Will Smith’s Terrifying POV of the Helicopter Bungee Jump

Will Smith
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Before jumping out of a helicopter, Will Smith had a camera strapped to his wrist for a unique view into what he experienced hanging above the Grand Canyon.
Find out how the story started and see Yes Theory's challenge video:
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2 ott 2018

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Triple X Ben
Triple X Ben 15 ore fa
No hesitation when jumping off
ณฐภัทร พานจำนงค์
*Will is living like a champion*
1 2
1 2 2 giorni fa
Wow! Johann Sebastian Bach: AIR Not expected this!
Nuurdeen Elmi
Nuurdeen Elmi 2 giorni fa
BRUH! Is that Oscar from Shark Take screaming? 😭
Cristhy Jou
Cristhy Jou 3 giorni fa
loco pirata
loco pirata 4 giorni fa
You are a great person, you limit yourself, and you show it every day that age does not matter, everything can be done !!!! a huge hug from Argentina !!!!!
Troy Crith ll
Troy Crith ll 7 giorni fa
Holipu getlen l r9 in em
Lokki Kokki
Lokki Kokki 7 giorni fa
Feels like a Spiderman
Cameron Magee
Cameron Magee 7 giorni fa
will Will Smith smith Will Smith
Leslie Macias
Leslie Macias 9 giorni fa
Jon Pascasio
Jon Pascasio 10 giorni fa
Buried Alien0
Buried Alien0 10 giorni fa
The Real Life Hancock!😂
Tony Jones
Tony Jones 12 giorni fa
Happy belated birthday Will Smith
Dai Khairai
Dai Khairai 13 giorni fa
i have to wonder though if your hearts beat rapidly increasing to such a high degree breaks up debris in your veins? maybe its good keep from having a heart attack later on down the line, in exchange for a few dozen little heart attacks throughout your life. maybe next time write a question to the grime reaper on a note card, right after the jump see if you got a response most alive on the brink of death right?
Dai Khairai
Dai Khairai 13 giorni fa
probably around 3 weeks of preparation for a 20 second drop and a few minutes of screaming on the end of a bungee line, doubt i'd be much different aside from the screaming I'd just freeze up and people think i was dead. will looked like he was really having fun though.. meanwhile if you listen carefully when you bungee jump theres a part of your brain thats screaming at you thats your survival instinct and it just gave you an F- in decision making and an A+ in NOT DYING..the more important portion of the grading system. but hey it looked COOL :)
punkmtv 13 giorni fa
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JOKER CRACK 13 giorni fa
Hola como estan
JOKER CRACK 13 giorni fa
XxPatoxX ;v
XxPatoxX ;v 15 giorni fa
diablos señorito :v
Jhonatan Gonzalez
Jhonatan Gonzalez 15 giorni fa
Saludos desde colombia
Saul Nicolas Felix
Saul Nicolas Felix 15 giorni fa
The evil within song
carlos ramirez
carlos ramirez 15 giorni fa
Will si que sabe cómo divertirse! Lol
Cuetzpalli Lopez
Cuetzpalli Lopez 15 giorni fa
Like si vienés de tucosmopolis
Los Bro
Los Bro 15 giorni fa
Tu cosmopolis?
black boot troop
black boot troop 15 giorni fa
Good people are why we can still live as we do.
Litness Edits
Litness Edits 16 giorni fa
Kimmy Gibbler from Full House 0:25
Raymond Leggs
Raymond Leggs 18 giorni fa
Whooooooooooooo! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!
Stronger Eyyub
Stronger Eyyub 18 giorni fa
😂😂😂😂😂 i love you Will Smith
Jah-Jah Jackson
Jah-Jah Jackson 18 giorni fa
Mr. Smith, first, I would like to congratulate on being Will Smith, and also say, thank you for being an amazing influence in the media. Apropos, I am writing to you today, to ask.. Did diving backwards out of a helicopter in flight get you to publicly release a clip of you swearing on mic, for the first time?
The L
The L 18 giorni fa
#Will Smith
omar carrasco
omar carrasco 18 giorni fa
I need the name of the song!
Azzen Abidi
Azzen Abidi 21 ora fa
bach - air
Mr. N
Mr. N 18 giorni fa
It was said that day....,Will met Uncle Phil again :'|
mayafurlan furlan
mayafurlan furlan 19 giorni fa
Welcome Will to BILBAO mayafurlan yotubera from Spain 🎶🎶🎶🔥💲👍👏🐝💝💝
JMR FameLife
JMR FameLife 19 giorni fa
Motivation video...check it out share and support... let's motivation people never to give up @JMRFamelife itvid.net/video/video-UwZRJOMGIGk.html
Round About
Round About 20 giorni fa
Nie Niesha
Nie Niesha 20 giorni fa
Amazing 👏
M M 20 giorni fa
Hey Will... please stop. thanks!
Monkeybutt28 20 giorni fa
The music is just beautiful. Brings a tear to my eye
Silvana Jesus
Silvana Jesus 21 giorno fa
Sou sua fã Will ❤️meu sonho é te conhecer 😭
Remembrance Shingange
Larger than life!
Laila Andrews
Laila Andrews 22 giorni fa
Scary as hell
XEllie_BellX X
XEllie_BellX X 22 giorni fa
@willsmith watching you conquer your fears helped me face mine 😄 I’ve been scared of drop towers every since I was a kid but I was motivated by you and decided that today I would go on Falcons Fury and conquer my own fear lol thanks for challenging your audience and yourself to not be controlled by fear.
music lover
music lover 23 giorni fa
woah!! I’m not really surprised that he did it! But wow! Terrifying, exhilarating, crazy insane fun! How u gonna celebrate the next 50? 😂
내사랑뽐2 23 giorni fa
오홍 멋있다 ~
RB C 24 giorni fa
"Wow" is all he said!
Alex 24 giorni fa
Afuckingmazing!!! Will is my hero man.
Azzen Abidi
Azzen Abidi 25 giorni fa
AWESOME!!! the violin music sounds familiar. any info please? thanks
JR Mana
JR Mana 25 giorni fa
The meaning of this - *Life is very short* enjoy life people while you still can..
Batman Real
Batman Real 25 giorni fa
Hey will I still watch the fresh prince It's awsome please give me a shout out
TJM Matthews29
TJM Matthews29 26 giorni fa
great behind the scenes video of how the bungee jump went before and after, great job
Alexandria's World
Alexandria's World 26 giorni fa
Love the socks Will...
selfie kroos
selfie kroos 26 giorni fa
3:48 Carleton?!
Veronica Suarez
Veronica Suarez 26 giorni fa
Pure content
Giacomo Ferrario
Giacomo Ferrario 26 giorni fa
FROM: Encino, California GREAT JOB! Your neighbor, JH/GF US Army Veteran, Sgt. NATO
Jacqui Norwood
Jacqui Norwood 26 giorni fa
NerdyGal Art
NerdyGal Art 27 giorni fa
That was awesome 💯🙏🏻❤️. Can’t imagine the freedom and the after feeling!!
Sharon Mccrorey
Sharon Mccrorey 27 giorni fa
Happy 50th Will!!
Uri Sabat
Uri Sabat 27 giorni fa
You are an ICON!
pontiacGXPfan 27 giorni fa
this is just how Hilary's husband Trevor got scraped off the ground
Lacie Loo
Lacie Loo 28 giorni fa
I suffer from severe anxiety and watching you do this even though you were terrified is such an inspiration to me! I’m 27 years old and to this day my mom always tells me when I’m having my attacks.. “Do it afraid” because even if I’m scared I need to at least do the things I’m scared of. If I just live in my safe bubble then I’m wasting this life I was given.. even if I do it afraid I at least did it! I’m getting on my first plane ride in December.. my husband travels all the time for work and wants me to experience the places he’s been so I got to pick where my first flight will be and of course I chose the happiest place on earth.... Walt Disney World! If you can bungee jump from a helicopter I can at least muster the courage for a two hour plane ride! Thank you Will!
MiSsTER ApoSTaT 28 giorni fa
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SONNY ROCK 28 giorni fa
In West Philadelphia born and raised
Grabber s550
Grabber s550 28 giorni fa
Toaldo Pedroso
Toaldo Pedroso 28 giorni fa
Hi, what is the name of the violin song?
Azzen Abidi
Azzen Abidi 25 giorni fa
it sounds familiar to me. I will let you know once I find it
Paul Navarro
Paul Navarro 28 giorni fa
I have a dream to rent apartments to Veterans and other domestic violence victims men and women who are denied housing
masanyang da
masanyang da 28 giorni fa
Oh Will I know this is a C.G.I. “Challenge Gone Insane” thanks for the video man, you always motivate us and shows us that there is more to life.
Bre P
Bre P 29 giorni fa
bbc1 29 giorni fa
I wouldn’t have gotten into the copter...... 🚁. Its a height thing 😬☺️
Marylinn Salgado
Marylinn Salgado 29 giorni fa
Will Smith I love you!!!
Marylinn Salgado
Marylinn Salgado 29 giorni fa
“Ohhhhhhshit” while the classical music in the background is theeeee bessst lmao
Penguin Bitch Slap Ohh Yes
Hello Genie 😉
stephanie daigle
stephanie daigle 29 giorni fa
Wait... So where Is Yes Theory anyways!??... I kinda wish the video was longer and actualy included them ... Especialy since this day meant SOOOOOOOO MUCH to them!!!
Heidy Quiñonez
Heidy Quiñonez 29 giorni fa
Me gusta todo de ti eres genial Me encantaría verte en persona 😍😍😍😘
Madam O Tarot
Madam O Tarot 29 giorni fa
I am in love with your mind!
Gerald Dillard
Gerald Dillard 29 giorni fa
Can you meet Sadhguru Jagi for us? I know you have access. Old fan grow up with your sounds.
Erebus Anima
Erebus Anima Mese fa
The only thing this man can't accomplish is force talent into others........ lmao
Bromar Vids
Bromar Vids Mese fa
I grew up with you Will. Where is the rap? The most underrated rapper in the game, is will Smith. Nothing gets me going more than your flow. Same with many. If ya have time, do some music man. We're waiting.
Jake the Astronaut
This man is a true *Savage*
miguelito-.- Mese fa
Anyone else get some serious shark tale vibes from his scream? 💀
chiborn47 Mese fa
That's beautiful 😢 of joy
Angelina Gracia
It was my birthday that day September 25 2006
BV R Mese fa
TOMAS 17 Mese fa
Sos un kapo
Will has un video con el scorpion dorado en español seria epico ojala algun dia coincidan
watermelon bar
How are you fifty it took this quick
Ya boy Tom
Ya boy Tom Mese fa
I love you will smith
Vinicius Pittigliani Perego
That reminds me of Hilary's wannabe-fiancée in the Fresh Prince :D
Emily Hopper
Emily Hopper Mese fa
love you Will Smith
Mikala Washington
The anxiety I get from the moments he spent hanging from the edge of the helicopter are worse than the actual jump 🤢
I'm new to ur channel but I watch fresh prince of bel air
Reynoso Mamaso
Reynoso Mamaso
No sabes español
I remembered “Hancock”
Aldo Flores
Aldo Flores Mese fa
Siempre sere tu fan amigo! Un gran saludo Estas bien prendido jajaj yo nose si lo haría
Bobby Kaka
Bobby Kaka Mese fa
Bad boy bad boy
Isabella Salim
I thought the guy at 0:48 was Chandler from Friends
maryam Mese fa
Nice socks 😂✌
selam queen
selam queen Mese fa
Prossimi video