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The bail system in America is, among other things, very racist.
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Commenti 505
Dubious Giorno fa
Bail would be fine, if it were a set % of your income and not up to the judge to decide the amount
peter blood
peter blood Giorno fa
Don't even get me started on the expungement scam that lawyers get away with. It's worse than the bail system in that, if you can't afford some greedy lawyer to take your case, you get stuck with an albatross the size of a pterodactyl around your neck for the rest of your life. The government sentences someone for a crime and when that sentence, if it is a non-violent crime, is completed, they are obligated to close it to the public. A one year sentence for possession of marijuana for example, shouldn't disrupt the rest of a persons life. Yup I live in Kansas, a state still stuck in the dark ages of Republican politics. Lord, deliver us.
Keith Riley
Keith Riley 9 giorni fa
"Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel or unusual punishments inflicted." - 8th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America
KushkingLA 11 giorni fa
Well, maybe dont commit crimes and you wont need to worry about bail.
jen ko
jen ko 7 giorni fa
Did...did you watch the video?
Will Not
Will Not 13 giorni fa
Algorithm is based on experience made in the past :D
Vega Vapp
Vega Vapp 14 giorni fa
No wonder god did what he did to the dog's wife !!!!
Luvenia Vaughan
Luvenia Vaughan 14 giorni fa
SOOOO, MOST people do NOT have a clue about how the system is screwing them over UNTIL they get accused of something they did NOT do. America has a VERY CORRUPT LEGAL SYSTEM and NO, ZERO JUSTICE SYSTEM!!!!
Rat Bat Nuff Time
Rat Bat Nuff Time 15 giorni fa
The harder you fight to change it, the harder the lobbyists will fight to ensure it stays the same because bail bondsmem are worried about their profit margins.
Aidan Kelley
Aidan Kelley 21 giorno fa
oh idk, maybe when you have an automatic system choosing what your sentencing is, make it so the Race doesn't get placed in as a factor, problem solved!
eric moss
eric moss 18 giorni fa
To a point. In the US, blacks use weed at about the same rate as whites, but get arrested about 4x as often. So the sentencing could be fair, but it doesn't help if the arrest rates are not. It would also require laws not be aimed squarely at one segment of society. Nixon aimed the War on Drugs at the blacks and the anti-war hippies, so while alcohol results in ~11000 traffic deaths per year, plus all the liver-related deaths, and weed very little, it's those who smoke who get nailed based on "Reefer Madness" propaganda. One last (?) point is that judges are there to judge circumstances, and minimum sentencing laws (an automatic system) are causing them to put people into jail for decades for what should be a minor infraction.
OhPlease a
OhPlease a 25 giorni fa
Tell me again why america is so great to live in? Ooooooh... you need to be white, male, straight, christian and at least in the top 10% earners ... all else will fit in the cast system, next the less 90% earners, than the dogs and cats of white males, asian males top 10% earners, latino and black males top 10% earners, and completely at the bottom, women, gays, lesbians and people from other religion. Wow so nice to live in an a segregated land.
Josh St. Louis
Josh St. Louis 26 giorni fa
I'm not sure about specifically lactose, but I have sure seen a lot of intolerant people.
Anne Irungu
Anne Irungu 29 giorni fa
This show should be called, "Man With an Accent; Yelling"
steve hofmann
Listen here you cheese head. You have to stop yelling all the time or you are definitely going to hurt something or #2 you should run for President.
Eire Mese fa
Say sorry to Avi
Alex Muir
Alex Muir Mese fa
I would bet that the software isn't racist. Society is. The algorithms probably don't consider skin colour. However the metrics used to determine outcomes as described in the piece reflect societal inequality.
Sick Of It
Sick Of It Mese fa
So what ever happened with Jim’s video editing escapades with that Jew?
Robert Richardson
Been arrested more than a few times and bail is in fact bullshit. It's just too gd tempting to post if you can because you want out at any cost because for me it is so dehuminizing regardless of guilt or innocence. If you are in there, you are guilty because why else would you be in that jumpsuit and unable to make any decisions for yourself?
Religion LOL
Religion LOL Mese fa
Don't like jail? Don't go to jail.
mxt mxt
mxt mxt Mese fa
The software isn't necessarily racist. Black people are poor so they have fewer reasons to not run away. In many black areas there are no jobs...or no jobs worth having.
Bail is the most absurd thing in US justice system. I mean...imagine a scenario. A guy suspected of robbing a bank is arrested and his bail is determined to be 10 000$. The guy( who actually is a criminal who just robbed 1 000 000$ ) will pay the 10k, and then fly off to another country to enjoy his money. At the same time, a poor guy who is suspected of robbing a bank( but is actually innocent ) can't afford his 10k bail and must stay in jail for months...perhaps a year until his court case is finally settled. During that time...he will lose his job...marriage, reputation, health(gets beaten up in prison). Bail is not about keeping the criminals in jail... it's about releasing them selectively, based on their financial status. It has nothing to do with "making the person not run away". If a murderer is given bail of 10 000$ and he is wealthy enough to pay his bail(or can just borrow the money)....do you think he will return to the court whilst knowing that he is actually a murderer and will face a life in prison or death penalty? No, he would wave goodbye to his 10k and take his chances in another country. Only a guilty person who is confident that he didn't leave behind enough evidence to get convicted would return to "get his money back". Innocent people will not run away anyways...bail or no bail...and guilty ones will run regardless of bail.
Anton Wereta
Anton Wereta Mese fa
Trust the ruthless jail to bein Baltimore lol
Lu H
Lu H Mese fa
You are hardly in a position to call anyone racist, Jim.
Gary Mota
Gary Mota Mese fa
If you're poor, you'll stay in jail till your trial. Can take months
Moptimus Prime
There is a simple formula for bail. White person formula: bail X 0.10 Black person formula: bail X 100 Other minorities formula: bail X 10
Don Ghidoni
Don Ghidoni Mese fa
The courts are corporations for profit plain and simple. Reconstruction!
Matty80822 Mese fa
dog looks like a Hawaiian unko who decided to dress up as a California surfer brah for halloween
Luis meza de la torre
With the current labor conditions, you are going to have more people sitting in jail = worst conditions = more jails = more judges = more $$..BailHotline Bail Bonds bailout homeless people because money is not the only option.
Nick-N-Nels Mese fa
Hey jimmy boy... 👻
Oi, what are you playing at, Jim has a new video out and I can't take the piss out of you if you don't comment. Come on, Jim exposed, Avi very angry, FBI paid by comedy central, ect. Where is all the outrage. Standards lad, standards.
Chris Hayes
Chris Hayes Mese fa
Jim why do you think Muslims make dogs vomit?
nikada vise
nikada vise Mese fa
Why isn't this how on comcast on demand or seemingly not even there anymore????? Was there a few weeks ago...........now.............nothing?????????????
tremer 2009
tremer 2009 Mese fa
Thanks The Jim Jeffries Show.😊 "If your unfairly jailed because you're poor look on the bright side? Oh no no sorry i don't know what the "bright side"...i was hoping that you could make an example of the "bright side" you're the one with all the free time, i'm busy?"😄
Eric Hardric
Eric Hardric Mese fa
America's prison system is SOOO fucked up! Now they have prisons for profit, it's modern day slavery and the only real difference is they don't use whips and some white people get to take part. If America stopped locking up non violent offenders the jails would be almost empty.
Joseph Cavanagh
Manipulative editing-out-interview shit head. Apologize for your Mohammed drawings, hypocrite
Nick-N-Nels Mese fa
True words bro 👌
PRUSER27 Mese fa
I disagree with the point that makers of the algorithm have to be racist. I dont think it sees race because its never told what it is. Instead its the whole american history that lead to black people sharing similar backgrounds.
clumsiii Mese fa
Oh man Jim! Brilliant sliding behind Brett's face just brilliant 3:42
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith Mese fa
Ameriker is Fahked !
sonia alcocer
No cash bail is the way to go. I hope California does it and other states follow but it probably won't happen because of the lobbyist.
Christian Dauz
Christian Dauz 17 giorni fa
Can we exile Republicans to North Korea?
tiny99990 Mese fa
The bail system is an excellent way to oppress the poor, our criminal justice system was supposed to be the same for everyone thats why lady justice is blind folded she is not supposed to see the color of someones skin, or how well they are dressed, or even what they are throwing at her (hint: its 100$ bills in bags with $$ signs on them) but the bail system is merely one example of how Justice cares about the money you have, the rich get out the poor get jailed... thats how it works until you are actually proven guilty...
Jace Cavacini
Wow, those bail bondsmen and bounty hunters look like PEAK DOUCHEBAGGERY.
Billy But Whole
Yeah sure, algorthms are racist.... or maybe... black people commit disproportionally more crimes so they are disproportionally targeted by the racist algorithms. i expected a good ol rant about how system itself is fucked, i got a pathetic race card pull instead. fuck you Jim.
I love beer 😂😂😂
Leto Atreides
He's off actually. Judges set high bails, like 50 k for small offenses. Bail bondsmen front that 50 k and takes 7.5 k even if the offender shows up for trial, it's thrown out or he's innocent. The bail bondsmen then gives 2.5 to the judge for their re-election campaign, then donate 2.5 k to conservative elections. Then keep 2.5 k. It's an iron triangle of misery.
Len Moore
Len Moore Mese fa
I could eat him up!!
Mat S
Mat S Mese fa
If a third world country had a justice systems like the US, the US would invade them to „free the people“
That looked like a straw bale not hay stupid cunt.
Jack O'Jack
Jack O'Jack Mese fa
Brett Kavanaugh explained at his hearing that he kept a fart log for him and his buddies, he must've been really busy in school.
Marco D
Marco D Mese fa
Few things are so obviously unjust as bail. Get rid of it, now!
VitalyMack Mese fa
I have a feeling that the bail system isn't racist at all. Its just a symptom of past racist culture.
Glen Wright
Glen Wright Mese fa
America, greatest country on Earth 😂😂😂😂
Ichijo Festival
For anyone wanting more, John Oliver did a piece on Bail a few years ago that is still painfully relevant. itvid.net/video/video-IS5mwymTIJU.html
Kristopher Tower
is it just me or is this guy drunk?
John Taylor
John Taylor Mese fa
We've gone to Ludicrous Speed, welcome to Spaceballs.
Jesus Will Reign
This type of programming keeps you stupid. Programming like this show keeps low IQ people sedated.
Jonathan Sheneman
Jim needs to be deported, he’s an undeserving special needs adult but also a upper class white foreigner who’s big story this week to his woke stick in the butt fans are alleged shitheads and fuckups are having a tough time and alleged shitheads fuckups of color even more so! Let me give a fuck some time never. Holy shit I feel great!
zebras don't fly for a reason
...unfunny, annoying, unwatchable...
selva raj
selva raj Mese fa
Watching Jim is like watching a drunk at a bar, but he's right! N he's drunk. Is he drunk? But he's right.
John Denver
John Denver Mese fa
Jim autistic racist Jefferies
bhu nji
bhu nji Mese fa
Is Jim Jefferies ever sober?
Dutch prison is so.... civilized. That shit looks more like the type of concentration camps you would expect in North Korea.
MrPedur Mese fa
Jim -- - please mention this on your broadcast -- Since Sandy Hook - 2012 - USA have experienced 2191 mass shootings - just so you know the facts:-/ Information from an article in Vox Aug. 11- 2019-by German Lopez and Kavya Sukumar-
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