Why Now Is the Time to Buy Silver Futures and Sell Gold Futures

Bloomberg Markets and Finance
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Sep.19 -- In this edition of "Charting Futures," ForexAnalytix's Joe Perry examines the divergence between gold and silver prices with Bloomberg's Abigail Doolittle on "Bloomberg Markets: The Close."

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Commenti 41
Thomas S.
Thomas S. 9 giorni fa
Charts are worthless as tits on a warthog when JP Morgan is on the judicial chopping block for manipulating the silver market, making illegal trades such as spoofing while hoarding the largest silver supply on the planet. They have kept prices down for years, to the total frustration of silver investors, putting themselves in position for astronomical gains at the time of their choosing. Let's hope the JPM traders who were caught do some jail time. Give me a thumbs up if you'd like to see Jamie Diamon do a perp walk like Bernie Madoff. (Did you know that JPM was the bank Madoff used to run his illegal empire?)
J.D. Hart
J.D. Hart 25 giorni fa
Bitcoin went from 0 to 20,000 in nine years. It took Gold three thousand years to get to 2000 per ounce. I’ll stick with Bitcoin.
Patrick T
Patrick T 25 giorni fa
First of all don't buy futures. Paper is not physical. Buy the metal itself. 2nd it maybe true that silver will explode faster than gold but you don't trade between the 2 monetary metals. How do u store a huge amount of silver and in vaults?. Then again you don't believe in the metal itself and that is why you are betting on the paper
michael lilienfeld
michael lilienfeld 26 giorni fa
Buy bitcoin gold and silver
SuperRoycethe59 26 giorni fa
Scarlet I miss you
Braedon Adams
Braedon Adams 27 giorni fa
50 day moving average? Useless
Marvin Addington
Marvin Addington 27 giorni fa
GOLD YOU CAN HOLD! Request free gold kit "Insight" on Investing in Gold & Silver. Including the Award-Winning DVD Exposing - The Secrets of the Federal Reserve! regalassets.com/request-free-gold-kit?id=17155
Jeff Green
Jeff Green 27 giorni fa
Gold and silver always move in the same direction, over time, so he's wrong about one of them. I expect a quick pop (secondary peak) followed by the continuation of the bear market that's been in place since 2011. This rally and the 2016 rally were both bear market rallies. Short the rebound or buy small cap stocks.
Jeff Green
Jeff Green 27 giorni fa
@Baupylypuab Your loss. I guarantee you that my ACST (Acasti Pharma) stock will outperform silver over the next several months.
Baupylypuab 27 giorni fa
Buy small cap stocks 😂
Nawid Azadi
Nawid Azadi 27 giorni fa
Kistler Clipz
Kistler Clipz 27 giorni fa
You're late to the party
Lithuanian European Dhalt
This decade will be SILVER, GOLD cycle when market hit recession SILVER skyrocket and Gold will grow to but i doubt it will grow a lot.
kb 2003
kb 2003 27 giorni fa
The real money
astralpx 28 giorni fa
Trade war? Lol . It's a tanking bank system.
socalsilver 28 giorni fa
Anthony Taylor
Anthony Taylor 28 giorni fa
Jesus technical analysis what is this the 80s?
Anthony Taylor
Anthony Taylor 27 giorni fa
@Jeff Green that's great.
Jeff Green
Jeff Green 27 giorni fa
I don't play the futures markets. I'm a stock market trader who also trades silver on occasion. I use the silver futures charts for my TA, but I either buy physical or the silver ETF (SLV, USLV, DSLV). I just sold USLV when silver peaked at $19.50, in fact.
Jeff Green
Jeff Green 27 giorni fa
@Anthony Taylor No, we wouldn't all be rich. Most people don't use TA correctly (they use too short of a time frame, ignore volume, can't tell a real breakout from a false breakout, etc). They also hold their losers too long and sell their winners too soon.
Anthony Taylor
Anthony Taylor 27 giorni fa
@Jeff Green there are options on futures...
Jeff Green
Jeff Green 27 giorni fa
@Anthony Taylor It doesn't work well with options, because options deteriorate over time. It will work on the underlying security though.
Malibu 340
Malibu 340 28 giorni fa
Jeees you guys are really sharp!!
Ian atherton
Ian atherton 28 giorni fa
These reptilians are full of shit !! They said ?? well not much and came over as a bunch of desperate weather forecasters who are about to get sacked !
nak clahan
nak clahan 28 giorni fa
Gold and sliver only no time for BS
Bob Wolf
Bob Wolf 28 giorni fa
Ceo of overstock publicly announced he cashed out a chunk and dropped it into precious metals. It really wouldn't take many big wigs to cash out and buy precious metals to make the value of precious metals sky rocket past what the common many can purchase it for.
alf mo
alf mo 29 giorni fa
Wow these people have a job
Ajisen Ramen
Ajisen Ramen 29 giorni fa
The last time the silver futures were manipulated they made a film with Michael Caine called the “Silver Bears”.
ShrekMAN Castle
ShrekMAN Castle 29 giorni fa
Lol GD gold Gold Gold baby
G D 29 giorni fa
These guys are literally the same as weather forecasters but with even less accuracy
Bob Silver
Bob Silver 29 giorni fa
Screw Futures!!!!!!!! I only buy physical silver, and I bought a bunch of it at $14 per ounce when it bottomed.
Bob Silver
Bob Silver 24 giorni fa
@RADIOACTIVE Well, that is smart doing that...as long as you get some physical! Great job!
RADIOACTIVE 24 giorni fa
You are stupid, I trade silver futures and with the profit I take, i accumulate real silver
Majin Mist
Majin Mist 25 giorni fa
Joshua Trosclair 2 silver should be the same price as gold but they change it so silver is “cheap”. Silver and gold have been the same since the Roman Empire but that equal value is gone.... for now
Daniel McCoy
Daniel McCoy 28 giorni fa
I always look for Bob Silver comments.
Bob Wolf
Bob Wolf 28 giorni fa
If you can't hold it, you don't own it.
EatingMind 29 giorni fa
Power King
Power King 29 giorni fa
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