Why Tipping Is So Out Of Control In The U.S. 

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Tipping in the United States is on the rise and experts are calling it tipflation. In the fourth quarter of 2022, the number of tips provided at full-service restaurants grew by 17% from the fourth quarter of 2021. Meanwhile the tip frequency at quick-service restaurants rose 16% during the same time period. Experts say that's because of the newer and sleeker-looking Point-of-Sale, or POS, systems by tech companies like Square, Toast and Clover, who also have increased their sales as a result. The pressure to tip well in front of the tip receiver, before a service is completed, or in front of other customers makes a difference for many. After customers swipe their credit card, they're typically prompted with three large tipping options on a screen. While businesses can opt out of the tipping feature, most aren't. In fact, even Starbucks started prompting customers for tips in stores in September 2022. With Americans being pressured to tip higher percentages and for more services, the question is, where is the tipping point?
00:00 - Introduction
02:25 - Why we tip
04:09 - Tipping in 2023
05:45 - Big Tech
09:14 - Tipping point
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Why Tipping Is So Out Of Control In The U.S.

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28 mag 2023




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BMW Royal
BMW Royal Mese fa
I think we should be like other countries, get rid of tips, pay employees how much they should be paid, and price the food accordingly
Pankaj C
Pankaj C Mese fa
Advik Deshmukh
You can think that all you want but it’s not gonna stop businesses from doing it
Andrew Mese fa
I was thinking the same thing.
Tanner Paisley
Just don't tip, who cares what people think
K Albrecht
K Albrecht Mese fa
I bet servers and bartenders would disagree
KellyK 13 giorni fa
I started to catch myself feeling kind of guilty for not tipping for everything everywhere but decided to ignore that guilt. I stick to tipping at restaurants & occasionally at the subway I frequent for the teenagers & of course any deliveries I might get but that’s enough, I’m not getting paid enough to cover other peoples salaries in this economy, we’re all just trying to make it out here.
Dakota 12 giorni fa
Tipping only for delivery and dine in service is a good approach!
SarahWITHanH 7 giorni fa
This is my approach, if I tipped for the service 5 years ago, I still tip. But I can’t believe how many places are asking for tips now, like Crumbl Cookies. This is a bakery and you put 4 cookies that were already made in a box for me, I shouldn’t be asked to provide wages.
Idalia 6 giorni fa
When I was working at a restaurant, it was part of our training (and mandatory) that we shove the tip tablet in a customer's face and ask, so whenever you see it, know that the employee is probably just as uncomfortable as you are. Don't hesitate to tap no; it's not the customer's duty to fill in for a greedy company's meager wages. They've taken what was once a small, thoughtful gesture and turned it into a business scheme. Disgusting.
cabalogia 6 giorni fa
@Dakota Right! Especially for those of us who deliver😁
johny bravo
johny bravo 4 giorni fa
you're tipping way more than needed. teenagers that are living with their parents don't need a tip...
Ryan Colson
Ryan Colson 13 giorni fa
As an Australian, tipping is so absurd. There are very very few situations when you tip here. I was shocked about how expensive things became when I visited the US when the tax and tips were added!!
Too Smooth
Too Smooth 12 giorni fa
Auto gratuity here in the us is mostly for parties of 6 or more. They are required Becasue a lot of international people don't tip.
viktor m
viktor m 12 giorni fa
@Too Smooth international people don't tip. because where they come from tipping is a privilege, not a requirement
Too Smooth
Too Smooth 12 giorni fa
@viktor m that's why they add auto gratuity here in USA
viktor m
viktor m 12 giorni fa
@Too Smooth You should call it a wage subsidy
So Vo
So Vo 12 giorni fa
@viktor m that's actually common sense.
captglenn100 10 giorni fa
The amount you tip used to be based on the level of service that is provided. People who went out of their way to provide excellent services were tipped more (not always because of cheap people, but that is how it worked). For some reason tipping has become an extra added tax rather than a reward for providing good service. Tips are now expected for services where there is absolutely no extra effort put into the service.
George Christou
George Christou 8 giorni fa
The idea to give tip to someone for providing a good service is just wrong. It feels like disrespecting the person being tipped as if here's 3 dollars you poor servant, go buy an ice cream or something lol. And its stressful for the customers being forced to tip and not knowing the correct amount. Tipped staff exempt from minimum wage, what a horrible and disgusting idea.
captglenn100 8 giorni fa
@George Christou I do not know who is deciding servers should only receive minimum wage if they obtain tips, this is wrong. Perhaps before accepting employment from those businesses, the applicant should ask that question. Personally, I think tipping should not be expected. But here in the United States it is an accepted practice. Customers are not forced to provide a tip, just expect that if you return or use that service again you will not receive excellent service, and perhaps if you have the same person, poor service or refusal of service. There is a base tip percent for those who do their job, then if you feel that the person did extra work you add to that. This is how incentives work, if you are tipped the same no matter how little you perform your task or how hard you do it, why would anyone work harder than the next person.
George Christou
George Christou 8 giorni fa
@captglenn100 there should be a standard of performance below of which they get fired. It should be that either the service is good enough or not. There is no reason for "excellent" service. Either good service and continue working, or bad service and get fired.
captglenn100 8 giorni fa
@George Christou Perhaps, but this is how capitalism works, you put in the extra work and you are rewarded. I am sure it has been tried here.
George Christou
George Christou 8 giorni fa
@captglenn100 that works for different companies though, not for different staff working in the same company. Capitalism is about rewarding the company that produces your selected goods. But tipping, is about optional reward to an individual for going "over and above" of what they have to do. So ,no I don't see any similarities between capitalism and tipping.
Camjohn 6 giorni fa
I remember one time I went to a bar at a music venue and ordered two beers for myself and my uncle. The bartender reached into the fridge, opened two tall cans and handed them to me. Then when he passed me the card reader, it gave tip options of 18%, 20%, and 25%. I skipped the tip option and payed the already ridiculous price for two beers. When I handed the card reader back, the bartender gave me a disgusted look when he saw I didn’t tip. I just couldn’t believe that he genuinely thought I would tip him 18% for just reaching into a fridge and opening two beers. Modern-day tipping culture is terrible and it’s crazy how society is expected to tip large amounts for the most basic services.
Nate 4 ore fa
bartending and waiting tables is a little different. in most cases they get paid less wages due to the expectation they get tips. not sure where it lies now but up until recently most establisments in GA pay their servers and bartenders something like 2 dollars and change an hour.
Pierre Giles
Pierre Giles 3 ore fa
@camjohn5153 Hello and sorry for bothering you. I have heard that in some cases there aren't any "decline tip" options available!
Sue Cole
Sue Cole 12 giorni fa
Inflation hits people a lot harder than a crashing stock or housing market as it directly affects people's cost of living that people immediately feel the impact of. It's not surprising negative market sentiment is so high now. We really need help to survive in this Economy.
bob.weaver72 12 giorni fa
I think I could really use more guidance to navigate the market, it is completely overwhelming, I've liquidated most of my assets and I could really use some advice on what best to invest into.
lipglosskitten26 12 giorni fa
Your best option if you are unfamiliar with the markets is to seek advice or help from a consultant or investing coach. I know it sounds simple or generic, but talking to a consultant helped me stay afloat in the market and increase my portfolio to roughly 65% since January. For me, it's the best method to enter the market right now.
Kenan Porubsky
Kenan Porubsky 12 giorni fa
@lipglosskitten26 please who is the consultant that assist you with your investment and if you don't mind, how do I get in touch with them?
lipglosskitten26 12 giorni fa
My advisor is "Catherine Morrison Evans". In terms of portfolio diversity, she's a genius. You can look her name up on the internet and verify her yourself. she has years of financial market experience plus she is also FINRA & SEC verifiable.
Kenan Porubsky
Kenan Porubsky 12 giorni fa
@lipglosskitten26 She appears to be well-educated and well-read. I ran a Google search on her name and came across her website; thank you for sharing.
Spunch 15 giorni fa
What bothers me is that employees would rather get upset at the consumer for not tipping enough rather than being upset at their respective industry for not paying a liveable wage
Tribzman 14 giorni fa
You truly hit the nail on the head - in spades!!!
Happy 14 giorni fa
We are upset it's too entrenched the restaurant lobby groups crush us at each turn.
mdbbox 14 giorni fa
This is exactly why companies have shifted to this model. They have shifted the blame of poor wages to the consumer, however it is the company's responsibility to pay their employees, not the consumer.
Jose Alexi
Jose Alexi 14 giorni fa
_IF_ the server did a good job, they would get better tips. I spent *YEARS* in the food-service industry. I've seen the most lazy, nasty servers make huuuuge bucks because customers were shamed into tipping. That needs to change! We need to bring back stiffing for servers who are not prompt, servers who are not courteous and servers who deliver bad food.
Simple Answer
Simple Answer 14 giorni fa
You're bothered that people raised in a particular culture expect that culture? Those servers were born and raised in a society that considers those jobs that receive tips. Of course they expect that, they've been seeing it their entire lives. Even before they ever had a job at a restaurant they saw servers getting tips. It's what they were taught to expect. What bothers ME is all the selfish jerks who want to blame the servers for adapting to the culture they were raised in. Somehow at least 156 other people are self centered enough that they can't empathize with another person. It's always a shame to see people get self righteous while also being completely self centered and oblivious to the problem.
Stephen 10 giorni fa
Tipping has gotten INSANE in the past couple years. At checkout they usually TURN the screen around at you and say “it’s gonna ask you a couple questions.” They want it at the ice cream place, boba place, Starbucks, for writing on a cake, EVERYWHERE. The girl at Starbucks rolled her eyes at me for not tipping for a small drink!
S 6 giorni fa
Lol thats my favorite line “this tablet device is gonna ask you a couple of questions” like its a police interrogation
Josh 5 giorni fa
Then tell her tough and don't tip. Grow a pair buddy.
Stephen 5 giorni fa
@Josh LOL, I didn’t tip. I just hit No and looked at her.
Josh 5 giorni fa
@Stephen Right on brotha! 💪 🚫🤘
Late Night Thinker
Late Night Thinker 5 giorni fa
I personally like flipping back around so they can watch me select “No Tip”
mirela25m 11 giorni fa
I'm from Europe, went to US for holiday and I didn't tip anyone (and I didn't care nor do I care), except like 5-10 bucks when we went to restaurant no matter what the bill was, and it was always over 80 and more. Their employers should pay them , not us customers. Its quiet ridiculous to tip
Rere Brook
Rere Brook 12 giorni fa
I used to be a waitress over 20 years ago, when tipping was still exclusive to that industry. Times have really changed.
Scott R
Scott R 12 giorni fa
I tend to avoid any take out or coffee shop which asks for a tip whenever possible. Almost as annoying as this new tipping scam are those incessant requests for donations for some obscure charity or USO at the grocery store. Recently, at a Giant, I was asked three times for a donation for the same charity. Once while on the floor shopping, once while waiting to check out, and then on the screen at the self-checkout.
Ulysses Herrera
Ulysses Herrera 10 giorni fa
yeah i’m tired of these companies trying to gaslight their customers into donating. They only use the donations as a reason to get a tax break.
Miss Kyra
Miss Kyra 9 giorni fa
You don't have to not go just press no tip happily in front of them lol
Ross Dee
Ross Dee 6 giorni fa
thats annoying too, they ask me many times to donate for charity, sometimes I was just buying a bar of chocolate
Josh 5 giorni fa
Grow a pair and say NO!
Scott R
Scott R 5 giorni fa
@Josh Better yet, give your business to companies which do not play the tipping game. No "pair growth" required.
Carl S
Carl S 12 giorni fa
As a young mechanic at 25 years old, I’ve never expected a tip in my industry, I’ve been told never to expect a tip in the industry, does it happen sometimes, yes and obviously I’m very appreciative of it, but when you tip the person who is selling you the service it goes to that person not the mechanic working on your car, even if you ask them to pass it along they won’t half of the time.
Duke9023 Mese fa
People love to tell everyone if you can't afford to tip you should stay home. They say you shouldn't be going out and having a good time if you can't afford to tip. I think the same should hold true for the businesses, if they can't afford to pay employee's the bare minimum wage and still be profitable then they SHOULD close up shop.
J.J Harper
J.J Harper Mese fa
Kyle Anderson
And everybody wouldn't work there anyway if they got paid 8.25 an hour
9198vito josie
I stay home.
YkThatMan Mese fa
I will only tip if they deserve the tip
J Mese fa
If they cannot pay their workers properly should not have started the business.They want to guilt trip all the customers into thinking they are doing injustice to the workers if they pay anything less than 20%. Tip is supposed to be paid only if you like the service,a small amount of 5-10% as gratitude.
Mark Burnham
Mark Burnham 13 giorni fa
The new problem with tipping is that it is built into the point-of-sale terminal software. So anybody using a point-of-sale device can set it up for tipping, even businesses that have never had tipping previously. Typically you can opt out of tipping but it is there by default.
J_Venchy 7 giorni fa
Thanks for regurgitating the information in the video bozo, we really needed your insight on this…
Nick 6 giorni fa
​@J_Venchy you need serious help.
Rose Storm
Rose Storm 13 giorni fa
They're definitely right about there being this tipping fatigue among consumers. The reason i watched this video in the first place was because me and family members were already starting to feel the beginnings of this exhaustion tipping...
captan obvs
captan obvs 12 giorni fa
Finally I’m not the only one that thinks this is far from out of hand. I can’t even go to a corner store without having a tip jar in my face. A tip for you to stand there and scan my products…. Uhm isn’t that your job that you chose!? Not every job entitles you to a tip.
Chris Lee
Chris Lee 13 giorni fa
My first trip to Europe I paid for dinner with my card and was confused when I didn't receive the receipt to fill out the tip. A local then informed me a tip isn't expected but it is appreciated. It was a very nice surprise! Tipping is out of control here in the US!
Carlo Giorno fa
btw did you tip back then after this explanation?
Daniel Yen
Daniel Yen 10 giorni fa
Sometimes tipping doesn't help, they may still forget your order. It's terrible to have to pay a mandatory service charge and still be expected to tip. Sometimes with the delivery fee and tip (expected after all those horror stories on social media on what happens if you don't tip), your food order is now 40-50% more than the original price. Sometimes there's an automatic gratuity at the restaurant and the point of service still has a separate suggestion line for a tip where you might end up tipping twice if you don't look carefully.
the queen fatima
I am an American in Paris and I was appalled at the amount of times I was asked to tip in the US and the amount expected in restaurants. Employers should PAY their workers a liveable wage. We should not be living in a tip dependant society!
Ed Lavender
Ed Lavender Mese fa
They main opponent to any legislation that appears to do away with tipping is not actually tipped employees. If you hear ads on tv or radio, usually with the slogan "Save Our Tips," they are always funded by restaurant owner associations. The current system allows them to pocket the revenue from the sale, while the customer pays the employee's wages. Changing that would eat into their profits (oh, sorry for the pun).
Jackson S
Jackson S Mese fa
In my state, there is a clause in employee compensation law that states employees can be paid below minimum wage if they have average tips that give them the minimum wage.
Cachi -
Cachi - Mese fa
I agree, it’s ridiculous and out of control. The worst thing is that Americans travel to other countries where tipping is not expected yet they tip anyway and are now habituating the locals to expect tips from foreigners. I was in a country which I won’t name; their restaurant workers are paid a full wage with benefits. I was with a friend of mine and he suggested I tip the server. I asked the cashier about it and was told it was not necessary and not expected. He confirmed the servers were paid a full wage with benefits and did not expect tips. My friend guilted me into tipping anyway. Tipping used to be a sign the customer appreciated a service that went above and beyond what is expected. Nowadays it is there, as a matter of fact, systematically, to supplement the worker’s meager salary that the employer can’t afford or doesn’t want to pay his or her employees. We are all subsidizing business owners for their lack of ethics and accountability towards their employees. In some cases, business owners cannot afford to pay their employees more, I get it, and at some point we need to take a hard look at our priorities as a capitalistic society and treat employees with more dignity. I understand this is not as simple as it sounds but other countries manage, so we should too.
American Girl
@Ed Lavender What I hate are restaurants that charge $7 for a draft 12 oz Yuengling.
Natalie Fontane
Didn't I see you featured on a CNBC video yesterday?
gstj210 13 giorni fa
Sunday, I tipped a woman taking my order and prepping my food 30% because she rolled with my jokes, made sure my order was right, and made sure I was aware of allergens and personally handed me my food. Her attitude was awesome. My tip was all the cash I had and she was surpised, saying, "I havent had a tip in a while. Thank you." Same afternoon, I was at a grocery store doing self check out, "How much do you want to tip (person's name) for service?" That person didn't help me. I clicked "0%" and the light went red, screen locked up and said, "Please wait for a cashier for assistance." They didn't show up for a few minutes and said, "What's the issue? Why no tip?"
Emmalena 12 giorni fa
No way!
Brian Barry
Brian Barry 12 giorni fa
Woooww!!!! That's awful!!
Desirsar 11 giorni fa
If the latter story is real, tell them you do consulting work at $500 an hour with a two hour minimum, otherwise fix the transaction or cancel it.
gstj210 11 giorni fa
@Desirsar wish I thought of that. I just said, "My payment didn't go through, I guess I don't have enough money in the account."
Tnijo O
Tnijo O 9 giorni fa
If you have to check yourself out, the store should tip you.
Christopher 6 giorni fa
The craziest part is at those quick-service restaurants and coffee shops where they ask for a tip on the tablet, you haven't even been given what you purchased yet. So I'm expected to tip when I do not even know if my coffee was made right or my meal??!
stephenmartinez1 7 giorni fa
As for tipping, it’s best to know when it’s appropriate to tip, and when it’s not. Picking up food at a restaurant yourself, you do not tip. Unless it’s a small local business and you want to help support them.
Chris Parish
Chris Parish 6 giorni fa
I reached the breaking point today. Unless someone brings me food, tops off my drinks, and I don't have to ask for someone to do these things, I'm NOT TIPPING any longer.
kesayo 8 giorni fa
I tipped 20% on takeout orders during covid and noticed that one restaurant was always thankful and even threw in some extras. This other restaurant seemed to do the opposite. They reduced their portions and treated me like a chore. So I stopped ordering from them altogether. You reap what you sow.
Tosco Mese fa
Business owners paying their workers less than minimum wage and then convincing them the responsability lies on the customer is one history's greatest finesses.
Answer Man
Answer Man Mese fa
So what? You are not required to tip. Are you a sheep and tip out of fear?
Diane IsMyName
@Answer Man Only tools and bootlickers defend bad business practices.
Answer Man
Answer Man Mese fa
@Diane IsMyName So, if someone tips are they effectively supporting the business or the employees?
The Ferd
The Ferd Mese fa
They want to make you think that tipping is for the employee but I feel this is for the employer to excuse themselves from higher wage. It has gotten crazy lately.
NAS Mese fa
I tip everywhere I go, because I want the person keep showing up to work. Don't tip and just get everything from Amazon and don't tip your driver, I guess. Tippers makes the universe turn. Everyone should thank tippers because non tippers are receiving some of the benefits of those tips. Your more likely to get good service or at least a quality worker that just might be doing the job of 2 people due to tips. If you constantly get horrible service, maybe it's easy to see you're a non tipper or you just miserable or maybe just funny looking and they don't want your money anyways, but they provide services in hopes of getting you out of there quickly, so they can get a tipper next. Non tippers lack compassion and generally are bare minimum kind of people, with empty lives and no REAL friends. Who doesn't tip? Wow, no friend of mine, that's for sure.
idyll 12 giorni fa
Completely agree. Tipping should be a personal choice, not an obligation or being pressured to tip.
matthew danko
matthew danko 11 giorni fa
It is optional, they'll just remember the faces of those who don't tip and spit in your food
idyll 11 giorni fa
@matthew danko lmao
Tom Nolan
Tom Nolan 8 giorni fa
@matthew danko hahah thats scary
Dan 3 giorni fa
You're right that tipping should be a personal choice and the amount you tip should be relative to your own budget. The problem is that these people aren't paid enough so they rely on tipping to get the paycheck. So the employer is basically making YOU the customer pay their employees on top of whatever products you get from them.
Jonti 8 giorni fa
I never minded tipping until one day I went through Starbucks drive through and they gave me to option to tip….. I was so caught off guard …idk it’s just weird to tip for 1 drink that’s already expensive enough and takes 15 seconds to make.
MeowTheRainbowX 12 giorni fa
Great video. I feel like we should get rid of the minimum wage exemption, though. We should get to a point where no one has to rely on tips just to be able to survive.
Dan C
Dan C Ora fa
CA min wage $16 in some area. If the tips collected do not cover the ave min wage then the owner will cover it.
Rair111 2 giorni fa
“Asking before is like a bribe.” Spot on now. I’m finding myself tipping a good amount for delivery just to get my stuff cold and an hour later
JAC ONNI 11 giorni fa
There are also required health fees that are added to the bill in certain cities - also forcing customers to pay what the restaurants should be covering for their employees. Incredibly annoying as these are already 4-6% in addition.
BrainOwn 2 mesi fa
Its literally a way for employers to get out of paying there employees. Passing the responsibility to pay onto the customer.
Bat Boy
Bat Boy 2 mesi fa
💯. If I’m going to pay their salary, I want to do their performance review as well. And if I do that…I want a salary too. Don’t ever tip. I haven’t in 25 years.
Totally agree! I'm not getting paid to do some restaurant manager's payroll!
Thakius Muckfeather
@Bat Boy True. Also, I doubt that all people getting tips are declaring them to the IRS.
Thakius Muckfeather
@Bat Boy how do you not tip in restaurants without getting arrested? It is a MUST isn't it?
Joe Jensen
Joe Jensen 2 mesi fa
This is what walmart SPARK is doing! most customers dont know walmart doesnt pay the delivery drivers hourly. Sometimes they make workers wait HOURS in the parkinglot unpaid, to only deliver 1 order, for $8-11. They also are 1099- NOT W2 employees! TIP YOUR DRIVER PLEASE!!!
frisco21 7 giorni fa
One trend that makes my blood boil is when restaurants automatically add a mandatory tip to the bill. To say that I resent this intrusion on my prerogative would be an understatement.
D B 13 giorni fa
What's even more despicable is when restaurants furtively add gratuity fees to your tab! Happened to us at the Pho Pier 77 restaurant in Panama City Beach, FL the other day. They were charging automatic gratuity for parties of three!
Steve M
Steve M 12 giorni fa
I took it a bit further and I also quit going to certain businesses that ask for tips completely. Not as a protest but rather because I'm on a strict budget do to the economy and I feel obligated to tip. So by no longer shopping at those businesses I no longer have to tip.
Ulysses Herrera
Ulysses Herrera 10 giorni fa
i just tap no to their face and if they want to retaliate then i’ll make them regret it 🤷🏾‍♂️ it’s out of control
Stephen 10 giorni fa
@Ulysses Herrera 💯💯💯
Rey Ram
Rey Ram 11 giorni fa
I only tip for servers when I dine in and nothing else. I used to never carry cash but now I do because I dread those darn screens with the tipping options. It certainly does feel like a ransom charge. I’ve witnessed, first hand, a fast food worker look at someone in disgust because they clicked not tip on the screen. It’s scares me to think about what they can do to your food before they give it to you.
Jas Kash
Jas Kash 8 giorni fa
As an ex waitress I find it so weird how we used to barely make money. But now if I order door dash the taxes fees and tips are the same price as the food I order.
KungShu 29 giorni fa
I always feel like I'm paying a "Don't spit in my food" fee when I'm asked about a tip before actually getting anything.
OddlyIncredible 28 giorni fa
I've stopped going to places for this, and have told managers and owners why. If you're demanding a tip for services that have not yet been rendered I don't feel safe about what those services will be.
Nick Wrightsel
Nick Wrightsel 28 giorni fa
I like when people order delivery and I know they usually don't tip. because I can take my time. I'm not going out of my way to give you exceptional service. I save that for good customers. I also love when my customers want exact change, because we don't carry change, only paper money. Some people get so angry when they have to tip me 65 cents for bringing them their food
Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne 28 giorni fa
@Nick Wrightsel Thats how tipping works in the rest of the world .We tip for exceptional service and not because the person feels entitled to my money even though they dont work for me.
Tr Uz
Tr Uz 27 giorni fa
@Nick Wrightsel It’s important to remember, if you are tipped before the service is provided, you feel entitled and think “I got the tip” and you may still take your time. So it’s not about getting tips first or last, it’s about the entitlement. And why did you work in a tip based job, if you don’t trust you will get the tip? Pick a higher hourly or yearly job where it’s flat. Instead of tips, you get bonuses and raises, and promotions - and just like tips, they are based on performance.
K. S. K.
K. S. K. 11 giorni fa
Several decades ago I remember going to a little restaurant close to my house. There was no wait staff, and as all the tables were cluttered with previous meals, I had to clean one myself. I also had to request a menu, walk to the service window to order my meal and carry it back to the table I had just cleaned. And of course, they wanted a tip. Excuse me? They were out of business in a few months. Can't even remember what the food was like.
Bree Bartkowiak
Bree Bartkowiak 10 giorni fa
The tipping culture in America is really getting insane and out of control. I don't mind giving a 20% tip to my server if they do a good job. But recently I've had experiences where I'm going through a drive-through and when they give me the tablet to pay for my order, it's asking me if I want to leave a 10%, 20%, or 25% tip. This is complete insanity; I'm not giving a tip when I'm getting my food through a drive-thru! I also recently had a number of experiences at different takeout places where the machine would ask me how much tip I wanted to leave when I am picking up and paying for my takeout order. This is completely crazy, in my opinion. I placed my takeout order online, and I'm just driving up to the restaurant to pick it up, and I'm taking it home and eating it in my house. So why on earth would I tip for that when I'm already paying for the food? Also, be careful when you are tipping through those tablet machines at a restaurant, because I got scammed by them a few times. Usually, when I go to a sit-down restaurant, I give a 20% tip to my server, so when the machine asks me what percentage I want to tip, I will usually tap 20%. However, when I got home and looked at the bill they gave me, I realized that these machines are scamming us because they usually calculate the 20% tip on the amount after tax and not the pre-tax amount like they should. So from now on when I'm at a restaurant, I use the calculator on my phone to calculate what is the 20% amount before tax is, and when they bring me the tablet to pay I select that I want to enter my own amount instead of using the pre selected percentage options that they have, and I enter the 20% before taxes amount as my tip.
Steven Sawyer
Steven Sawyer 13 giorni fa
I’m waiting for the day when I go through the self checkout and get asked if I want to tip 😂
Ole Janssen
Ole Janssen 5 giorni fa
I live in Germany and I always saw tips as something optional that I would only occasionally give as a sort of reward if I was particularly satisfied with the service.
Gregory Boyer
Gregory Boyer 10 giorni fa
Here are a couple of my issues about tipping, in the video someone mentioned safety as an issue so they tip their auto mechanic, the last time I went to a dealer shop or an independent shop you never pay for service before the service completed so it’s a nonsense feeling of security because the mechanic doesn’t know if a tip is coming his or her way or not! Another thing restaurant employees have been saying things before, during and after the “pandemic” if a customer can’t afford to tip they shouldn’t be eating out so stay home and we will only allow people in that can afford to tip! Restauranteurs have a choice in this matter they can choose to cheap out and pay their Wait staff the minimum $2.15 an hour or pay their wait staff a decent salary that they can survive on. Most not all but most choose to do the former and cheap out! Now I’m hearing that management in some places are demanding that the wait staff pool their tips and everyone including the salaried employees and management get a portion of the total tip pot and this is totally unfair and ridiculous! Sometime in the past 6 months Walmart has gone from a voluntary tip set amount for their delivery service to a percentage of the entire bill which in many cases screws with the amount of my delivery person’s actual tip! I was tipping $10 prior to the change in policy now my tip is 10% of my bill because I can’t afford 15% or 20% . Even at $10 that’s $5 more than I tip a pizza delivery driver. Something else to be done soon to get this tipping thing straightened out and get it back in track or maybe just do away with it all together and have employers pay their workers a decent salary that they can live on and not cheap out! ! !
Jessie 5 giorni fa
I work a retail job that often requires me to teach customers about the product or spend a lot of time helping them choose things. My boss couldn’t afford to pay us a living wage, so he put in a credit card tip function. I hate it. I feel so pushy asking for tips. I don’t mention tipping and physically turn away to grab their purchases when that screen pops up so they don’t have to do it in front of me. If they apologize for not tipping, I smile and tell them having friendly polite customers is like a tip. My coworkers tell the customers the reader will ask “how well they did their job” and then watch like a hawk while they make a choice. My coworkers therefore do make more in tips than I do. But at least I don’t feel like a jerk.
James Pelow
James Pelow 13 giorni fa
I recently took a holiday to the US and I found the whole tipping thing to be incredibly stressful, so much so that by the end of the holiday I was actively avoiding situations where I would be expected to tip.
Armando Limon
Armando Limon 13 giorni fa
Just don't tip. It isn't a right. Many workers don't need tips, but just expect it now.
sheamo 12 giorni fa
I avoid holidaying there for this reason. Just the thought of having to tip every time I eat or need a service is stressful.
The Pixilator
The Pixilator 12 giorni fa
As someone from the U.S, you are not alone. I feel so pressured to tip even when I am picking my food up. I hate it but it’s the work culture here. I feel like we should only tip when the person goes above and beyond. Not for doing their job. And that’s speaking as a hairstylist.
yoon 12 giorni fa
So the grocery store?
PorterPickUp 12 giorni fa
Hell I live in the US and I actively look to avoid situations where I have to tip too.
Waveracer200 Waveracer
I remember working at a famous successful place called SLS Hotel in Southbeach years ago (and very expensive food). They payed around 2.50 or something like that (back around 2010 when they first opened). Then the waiters took all the cash tips so as a food runner, bar back and so forth you hardly made any money there.
Brian S
Brian S 11 giorni fa
Insane. I'm willing to complain to the manager or business owner where I'm expected (automatically adds or suggests) a tip of 25-30% for someone to hand me a sandwich, soda, or fill a cup of coffee. Owners need to disable or customize these screens because it's completely out of control. But will only do so after enough complaints or if people stop coming because they're so turned off...
Luke Zeman
Luke Zeman 8 giorni fa
My rule of thumb is most of the time only tip if you're somewhere you're sitting down and spending a lot of time at and employees are actively giving you service and interacting with you. Recently, the Jimmy John's at my college started doing this whole trying to force a tip. I go there often so I know when they changed the credit card screen so they could include the tip screen. When I saw that screen pop up with the three tip options and a small "custom" where you literally have to type $0.00, in my head I'm like wtf am I tipping for? Y'all haven't even done anything yet and you're forcing tips on people. It's completely gone wild in this country and now people are being pressured to spend even more money than they need to and can afford.
Milky Way
Milky Way 5 giorni fa
literally happened to me a week ago. US has gone crazy!!
c2t 10 giorni fa
I didn't even like having to tip at the places I was "expected" to before all this bullying for tips from everywhere became rampant recently. So when a place I go to starts asking for tips from out of nowhere for no discernable reason, I not only refuse, but also never go back. Funny thing is, many of the places that I used to frequent that only recently have started trying to bully people into tipping were usually more empty than they had ever been.
Erik 2 giorni fa
Just got back from Europe last month and my mind was blown when I found out tipping wasn’t required or even an option!! It created a more straightforward dining experience, where the prices on the menu reflected the true cost of the meal. Unlike the US, it seems they have fair wages for service staff, reducing the reliance on tips to make ends meet.
jmoney262 9 giorni fa
My gf and I just discussed this after watching this videos. Full service restaurants and salons will be the only thing we tip for in a 15-20% range depending on service. If we go to a place where the employee is making minimum wage or more to perform their duty that’s because they chose that job knowing their task and accepting the pay rate.
Generic Goon
Generic Goon 13 giorni fa
If someone asks for a tip (as in a money tip, not a hint), it's hard to ever trust that person ever again cause what if you don't tip? the next time you buy lets say food from them, they might spit on it. It's just better to never return to the business that asked for a tip
TheJimprez 11 giorni fa
Same thing here in Canada. The machines start at 18% (there IS a button to give less, but you type it in yourself, and RUN before the waitress notices it...). I'm a chef, my wages went up substantially since Covid, but the WAIT staff are making bank like never before now. Higher tips and DOUBLE the cost for food... It's just insane. I never go out to eat, because I already eat out every day, and I don't drink much when I party, but if I did, around 35% of my bill totals would be taxes and tips... No thanks.
Matthew Zakiewicz
Matthew Zakiewicz 11 giorni fa
I understand it completely I worked at a restaurant for a few years before getting into my career and was present when the tipping became overboard.. Had an older gentleman order take out.. small dish . Employee then got mad because he didn’t tip her half of what the meal came out which would be 15$ 😮 Guy said “ I really should not be tipping you? Let alone give you a decent tip which was 10$ “ for what? All you did was ring me up ? She got so mad and caused a scene and I was mindblown and asked her why should thought is was appropriate for him to tip so much … she said that because she makes 4/hr$ and people need to understand that and I understand to a point but even I wouldn’t tip that much … Idk I think companies need to Reevaluate the wages .. sad we live like this .. I’m sorry but if you don’t provide a service to me then I won’t tip that much… I’ll tip as a generosity move but definitely will not give you half of what my order coast .. some people can’t afford that and just like the server who is mad over the low tip ..they too have financial issues and we are all in a similar situation
Jignesh Solanki
Jignesh Solanki 10 giorni fa
I am from India, and I have seen many restaurants here which has a sign board which says "Please do not tip our staff, they are well paid " or "We do not encourage tipping for our staff". TIpping is almost non existent and servers do not even ask for it. Usually if u like to, you can ask them to keep the change but even if you don't do so, they won't look at you judgingly. I guess its upto individual people to decide what to do but it is never forced upon you.
Josh H
Josh H Mese fa
I went to a cookie shop with my mom a few months ago, we walk in, both politely said “hello”, the cashier didn’t even respond just straight up stared at us, even while we were looking at different cookies. My mom said “are you going to speak or just stare at us?”, he eventually spoke but he didn’t really want to. When we bought our cookies he did the tip flip and we put no tip. The receipt printed, instead of handing it to us he took it and looked at it for 5 seconds and THEN handed it to us while shaking his head. These places want tips but can’t even give bare minimum customer service. It’s annoying af.
D. Zanyar [Umi]
they should be trained to greet customers, either the management didnt train them correct or they did and the employee is refusing to greet, so either way no tip should be awarded until both issues are resolved.
B H Mese fa
Your mom’s an OG!!!
FT029 Mese fa
Seems like the worker was very tired and forced to come to work. Even though the service was quite bad I don't think they are fully to blame-- consider how management is not paying them enough or not giving people sick days
star child
star child Mese fa
So, a song and dance for $2.75/hr + tips?? Employee needs to be more up beat, selling cookies at a counter for a living? How about their employee pay them a decent wage and tip is something a customer just feel like doing but not obligated?
Jah Simba
Jah Simba 11 giorni fa
Delivery apps make sense especially if the orders far but when you’re entering the store it’s crazy
John J
John J 13 giorni fa
In most other countries tipping is not a thing, and most who you would tip are actually insulted by it. But the US seems to struggle at just paying staff a living wage.
B.Kashyap 6 giorni fa
One of my friend groups decided to go to KFC order separately when later the worker asked for tip one by one they refused and before exiting the shop they show the people behind them also doing the same , 😂 tip chain completely shattered
Brandon 13 giorni fa
If you decide not to tip long enough and just say no it gets easier and easier with time. Not saying every instance to be that way but saying no does get easier and you actually don’t feel guilty about it after a while.
Bree Free
Bree Free 7 giorni fa
I’m currently in college and my roommate works at a small cafe. We live in a smaller southern town where base pay for serving is 2.50-5.00 an hour. Your livelihood is fully in the hands of generous and kind customers. Many businesses rely on customers to fill out worker’s wages because paying people what they are worth would literally sink so many smaller businesses. My friend worked at a Waffle House in the city and would leave some nights with $20 in after a full shift. In this economy, you can’t expect others to make up your company’s lacking wage policy. I feel terribly guilty when I can’t afford to tip because I know what it’s like to depend on this system for food, rent, etc.
Joshua Hiatt
Joshua Hiatt Mese fa
Tipping has always infuriated me. When I went to New York, I was asked to tip like 15% for the bartender to literally open a bottle of beer - it's honestly wild. You breathe and they expect a tip. It's so engrained in U.S. culture that staff get annoyed when a customer doesn't tip, but doesn't get annoyed about a multi-million dollar restaurant not paying you a fair wage. It's simply just a way for companies to make more profit whilst you (the backbone of the business), rely on customers gratuity. In a realistic world, if everyone decided to not tip, companies will literally be forced to pay their staff a wage to keep their employees.
Isaac Gogna
Isaac Gogna Mese fa
Problem is we are in fact annoyed at the million/billion dollar corporations who refuse to pay decent wages but there's nothing we can do and if we don't end up getting tipped we don't make enough to live. And that's how the filthy rich like it
TJ Blackmore
TJ Blackmore Mese fa
You know what’s crazy? You could have bought a case of beer and enjoyed that at home. Do you understand what I’m saying or should I go in further?
Yuh Mese fa
@TJ Blackmore viewpoints like this irritate me as they excuse the selfish actions of greedy corporations. Employers should be paying their employees a livable wage and if they can't do that, then they shouldn't be in business. Guilt-tripping people into tipping for unnecessary things even if the service wasn't good is NOT the direction America should keep going in. You should tip if you have the money and feel the service was exceptional, while at the same time the employee should be making a livable wage and should not rely on tips to pay the bills, that's insane.
Its especially bad when the restaurant adds a automatic gratuity charge for less than a large group, then complain you didn't tip. One place I went to added 20% automatic gratuity then had the nerve to add in "Add Additional Tip" with suggestions in the 15%+ range. So if you weren't paying attention, you would literally put in a 40% tip because you are used to paying 20% at restaurants (assuming you usually tip that much that is). BTW, they added the automatic gratuity for 2 person table AND calculated the tip based on Total not Subtotal. Edit: Its probably even higher since the automatic gratuity is included in the total, therefore the suggested "additional tip" is actually even higher.
jerrythemailman 29 giorni fa
@Yuh He's right. If people realize that staying home and getting your own food/drinks is cheaper, then these horrifically over-bloated restaurants will die off. It's the perfect solution.
Geoff Moore
Geoff Moore 13 giorni fa
Same thing is happening in Canada. Starbucks and Subway are now asking for tips on the debit/credit machine. Maybe going back to cash is the way to go since they don't "ask" for a tip like they do on the machines.
Shattered Realm
Shattered Realm 10 giorni fa
I hate tipping. I'm Canadian but live in Europe now. It isn't required or even remotely expected here. I see it as a form a haggling which is stressful. I'd rather pay the full price up front exactly as listed on a menu and then relax and enjoy my meal. Rather then trying to do math in my head to work out what 10% of the bill is, whether the service good, average, or terrible enough to warrant an increase or decrease in percent accordingly, and trying to work out whether it should be 10% or maybe 15%, or what the guy at the next table paid. Or whether they tip more or less in this city then average. So many variables.
AGamersDeath 11 giorni fa
I make $30 an hour and my girlfriend who was a waitress at a small bar was bringing home the same amount or a little more than I would. Just from tips. I do think having to rely on tips is stupid. But it definitely has its benefits at times.
Pedro Neto de Alcantara
I was astonished as a waitress literally took money from my hand at Mary Crisis Cafe in New York, saying I didn't tip her enough
Sope 2 giorni fa
Whaaat!!! Pls what did you do
Sixth Jayhawk
Sixth Jayhawk 13 giorni fa
I’ve seen a few large restaurants that automatically add an 18% gratuity/service charge to everything you order. Why not just take that a step farther and include that on all the menu prices ? Bc 💰. If the prices on the menu are more expensive, you’ll buy less. So they make you do math when you’re ordering to figure out how expensive your meal *really* is
Josh P
Josh P 17 ore fa
More people should actively discuss how ridiculous it is with the employees that offer it 😢
Come Fast To Get Into My Body
The worst is when the server holds the device in their hand while you're entering the information. It feels more like an interrogation than payment for a service.
Laura Igla
Laura Igla Mese fa
They do this at Starbucks and then say, " you look so pretty today!" When I look like a goblin. So many pressure points. All for a cold brew that they only had to pull a tap for.
espantapájaros 💢
Ok you bot
The Watchful Hunter
Loudly ask so where is the ZERO TIP button?
sportsMike87 Mese fa
I actually like that better. Less fraud that way.
daffyduk77 Mese fa
I'd present them with a tablet with a recommended 20% tip for being a nice customer. Thank *** I don't live in North America. It's just another product+service price-hike, aka profiteering
My rule of thumb: if you're standing up to order, no tip. If you're sitting, then 12-18% unless the service was terrible or exceptional.
Freddie MAC
Freddie MAC 20 ore fa
Another nightmare are those crazy stores where store owners keep very large tips from credit cards. Then they got sued or reported to the local news.
CampsitePyro 10 giorni fa
Since tips are a percentage, the amount they get will increase over time as the cost of the service increases. So 15% should be the norm Also, in most restaurants, I really don’t want or need you to bring me my order. I would rather order on a tablet, and pick up my order at a window. This is at places such as Outback, Applebees, etc. I will even refill my drink if you’d let me.😊
Sammy Miller
Sammy Miller 13 giorni fa
This started during the pandemic and Grubhub, Doordash, etc. started the tip boom. Where I live in the south, they didn't do tipping. Now they automatically put up a charge of 20-25%. If I give them less, I'm lucky if I get my food. That's becoming more commonplace. It's ridiculous.
Londen Tabor
Londen Tabor 12 giorni fa
Thank you for this story, I felt like I was going crazy!
Jaimie Lee
Jaimie Lee 29 giorni fa
I definitely have started falling into the “resentful” category. I started tipping for everything, anytime that screen swiveled around I paid 18-20%. Now I am resorting back to just tipping on the services that I tipped on a few years ago (servers, hair stylists, nail salons, etc), I don’t care if anyone judges me. I’m not paying a tip on something like a bolba drink lol…
C 29 giorni fa
Yeah, I had paid like $11 for a smoothie at Jamba, and a tip is expected on top of that. It’s already so overpriced, like what? I did tip though.
A 29 giorni fa
Yep same, I'm back to the actual services, done tipping take out
michael cooreman
michael cooreman 29 giorni fa
@C I'm from europe and they ask me for a tip lol, I simply said no and told them to ask for better wage to their boss... I dont understand it so overpriced in la and las vegas and still they can't pay their workers good? Wtf in europe our foodprice is more expensive but we manage to put good price for costumers and pay workers good standard wage...
Tha4thLetterr 29 giorni fa
I found that I only started doing it so they don't spit in my food/drink lol.
Fairuzia Natakusuma
Fairuzia Natakusuma 11 giorni fa
Yeah in fancy cafes/restaurant in my country, we have service charges instead of tipping. Usually around 5-7%. But in fast food restaurants or coffee shops, no. There has to be regulations on how business owners pay minimum wage.
TheMangler24 13 giorni fa
I absolutely love working for tips as a poker dealer. Possibly the best non skilled job there is.
Ulysses Herrera
Ulysses Herrera 10 giorni fa
i can’t wait to hit no at starbucks drive thrus. “It’s gonna ask you a qui-“ *immediately hits no*
Logan Krastel
Logan Krastel 10 giorni fa
I'm Canadian so we have a tipping culture but not as bad as the states but after being in parts of the world where its nonexistent I've become extremely adverse cheap towards the practice. I the rare situations that i do tip , its still only a flat consistent amount instead of a percentage. if i get a bottle of wine at dinner, the server works the same amount bringing me a 10$ bottle as she sdoes bringin me a 10k dolar bottle so im not gonna tip them extra just cause i spent more money on wine.
joedy hicks
joedy hicks 6 giorni fa
I went out to lunch a couple days ago at a local diner and the bill for 2 people was almost $50 (without tip) Like every other business in the world pay your employees a fair wage and don’t put the burden of if the servers income on your customers !
Dr. Beau Hightower
I got asked to tip at a drive through car wash 😂
Wow Wow
Wow Wow Mese fa
Rightfully so, I’d say. Minimum 30%
Wildlife Warrior
@Wow Wow I would tip 0%
Niccole1981 Mese fa
That's been going on in my area for at least 30 years. There is always a tip bucket at the end.
Morbidx Mese fa
Same, I pressed 0% looking at the worker straight to the eye
mowburnt man
mowburnt man 13 giorni fa
25% tip?! Bloody hell! What annoys me in the Uk is restaurants that add a tip to your bill by default and don’t tell you and then still give you the option to tip on top of the bill which already includes this hidden tip!
Jerem0y 10 giorni fa
Tips are Optional and always will be. Its simply your choice, do so if you want to theres no obligation. If there is an Obligation it needs to be stated before you Transact business or theres no obligation.
IbeSyke 9 giorni fa
Went to a Las Vegas restaurant food wasn't all that service was good they had the suggested 3 options one of the options was up to $35 ! And nothing less than $28 it was the most awkward situation in front of the employee when all he did was take our order . At Catalina Island, tips were taken out automatically, which was even more crazy
alex Chopper
alex Chopper 11 giorni fa
I feel most comfortable at 15%, but feel pressured to tip the minimum 18%. I really want to tip 10% like back in the days.
Pinkkermit17 8 giorni fa
I hate the whole tipping process, its definitely getting out of hand. You have to be extremely careful when ordering online as some places will automatically have it set at the highest %, I have noticed that even some quick service places are trying to add the tip when ordering online. I absolutely dont mind tipping for great service, and I often tip my favorite mom and pop restaurants even when I get it to go, but the whole “expecting it” has gotten worse.
Ruli Manurung
As a non-US citizen, I find it absolutely mind-boggling that it's legal to exempt certain workers from receiving less than minimum wage. What part of "minimum" is unclear?
Thakius Muckfeather
It is illegal to hire someone and not pay the minimum wage in the USA. Workers are being paid at least the minimum wage or the business owner will be closed down.
Darren Ellis
Darren Ellis Mese fa
​@Thakius Muckfeather no they aren't businesses are paying people 2 or 5 dollars per hour while tips are supposed to make up the difference
Deekh3d Mese fa
@Thakius Muckfeather Yea I was working as a jett's pizza delivery driver and they only paid me 5 (minimum wage was 8.25 at the time). Whats worse is that they were taking advantage of the loophole by hiring extra drivers to make us wash dishes for 5 bucks an hour!
The Harshil
The Harshil Mese fa
@Thakius Muckfeather nope, a dominoes pizza delivery driver only gets paid $4 an hour. If the customers don’t tip, the driver literally looses money on gas. Employers are always good at exploiting their workers.
@Darren Ellis it is federal law that if they don’t make the minimum with tips the employer has to make up the difference
joedy hicks
joedy hicks 6 giorni fa
This tipping thing is a heck of a racket - if I could reduce my overhead by 15%-20% or pass it to someone else while still maintaining my profit margins I would do it in a heartbeat
Peaceful Daizy
Peaceful Daizy 11 giorni fa
While this is not technically a tip, I work for a well-known national thrift store; I have to ask customers to round up their change with every purchase. It gets tiring, both for customers and for the person who is required to ask.
Chupapi 9 giorni fa
I dont mind tipping much in restaurants but not for places where they make drinks. And i used to tip our pizza driver like $20 to spit with the store. They were really grateful and knew our number, so they would send us extra stuff whenever we ordered. Good kids.😊
Falcon9 13 giorni fa
This video was incredibly edited. Loved the motion graphics as well.
Tony Jukovic
Tony Jukovic 11 giorni fa
I use to work as a bartender while I attended university and was reliant on tips. However, I feel one aspect of tipping that bothers me is the service just isn’t their. A lot of servers and app service workers want something for nothing and don’t provide exceptional service. It’s like they have all become that bimbo hot bartender who wants a $5 tip for reaching into a fridge and popping a cap off a beer. Then got made at me because as an average looking guy I made more money then her because I would just go by volume and for every lousy tipper there would be 2 more decent tippers and 1 exceptional tip. These Uber guys say they want max tip but don’t even take the time to confirm the order is right. So why would you deserve $10 when all you did was hand someone a bag of food where 7/10 times something is wrong with it like missing napkins or a food item.
RJ Weissenborn
If a company asks for a tip before service and it starts at 20% I immediately hit NO TIP. 100% guilt free
Steve The Traveling Guitar Guy
Yeah it’s stupid. I am a bartender and delivery driver and I think that tipping thing is stupid. When I am making cocktails or deliver food, I don’t ask you to tip until I’m done with the service and even then I don’t guilt trip you into anything I just make the drink, deliver your food and walk away it’s my job. Guilt, tripping and nearly forcing customers to tip even before the service is unconstitutional and almost like a bribery and a Third World country.
Mad Max
Mad Max Mese fa
Yeah because you could be tipping for crappy service. I only tip places I've been to numerous times and give great service.
Steve The Traveling Guitar Guy
@Mad Max same here. I only tip if I get good service if it’s terrible service, I don’t tip at all. When I was bartending in Miami Beach, owl were tips were included in everyone’s paycheck and in some areas like Ocean Drive or the big tourist destinations they have 20% already added on to your bill.
@Steve The Traveling Guitar Guy Most third world countries don't ask for tips, they get paid by their employers.
Steve The Traveling Guitar Guy
@xMorningShadowx lol even Third World countries know tipping is stupid
LyricsKing 11 giorni fa
i never understood why the US is the only place in the world that does this like its mandatory. where I come from, tipping is only done if i really enjoyed my experience at that restaurant, hotel or whatever. i was never forced or the employees dont expect much unless I initiated it
Mark Harold
Mark Harold 12 giorni fa
The amount of places expecting tips now is honestly quite angering. I will literally refuse to tip any place that does not have a waitress/waiter serving me. And I will not tip any more than 20%. I don't have a problem being stingy with my money. lol. Especially if you're working minimum wage during a recession, what else are you supposed to do God Damnit???
LaChilena09 3 giorni fa
I felt I was going crazy as I visited Austin and was being asked to give tip everywhere, even at a corner store! Tip for getting my own items? By the end, I stopped tipping. As Terry Crews said in the show Everybody Hates Chris, "you wanna feed the needy or be the needy?"
Guy Giorno fa
I’m one of those people who succumbed to tipping more over COVID. My tipping habits haven’t changed but with inflation and my higher tipping standard I just opt to eat out significantly less.
Christopher Elliott
Christopher Elliott 11 giorni fa
As a former restaurant server I understand the engineered need for tipping some service industry workers. Specifically the ones who are expected to make the difference between their employer paid wage and at least minimum wage. I find it annoying that service industry workers who make at least minimum wage expect tips. I pay them because I'm socially shamed into paying them. But I don't think I should. I usually willingly over pay restaurant servers, both out of some sort of brotherhood style compassion (I've been there) and I don't expect that all of their customers will tip enough (again, I've been there). But, I have trouble justifying why I should need to tip others in the service industry, but I don't know how much wage they earn from their employer. I don't get a tip from the customers of my company. The kitchen staff at restaurants don't get tips for their efforts. Why are servers expected to "make up" their total wage from tips on top of the pitiful wage that they earn from their employers. (Often so little that if they don't get tables it isn't worth their time to sit there and do side work while waiting for people to come in the door.)
Jaden Boss
Jaden Boss Mese fa
Whoever said it was legal to pay employees less because they make tips is the cause of this problem.
MrGtoriginal Mese fa
Absolutely, I can't agree with you more.
Ns Ns
Ns Ns Mese fa
In most cases, the employer has to pay the employee the difference if they don't get tipped at least up to minimum wage, correct?
breadfan9 Mese fa
Pay cash. Problem solved
Weave Mese fa
In California min wage is $15.50 including tipped employees -- and they still having tipping.
Kilian Ny
Kilian Ny 9 giorni fa
People will soon hate eating out or ordering out because of how much they will have to pay for tips…it’s really getting out of hand
Jas Kash
Jas Kash 8 giorni fa
I live in MD and the server wage is $3.65 it’s places like subway and door dash expect automatic tips and that need to stop the fees and tips are outrageous. America always goes overboard and does things backwards. And remember when you eat at a restaurant and tip that server has to split that $5 with like 4 other people.
John Pika The Musician
This is why I work 2 other jobs while also working as a server, sometimes it’s best to earn a guaranteed income each week and not rely too much on tips. Tips overall is just a gift that people want to give you, and should never feel demanded.
Sandman tk
Sandman tk 10 giorni fa
Thank you . Your right on. I have been around food service over 40 yrs. People are getting confused on the reason why they tip and why they should not. The only reason it is added to the bill is to make sure people do tip. The key word in all this is gratuity. I don't agree with an added mandatory tip on your bill. It should be based on the service and experience you receive. I myself have had great food and service and also not so great. If I leave with a smile and something to tell my friends about I feel much better leaving a smile on my server as well.There wage never enters my mind but there service and kindness always brings me back.There is a lot more to this than just opinion. Learn all sides of tipping people before making judgment. Can anyone explain the Allocated tips on there W-2 form? Appreciate your server and tip what you want. Say No To Mandatory Tipping. I love my servers and wish everyone seriously a great day. It's Gratuity regardless of their wage. Say no to mandatory tipping.