Will my boyfriend punch me in the face for a billion dollars?

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14 giu 2021




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Commenti 0
XeoX 7 minuti fa
Yes i would
tal88 18 minuti fa
Lol let me know when this is a real offer and I’ll make a decision.
niko 32 minuti fa
*Chris Brown is typing…*
Daniel Dziepak
Daniel Dziepak 34 minuti fa
Without hesitation you're going to sleep
SCP Epsilon
SCP Epsilon 35 minuti fa
My girlfriend would let me but I'd give her 600 mil for it
Dominika Wieczorek
Dominika Wieczorek 47 minuti fa
xDaemon 54 minuti fa
Aditya pratap Singh
Hell yeah
Djordje Grbic
Girl? How do you expect me to find a girl
danary washngton
nie che mi się
I would for 1 milion or half a milion
mayank kumar rohinival
what if she die .
Anthony Palumbo
Damn, I’d straight up Mercury the chick I’d hit and then go to prison where the money would mean nothing. Although, consent is helpful. Maybe I could get a plea deal. Hmmm….
melsan Official
Bruh of course NOT! ARE YOU CRAZY!?
WølfGirl 4 ore fa
imma punch my sis but in a little way cuz yknow, i love my sis so much and shes the only cute lil sis to me.
Senpai Ríki
I’ve already done it for 100$ might as well go all out
trisha briggs
trisha briggs 6 ore fa
Girl: Ok punch me, lets split the cash
Like another stupid idea right?
Jishnu Raj
Jishnu Raj 7 ore fa
No she might die
legends gaming
Every single aman out there :]
Daniel O'Donnell
you could just spend months getting weaker
S P 8 ore fa
Ropi 8 ore fa
I should make it for free but if i touh i girl she to her mom and yea
Kat W
Kat W 9 ore fa
Cristian De Leon
Imma order you the best ambulance 😘 lmao we're going to have $ for it
Ian Duarte
Ian Duarte 11 ore fa
Dude, one billion, I can buy another face for my gf... or I can buy a new gf....
Railey Galvez
Railey Galvez 11 ore fa
Plus 1bil A girl Good punching strength HELL YEAH
Trongol Man
Trongol Man 12 ore fa
Cant punch what’s not real
Ajagunna Adewumi
This Guy2386
This Guy2386 13 ore fa
I don’t even care if she is okay with it
Shivam Singh
Shivam Singh 13 ore fa
Nah men i would never do that even it's 10 billion dollars.
Xavier Gordon
Xavier Gordon 14 ore fa
Yes to $100
bongo TM
bongo TM 14 ore fa
I love my girlfriend and all but like i could buy a new one with one billion
Jhonny zinhogameplays
Froghanos *
Froghanos * 14 ore fa
Easy to do just agree with the girl to give her some money and she accepts it I'm weak anyways so it won't hurt much
david Ejiofor
david Ejiofor 14 ore fa
Nope Really me:come here babe Bur really i wouldnt
Luca Bennito
Luca Bennito 15 ore fa
Lmao I would temporarily break up with my gf and date a stuffed animal or something, lol. I could technically get that $$$ whilst not hurting a fly.
Wanita Kirirua
Wanita Kirirua 15 ore fa
I did
VilkasPilkas 15 ore fa
''I will kill''
WrestleRecap 15 ore fa
What a rediculous question lol why not say like $300
Dutch Van Der Linde
Jordan Musleh
Jordan Musleh 16 ore fa
I will kill for the stupidest questions..!!
HallowJack0 7
HallowJack0 7 16 ore fa
Hailey Leach
Hailey Leach 17 ore fa
Plot twist you can just boop her on the nose and say that is as hard as I’m going
Brian yi
Brian yi 17 ore fa
Any girl that would get upset to their boyfriend saying yes, must be watching too many Disney movies
Lucas McArdle
Lucas McArdle 17 ore fa
I know my girl would be down but I don't think I could do it to her money is meaningless
Emil A
Emil A 17 ore fa
+ 1 girl + $1000000000
Rugved Vaity
Rugved Vaity 17 ore fa
Just Tell The Location to Give the Body 🤣🤣🤣
gayatri enterprises
Okay. But who's giving the money after that
Ilias ERRAMI 18 ore fa
I wonder how he didn't get friendzoned yet ?
Scarlett Hart
Scarlett Hart 18 ore fa
heist boy
heist boy 18 ore fa
I punch a non existent being and get a billion for it? Count me in
PICHU ZAKMA 18 ore fa
Bruh even it's 100 dollar you have to Punch your gf yes I will do it
Rudra Newt
Rudra Newt 19 ore fa
Bcz you r my 1 mil dollar... My gf
Bola Bankole
Bola Bankole 19 ore fa
Nah I would do it for free
Lucifer morningstar
I'd do it for 100 dollars cause like why not
I was expecting him to mid convo punch her in the face 😆😅
RakeshJyoti Sarma
First give me 1biilon
Stratos Chiotellis
Even for 1000$ its good money
love roblox
love roblox 20 ore fa
Losing a tooth? Bruh she finna lose her lower jaw
Siri 20 ore fa
Wass this question supposed to be hard? Ofc I would do it.
Newbie 1
Newbie 1 20 ore fa
I will kill my my girl
Anas Murshid
Anas Murshid 20 ore fa
I remember someone saying to his girl “if I see the money you be sleeping already” 🤣
Duck321 20 ore fa
Russians be like : easy I do that everyday
Bungalow Tundra
Bungalow Tundra 20 ore fa
Of course just need to get a girlfriend first
Tim Talks
Tim Talks 21 ora fa
Nope….I can break concrete with my hands 😅
Da General
Da General 21 ora fa
Jokes on you im lonelx
Candler 22 ore fa
If you don't punch me for a million dollars then you are an idiot
Old Grape
Old Grape 22 ore fa
“Would you punch a girl in the face for 1billion dollars?” Looks at the popular girl in our school *GLADLY*
bangtanbaby 17 ore fa
damn whatd they do mate
Me who has no Girl *Crys in the Corner*
Novah 22 ore fa
If only I had a girl...
isänmaan puolesta
Of course i would, stupid question
Xeonox 22 ore fa
One word. YES
reta pdias
reta pdias 23 ore fa
Luka Savic
Luka Savic Giorno fa
Im a kid and id don’t have GF then yes
Djentleman La D è Muta
I stopped reading at "for"
The british trainspotter01
Sweet i get a girl and money
rastgele kanal
rastgele kanal Giorno fa
I would
Some random guy
Some random guy Giorno fa
Me realizing im getting a bit stronger, a girl an a billion dollars : this is big brai time
gameboymesker 05
It isn't about the money😏
Orly Ihan
Orly Ihan Giorno fa
If I don’t then my girlfriend will punch me in the face as hard as she can. Or worse to my lil buddy downstairs :(
Rishabh Raj
Rishabh Raj Giorno fa
Yes why not... She would agree for $200
Alper Giorno fa
Hey ı punched my girl realy hard now where is my money?
RETRO ._. Giorno fa
Where is she?
leenb sorgen
leenb sorgen Giorno fa
Honestly i would do it, if theres any injuries we have money to fix the injuries
Nishant Sagar
Nishant Sagar Giorno fa
I can do that for free😄
Ellis Lai
Ellis Lai Giorno fa
too risky, she be In the afterlife if I do it 😅
Kristof Karwinski the great
Yes and then say WE ARE RICH and pay for her wounds and stuff
Connerlame Giorno fa
Would you punch your gf's face for 1b dollar Me:*punches no one* Me:*crys*
shadow red swag
shadow red swag Giorno fa
That guy when off camera: ight, *FALCON PUNCH*
Ryan Zeller Philip
Say no more 😂😂😂
Alexis G.C
Alexis G.C Giorno fa
Rihanna fans:This isn't funny.Cancel them
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