war strategist whatsoever. I’m curious though. What would happen if a mass exodus of russians who are drafted turn on their own and fight for Ukraine? With such low morale and desperation to not be at war, I wonder if some would or have already considered switching sides mid-war. Especially if those forced to be there already had low loyalty to begin with.
Geoff Lepper
Geoff Lepper Mese fa
@Sebastian Baez the poor souls from occupied areas of Ukraine who were forcibly conscripted into the Russian army would beg to differ with you.
Many already have. Reportedly, Ukraine is also offering to pay Russian conscripts up to $1 million if they surrender and turn over equipment. Like $1 million for a fighter jet, $200K for a tank, etc. Plus medical care, protection and Ukrainian citizenship. Sure beats no socks, no food, sick, cold and under constant attack.
Clayton Davis
I doubt they’d go that far most fleeing the draft simply do not wish to fight this obviously botched war of aggression. Straight up defections are gonna be rare if only for the reason that they’d be shooting at people in the same position they were.
Devin Smith
Devin Smith Mese fa
@Sebastian Baez sounds like you're the one listening to propaganda, ironically. Russia is admittedly using conscripts if they have useful skills.
Sebastian Baez
@123obliv Agian there are no conscripts. All who were called to be mobilized were reservists. Volunteers showed up too. That video is what the mainstream media wants you to see. Plenty of videos out there showing reservists and volunteers celebrating.
Ben Sigl
Ben Sigl Mese fa
I keep hearing about the coming winter slow down. I'm REALLY hoping that the west has supplied Ukraine with the equipment it needs to press the fight and avoid that. Russia cannot be allowed months to rest and re-arm! They are predicted to be very low on winter uniforms and equipment early on, so hitting them while they are still exhausted and demoralized plus now fighting the cold would be yet another Ukrainian advantage.
Voke Ogbalor
Voke Ogbalor Mese fa
Just in time! Infographics I have been waiting for someone to explain how the Ukrainian military is so effective in the counteroffensive and I wished the infographics show would do it and my wish came through! Thanks...
chrisV8 Mese fa
I think motivation certainly a large factor, but also, the Ukrainian army now also has volunteers from a non-military background. Smart people like engineers, who have a different, often creative, non-military approach, this makes it more difficult for the opponent to predict what they will do.
maya bourdeau
I feel so proud of Ukraine
Garry Jones
Garry Jones Mese fa
Russia retreated to CONSOLIDATE its grip into the Newly ANNEXED territories! That along with the seizeing of Crimea was their original STRATEGIC MILITARY GOAL! Having achieved that; They have ordered their main expeditionary forces to retreat behind their new defensive line! Those ANNEXED territories ARE THE NATO BUFFER zone they were denied originally by the recently radicalized Ukranian backed govt backed by America. So it is a BIG WIN for Russian and a HUGE blunder by the West!
@h_illst not true
Chief Rocka
Chief Rocka Mese fa
@Brandon Blackwell Why?
david fuchs
david fuchs Mese fa
@Chief Rocka and they were only able to push them out when they got the supplies , the best supplies in the world . The U.S spends 10 times as much in weaponry than the next guy
Mad Dog
Mad Dog Mese fa
@Anish buddy stop falling for your Russian propaganda United States win the war portion they failed politically
penitent2401 Mese fa
It is amazing in the fact that Russia is losing a CONVENTIONAL war against Ukraine. This is a straight fight with uniformed armies on the field, established front lines and controlled territories.
The Shield
The Shield Mese fa
Ukraine is winning thanks to the western weapons
Tom Conlin
Tom Conlin Mese fa
Ukraine will be a great Nato ally and they will hate russia forever after this invasion and war crimes
nickmart80 Mese fa
I really appreciate you & all the time that goes into each episode of the info graphics videos❣️ I watch you guys nearly every day at some point & have been surprised how accurate you’ve been. Thank you so much for being a such a rich source of information
Gene Klosinski
Craig Love
Craig Love Mese fa
This guy does brilliant informative videos. Love watching them.
Marc DC
Marc DC Mese fa
In the Kherson region Russia actually helped with it's own demise by moving in extra troops into a situation where everybody announced for months that Ukraine would cut off all supply lines and then put pressure on the defender. They are now in a situation where the reinforcements eat more food so get less ammo.
Marc DC
Marc DC Mese fa
@ricardus lordhighexecutioner when they do these prisoner swaps it means there are pow's... in general. How the tactical situation goes doesn't matter much, in the long run Russia can not supply the Kherson area and Nova Kakhovna will be taken, also blocking again freshwater supply to Crimea. Kerch bridge will soon be 100% cut off, and then the situation really becomes difficult even for Melitopol.
ricardus lordhighexecutioner
that is false. No Russians have been taken prisoner or surrounded, the break out in the river was caused by insufficient troop concentrations and a long front line. That has since been remedied with a shorter line in the short term, and, in the long term, the tripling of the force will permit a push out of that area towards Nikolaev and Krivoy Rog.
Zehark Gris
Zehark Gris Mese fa
"Russia is not planning to send new units to Ukraine" Crazy how much the landscape changed in just one week
anonymous 35
anonymous 35 Mese fa
@JoshDaGreat16 that doesn’t matter russias war tactics is send waves of men sometimes armed with nothing and pick up the person in front of you who died rifle and continue it’s what they did in ww2 the can field millions and that’s all my point is never said they had equipment
@anonymous 35 they may have 1 million men. But that doesn’t mean they are ready or fit for war. They’ve lost thousands of tanks, artillery pieces, trucks, etc. they don’t have the equipment to properly field 1 million men for war. Not to mention to field 1 million men would take away troops from securing their country. They still need a military to secure their borders.
ricardus lordhighexecutioner
@JoshDaGreat16 Of course they have 1 million men!
Geoff Lepper
Geoff Lepper Mese fa
@lesia gutierrez believe Russia had a lot of trouble conquering tiny little Chechnya.
Geoff Lepper
Geoff Lepper Mese fa
@The Gabeux I'm wondering how much of a labour shortage is being created in some sectors of the Russian economy with so many young talented people fleeing Russia and so many reservists being called up.
Dennis MarChance
Keep in mind, the technology and weapons we’re giving them now, are not up to date and the most recent or elite models. And better weapons than the weapons and tech we have on our own ships, planes, tanks, subs and what not, are likely already being developed or already in testjng
Tom Conlin
Tom Conlin Mese fa
even our old outdated weapons are better than russias current issue junk
NoBreakz Mese fa
you said it. its a testing ground for new weapons;) at the same time ukraina is building up an extreme debt. so IF they win they will be in debt for generation to come. the help they get is NOT free
Michael C
Michael C Mese fa
Yep! That is one good aspect about the “Military Industrial Complex”. It works.
Leia Kori
Leia Kori Mese fa
all the way Ukraine! it brighten my day, everyday hearing the Ukrainians' victories & progress.. 🇺🇦
Leia Kori
Leia Kori Mese fa
all the way Ukraine! it brighten my day, everyday hearing the Ukrainians' victories & progress.. 🇺🇦
Rob Scott
Rob Scott Mese fa
This Channel is one of the few I actually watch. Your style for storytelling, should never change. 🇨🇦 Veteran
that one guy
that one guy Mese fa
I remember back when my brother's friend would say endlessly that Russia could at any point steamroll over Europe no problem. He's been pretty quiet about that point nowadays. (I should probably mention this was about 2 years ago from what I remember and he would always say Russia was the largest and possibly the best army in the whole world and that we the US stood little chance in a war against them)
miou joer
miou joer Mese fa
Fake news
M Rosengren
M Rosengren Mese fa
Frankly, since Putin has been threating Nukes? You do not escalate for MAD/Nukes if you are winning. Thats a sign of desperation/losing control of the situation, particularly as he has usually, to the best of my knowledge, been portrayed as a strong man. Also, yeah, on reflection, it makes sense that since the last time Russia invaded that wary nations in the area would have invited trainers in to prepare for the next time something happened. So that makes a good deal of sense.
ricardus lordhighexecutioner
Putin never threatened nukes. He said that all means would be used to defend their territory. The nuclear doctrine has not changed. It remains 1) Nukes against Russia or allies, and 2) Conventional attack threatens the independence of Russia. Hence, this "all means" is subject to this doctrine. The US does wish to destroy Russian independence so perhaps it's a message for the US to not try making it come true for the hour may come for nuclear weapons to be used should the conditions exist. That would be the US's own fault.
Corsair TR
Corsair TR Mese fa
10:10 is the best part :D
JJV4head Mese fa
So….Ukraines counteroffensive is basically American tech and German battle doctrine mixed together. Love to see it 😎
Rina Ushiromiya
@Jane Lowell-Shaw I think we should thank both the USA and Ukrainian soldiers. We're allies for a reason. Both are important. Glory to Ukraine, AND America :)
Gregory Carvajal
@Юлиан Гуруев the answer to your question is very simple, actually. Because our tactics are meant for battles against CONVENTIONAL Armies. Paramilitaries/insurgent wars were largely not in the playbook. That being said, those wars have taught us a lot and I think you will find that if such a war were ever fought again, we would do much better.
Jane Lowell-Shaw
@Юлиан Гуруев Because the Afghan govt and soldiers were the opposite of Ukrainian govt and soldiers.
Юлиан Гуруев
@Kennel Krøltoppen Thank you sir. Look like most people forget that battle fight and won not by intelligence or amunition , but by officers and soldiers who use this information and equipment in proper manner
Юлиан Гуруев
@erik eguia Why it doesn't work for American army in Somalia?
Literally today the Kherson counteroffensive seems to be starting a similar massive push. More than 27km of land liberated so far. It's astounding how Ukraine is managing to go on the offensive against the second "strongest" army in the world and win in such decisive fashion. The gap between Ukraine's actual firepower/equipment versus their achievements is, in my opinion, equal to that of the Blitzkrieg in France by Germany. Sure the Germans were faster, but they had arguably a stronger force and far better preparation and equipment for offensive maneuvers such as the Luftwaffe and Panzer squads. Ukraine is managing this with just artillery, obsolete tanks and drones as primary support equipment.
@Unapologetic Patriot You have to equip that manpower. Supply it with ammo, food, water and other utilities. And you have to keep them happy. It's better to have 10,000 well-equipped happy soldiers than 20,000 ill-equipped, underfed, unhappy and rioting soldiers. And like Russia is finding out now, it's also easy to lose track of them and get them encircled and destroyed or capitulated due to lack of administrative power to actually manage such numbers.
Unapologetic Patriot
@MasterChiefSamus I don’t see how manpower Is ever a liability. You can’t seize ground, cities and towns storm trenches without man power. When you are Ukraine and you lack AirPower, and sufficient artillery support, what modern equipment are you relying on. You need men, tanks, infantry support vehicles. MAYBE America we could forfeit manpower. Our doctrine immediately demands air superiority.
@Unapologetic Patriot Modern equipment is far more effective at neutralizing manpower advantages than WW2 equipment. Ukraine's manpower isn't as huge of an advantage by itself than it was for, say, the Soviet Union during WW2. When bridges and main roads can be easily destroyed by rockets, missiles and artillery shells, manpower can actually become a liability. Ukraine's performance depends on so many other factors, that they seem to be extremely good at managing as well as having their manpower advantage.
Unapologetic Patriot
@MasterChiefSamus Um no it’s really man power. The Russians are holding a front line that is over 1000km with less than 200,000 troops. That is only 200 soldiers per km. And often frontlines need rear lines and many support troops behind enemy lines. Since this is a “special” military operation, some Russian soldiers have been contract soldiers who’s contract has or will be expiring. In other words many of these troops are volunteers of some sort. Not to mention heavy causalities too. The Ukrainians started off with less troops than Russia and now have substantially more due to their early Mobilization and reserve call up. Ukrainians are able to throw more punches and with more mass in their punches. And I’m sure western intelligence has been feeding the Ukrainians on Russian weak points.
Geoff Lepper
Geoff Lepper Mese fa
The Germans also went around the French defensive line going through a third country (Belgium) and then having an easier time charging into France from Belgium as France had not wanted to aggravate Belgium by building large fortifications on its border with Belgium. The Ukrainians on the other hand have had to take in the Russians head on.
E 1
E 1 Mese fa
The most iconic moment that will make me even more proud of Ukraine is when I'll see the news saying "Ukrainian forces have entered Crimea". Liberated after 8 years of illegal occupation, that'd be a badass move!
Gergő Márton
you forgot the most important thing: the Russians are heavily outnumbered. In Kharkov there was almost TEN TIMES more Ukrainians than Russians. The military leaders are dumb, but I think you said that in the video. Also NATO planning. It was more about strategy than the weapons.
I can imagine this video being used to teach kids in the future about the third ‘one in a lifetime’ crisis their parents lived through
Charles Spratlin
Amazing how we all wondered if Ukraine could stay afloat in Feb. Now it's a matter of what exactly can the Orcs throw at them to slow them down? This was is already decided, it's just a matter of how long will it take Mordor to reach that conclusion
Lit memes
Lit memes Mese fa
I have this feeling that fighting might not die down in the winter as they might try and use that for a surprise attack also considering that they seem to be using the same tactics the Soviet Union did in ww2
Lit memes
Lit memes Mese fa
@Edilang Sultan yup thanks to the UN Ukraine will be more prepared to take on Putin’s regime in the winter
Edilang Sultan
They have to supply their soldiers with winter camo, tools, gears and all essential supplies to last thr winter though. Ukraine is steadily being supplied by the West and Russia isn't doing a good logistical job in equipping their soldiers to be winter ready.
Lit memes
Lit memes Mese fa
@Ryan Jackson I think it is the best time for a surprise attack with the current attack happening right now Ukraine won’t look ready to get everything ready for another offense witch would catch the Russians off guard again
Steph Weasenforth
If winter doesn’t win Ukraine the war, it’ll make the sprint for victory into a nice stroll
Ryan Jackson
Ryan Jackson Mese fa
There are no surprise attacks. Building up a surprise attack would require massive amounts of additional effort: radio silence, code changes, massive deception measures. These sorts of sophisticated measures are difficult for professional, highly-trained armies to pull off (and even then, NATO has been monitoring every square yard of the battlefield for months). I shudder to think of the level of chaos trying to do them with tens of thousands of barely-trained, poorly equipped conscripts.
TajiriOli Mese fa
I think the value of motivation is sometimes underrestimated. You can have so many men and guns, if they have no motive, no goal they fight for, it is useless.
Operator's Anonymous
I took part in training Ukrainian military when I was stationed in Romania. Pretty neat knowing I got to take part in it.
Mario Lavidas
Guys I was a nato soldier for many years and I can say with confidence that if you believe that Russia will loose just like that and just retreat back to their country,You really do not know what’s going on there.Russia one way or another,will have have its way with Ukraine even though I hate to admit it.
Geoff Lepper
Geoff Lepper Mese fa
The Soviet Union gave up and left Afghanistan and it was likely significantly more powerful than Russia is today.
One thing to note about Russia and smart munitions is that what smart munitions they have are largely dependent on GPS guidance, and the US controls most GPS satellites and cut off Russia's access to the network. Russia has no alternative to fall back on, so their smart munitions were completely lobotomized.
@Jonathan Morgan GLONASS isn't nearly as precise as GPS, doesn't have as wide of coverage, and evidently cannot be made to be compatible with their smart munitions since they keep missing everything. There is a ITvidr called Lazerpig who is a former analyst for the UKs MoD who has been breaking down Russia's stupendous failure in Ukraine in several videos. I suggest checking him out. He has some excellent takes and insights on the matter.
Jonathan Morgan
Not completely true. Russia has their own GPS system of satellites called GLONASS. There are about a dozen less of them than the US around the world, but I'm sure there are enough of them over Ukraine that they can work with.
I really hope Ukraine comes out on top. Looks pretty promising but after my 1st wish for a Ukrainian victory, my 2nd wish is to see Putin's face when he gets taken away in handcuffs for war crimes. That smug look he always has. You'll be hearing and seeing him so angry. And a totally different face. God be with you Ukraine.
Haha brrrrr
Haha brrrrr Mese fa
Imagine being a random Russian officer chilling in your barrack and suddenly sees a rocket coming full speed straight at you
Geoff Lepper
Geoff Lepper Mese fa
Think I read that a Himar missile takes about 90 seconds to travel 80 km from launch to landing. It may be too fast to see coming.
Victor Mese fa
You forgot the french caesar artillery. Very mobile units. They shot from further than the russia artillery, precision at 1 meter, and those vehicules moove away even before their shoot have touch the ground. Making them very hard to be attack back by the russian artillery
Brian Waltman
Brian Waltman 16 giorni fa
Makes counter battery near impossible
vadymvv Mese fa
Yeah, it is good one system.
James M
James M Mese fa
1:28 Saying this as an American, we should really be the last nation to deride/mock ANY other nation’s military for leaving a bonanza of expensive weaponry & equipment behind to fall into enemy hands.
Chris Dean
Chris Dean Mese fa
Man, that ain't no lie. What an embarrassment Biden has been to us!
The American
The American Mese fa
Shut up, clown - you posted a comment to the wrong video.
Skylerrowl Mese fa
I remember when this war started, I really thought that Ukraine did not stand a chance with the Russian army. I prayed that for some miracle the Russian military could back off and the Ukrainian will be victorious, and so far the Ukrainian military has not given up. I hope that Putin can retract his people and stop this nonsense killing.
Brian's Contracting
Wow that was the most clear and concise explanation. Thank you!
Cries & Smiles
Fake news Ukrainian FM flying in Africa to beg Us for help Fk racist Go home Cheers Russia 🇷🇺 from west Africa 🦅
Pureblood Steve Tungate
People in the west aren't really aware of this but in the former USSR the best scientist, manufacturing centers, officers, pilots and military personel in general were Ukrainians.
Natalie Epstein
And they are fleeing Russia in droves!
Pureblood Steve Tungate
@Zoltan Csikos I bet you say that to all the boys.🤫
Zoltan Csikos
Cute propaganda attempt, Steve.
thomas grabkowski
A lot of Soviet leaders were Ukrainians too
Ramon Perez
Ramon Perez Mese fa
@Pureblood Steve Tungate if you say so. I've heard Mexicans say the same type of non factual remarks that, all the smartest and most remarkable people came from their country.
Trev S
Trev S Mese fa
What a tragedy of facts - At the start of the war the Ukraine defense consisted of 54 Javelin launchers That were sold to Kyiv by US and 2,000 NLAWS & 30 trainers that were gifted to Kyiv by UK a month before the invasion - which do you think had the most impact of blunting the assault on the capital in the first 10 days?
Chris Ongko
Chris Ongko 16 giorni fa
Don't underestimate the power of morale and determination. Someone fighting for their life will always be more dangerous than one fighting because they're told to
G Patch
G Patch Mese fa
there’s one key factor about winter coming up that you forget in the spring summer and fall the land around Ukraine has a very spongy texture which left all the tanks driving only on roads. All the military vehicles only drove down the roads. Once winter comes in the ground freezes all those vehicles can travel wherever they want across fields in the Ukraine…. I have a feeling this is why Russia has been conscripting soldiers but not sending as many into Ukraine I have a feeling they’re trying to build up for one last push in the winter. Although I’ve been saying for the last while the russias at the end of the war we have to realize Russia’s tactic is to destroy everything as they retreat…. With Putin having his own people in this country wanting to get rid of him I have a feeling that he’s going to use nukes before the end of the war.
I will trap justin Y
"Well, but russia is only using 10% of it's power" ☝️🤓
Gene Klosinski
Dima Gurevich
Also a noteworthy advantage is all Ukrainians understand Russian. However very few Russians know Ukrainian.
Lonely Sandwich
US is winning without fighting
No Name
No Name Mese fa
7:11 - That is not exactly true, it might be for some, but a more common view is that anyone non-russian, Ukrainians in particular, are second class citizens or even sub-humans, most russians casually use slurs when referring to Ukrainians, this Ukrainophobia has been instilled in them for a long time. Sometimes it even goes into a territory of double think or cognitive dissonance or something like that, where one moment they use the "brother nation" card and the next they call you a slur and say you shouldn't exist, i would say this kind of behavior is even more common than just regular hate.
Mk Mese fa
I really hope Ukraine take back their entire country back, it'd be a sound warning to any other nuclear power that chooses to be belligerent. May God be with the service men and women of Ukraine.
Part about Himars Munitions is wrong. US and allies only confirmed and gave Ukraine short range missiles for Himars 70-80Km max range. ATCAMS 300km range missile use hasn’t been confirmed. US denied supplying it.
t0n0k0 Mese fa
Small little correction. Azatbek Asanbekovich Omurbekov (and his brigade) is The Butcher of Bucha. Not to deminish Vlad's blood thirst in any way, still one of the worst humans to exist. Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦
Ascrein Mese fa
Wow. Ukraine just made history!
Brian H. Karimian
So we all just gonna pretend that Ukraine is winning the war? 😂😂 zelensky you clown. Let’s Go Russia!!!
CapDrago Fast Foward Gaming
What I mainly heard out of the whole video is ukraine is fighting smarter not harder. Also I do hope in the end everything works out for the best, in the sense that as little lifes are taken as possible by the end.
Bella Nova
Bella Nova Mese fa
SLAVA UKRAINE! Us in the west will never stop supporting you because you are fighting for us and we are indebted forever to you.
Igor Reva
Igor Reva Mese fa
Very impressive how well trained and motivated Ukrainians are!!! Russian soldiers literally do not know what’s going on…
Chris Dean
Chris Dean Mese fa
The Russians need Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Hartman, a senior drill instructor. (Full Metal Jacket movie)
Leia Kori
Leia Kori Mese fa
I feel so proud of Ukraine
Leia Kori
Leia Kori Mese fa
Almost unlimited supply of weapons have been the key to Ukraine's success so far. Amounts of training in such short of a period have made immense advantages too. Now there are trained corps and the will to fight, every gun makes double the effect! Slava Ukraini, with love from Finland
martin killorin
AT 53 years old and having lived through the cold war, it is a huge relief to know that Russia is indeed a paper tiger and we have no fear of going into or losing a war with them. Then again, if you look at their history, they've always been inept. When is the last time you bought anything that said, "Made in Russia?" Everything they make is Kmart quality.
Zero Rykos
Zero Rykos Mese fa
It's not retreating, it's called a special reversing operation.
Comrad Dog
Comrad Dog Mese fa
I didn’t lose, I merely failed to win!
A. Grace
A. Grace Mese fa
The fact that we get free videos on ITvid by The Infographics Show is truly a gift. 👍👍👍
Dmitry DNYCE👌
Well done! As always, explained well.
Leia Kori
Leia Kori Mese fa
I am still amazed and impressed how quickly the Ukrainians have adapted and learned how to use the weapons given to them! They are inspiring and their will is so strong. What an example for all to witness.
Ticona2 Mese fa
I never thought that after 1942 I would ever see tanks rolling into another country. If anything, it showed just how bad the Russian army is. An army once feared during the cold war. now looks weak. No one wins if he decides to use nukes. The world suffers if he does. Glad more counties are joining NATO to stand up to this type of invasion.
Matt Guey-Lee
I think based on what Ukraine has done in the past 2 days in Kherson I don't think it was a feint. It seems Russia pulled too many troops from the East to reinforce Kerson. I think what happened around Karkiv in this video was just being opportunistic.
unclesmrgol dragon
Your point is well taken. But consider that the Russians have been forced into reactive mode from their previous proactive mode. This means that Ukraine can perform acts to shape the battlefield to come, and then exploit the weaknesses they've forced the Russians into creating.
Text Mese fa
ukrainian transliteration system is so horrible
Underpaid Gaming
Underpaid Gaming 5 giorni fa
Was training Ukrainians before the war happy to see their training is paying off. Mad respect for these guys
JR P Mese fa
Long live Ukraine 🇺🇦
analog city
analog city Mese fa
I believe that it would be of extreme benefit to have Ukraine in nato because it's clear they are more than capable fighters but I do understand that letting Ukraine into Nato could spark even more conflict with Russia
Sunnex Mese fa
I keep on having to remind myself that Ukraine and Russia are both developed countries and that history is unfolding before our eyes
Symbionese Mese fa
Russia is not. It is mostly a backward colony with a fabulously wealthy elite dictatorship.
What a great video. I have watched all of the major networks and listened to all of the pundits. None of them came close to explaining things as well as your video. Thank you.
John Mann
John Mann Mese fa
Pray for the people of the Ukraine, pray for the people of Kiev
Anish Mese fa
Pray for pooptin
HURRRScoince Mese fa
It's interesting how fast this channel is able to release videos now with a VAAAAAAASSST pool of animation libraries they have from all the videos they made.
Alex Karasev
Alex Karasev Mese fa
Comparing the sizes of Russian vs Ukrainian forces committed to the fighting along the 1,000km line of contact (several times more Ukrainians, plus willing to take more casualties) makes it clear the Russians must fall back or perish. They choose the former - as Russians have done in centuries past. Large-scale ground warfare has evolved by 60yrs in the past 6 months. Much depends on Russia's ability to rapidly learn and evolve its doctrine, incorporate it into the new 300,000 reservists' training, and equip & supply them optimally. It remains to be seen as well, whether Russia's reliance on winter as an ally that'd served her so well over millennia, will still do so in the 21st century. It'll be interesting to come back to this video in March 2023 to see how well it'll have aged with 20/20 hindsight.
Chokah Mese fa
Well equipping anyone will be a problem since they're losing more, either by destruction or abandonment, than they can replace.
꧁༒Jack of all trades༒꧂
Every country take other's side based on their national interest ,they are indirectly benefiting from war between these 2 . There is no permanent friend or foe in geopolitics, every nation thinks of it's own first !!
Donavan Forbes
smii7y being an absolute agent of chaos every game, you love to see it
No1 washere
No1 washere Mese fa
Let this be a lesson to Russia and it's allies. The United States of America and it's allies will not tolerate any aggression against a nation seeking Democracy.
doritos gaming
When you see the military budget of the US it’s kinds foolish to realize that the rest of the world would have a military as capable as theirs
Hoai anh
Hoai anh Mese fa
30:48 Lets just take a minute to appreciate how much time and work she put into these videos? It's unbelievable, and I think they deserve a lot more than that
Draven Master
what in 30:48 ??
Görkem Sayılgan
It feels like a trap tho. If this counteroffensive reaches to the annexed areas, tactical small nukes might come in use.
Repz Mese fa
Russia havent lost Lyman, they are just having lunch at Tasty (Russia’s new McDonalds) and will be back very soon!!😭😭😭😡😡😭
It already reached annexed areas but there still isn’t a Russian reaction
Person Mese fa
The counteroffensive already hit annexed areas (Lyman).
Leia Kori
Leia Kori Mese fa
I’m no war strategist whatsoever. I’m curious though. What would happen if a mass exodus of russians who are drafted turn on their own and fight for Ukraine? With such low morale and desperation to not be at war, I wonder if some would or have already considered switching sides mid-war. Especially if those forced to be there already had low loyalty to begin with.
Leia Kori
Leia Kori Mese fa
I’m no war strategist whatsoever. I’m curious though. What would happen if a mass exodus of russians who are drafted turn on their own and fight for Ukraine? With such low morale and desperation to not be at war, I wonder if some would or have already considered switching sides mid-war. Especially if those forced to be there already had low loyalty to begin with.
Jonathan Risher
I'm surprised you're not calling the Russians out on their equipment that is turning against them.
cyclonicleo Mese fa
Great videos from this channel, though they sometimes scream pro-US propaganda. Still, if you remove some of the hyperbole from the scripts and focus on the content, its still very good overall.
Storm Breaker
Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦 from 🇮🇳
Joerg "OJ" Schaefer
Very simple: find your opponent's weaknesses, exploit them and don't stop him from making mistakes! Tested and approved in practice since 1799... 🥊👉😵
billy rubin
billy rubin Mese fa
All I have to say, Ukrainian forces are awesome! 👍
Carlos Forbidden
@Lone Star Librarian or you know..training from host nations are also helpful
Mythical RP
Mythical RP Mese fa
@5rings16 the battlefield results are stating the opposite mate. the only ace that putin has right now is his nukes and nothing else.
5rings16 Mese fa
@IdemonstrateArk Like the Ukraine and USA!
@5rings16 That doesn’t mean they don’t have massive inflation, unemployment, economic crisis. They aren’t quite thriving but more surviving
@wice very big L
Dmytro Smyrnov
Right way of spelling would be "Butcher of Bu[t]cha" (ukr. "Буча"). Victims of Bucha will be revenged as well as victims of Irpin, Hostomel, Izym (which is already liberated to) and Mariupol. Thousands of people were tortured and murdered just because of their nationality. Ukraine will prevail. P.S. Never miss an opportunity to thank citizens of Western countries for their support. Thank you from all of Ukrainians! We will never forget who helped us in such a horrible time. Special thanks to Infographics Show for spreading word of truth about this war.
Mateusz T
Mateusz T Mese fa
No need to thank us, it's normal we help you guys. Also, I've head this year some organisations in Poland want to include Ukrainian flags in March of Independence (November 11th). Well, it would be amazing if you could remove all moskals from your territory until that day :D
Pacific Federation peacekeeping squadron crimson
You are welcome bro...but thank you from my side showing us democracy is still alive
François Camy
And never forget to congratulate Ukrainians for their exceptionnal bravery. By invading Ukraine, Putin also wanted to show that the West don't have the will to protect it's friends ; and their allies themselves are cowards. Too bad, Putin over estimated the myth he has created.
Draz Gul
Draz Gul Mese fa
The West stands behind you. I wish we would send you more weapons, but your country is making good use of what it gets.
Jerszon Mese fa
russia built an image for years of them having this very "powerful" military, but the war in ukraine totally destroyed this image in a couple of months. The fact that putin already using nukes as a threat only shows how bad the russia military today
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