Will Smith’s Terrifying POV of the Helicopter Bungee Jump

Will Smith
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Before jumping out of a helicopter, Will Smith had a camera strapped to his wrist for a unique view into what he experienced hanging above the Grand Canyon.
Find out how the story started and see Yes Theory's challenge video:
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2 ott 2018




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Commenti 944
Rose Klea Cavalcante
como. o. dre. tá
?????????? 7 giorni fa
who else loves his scream
Best Beds
Best Beds 8 giorni fa
Will... have you ever tried doing the Wim Hof method?
Llama Lachie
Llama Lachie 29 giorni fa
*Ahaha* That’s high! That’s high.
Kevin Ko
Kevin Ko Mese fa
My video buffered at 1:50 Great timing.
Lil True
Lil True Mese fa
Anna Lopez
Anna Lopez Mese fa
It's rewind time! 0:00
Me gustaría que los vídeos tuvieran subtitulos Will Smith sería genial
philhersh Mese fa
Thank you Mr Smith that’s incredibly inspiring.
Adrian Borden
...feel the drift??
madix cult
madix cult Mese fa
Your a very brave man
POVHFR Videos 2 mesi fa
@1:43 That is totally a Will Smith scream though.
El Rinconcito - Jon Jon
the danger is real, fear is optional
Hello Hi
Hello Hi 2 mesi fa
Ahhhhhhh that’s hot
Queen Allene
Queen Allene 2 mesi fa
This is definitely going on my bucket list. Your awesome for doing this.
Quien dijo que will Smit era solo un actor
Сп Сп
Сп Сп 3 mesi fa
Ничего интересного.....Смит,подними планку,епт.......
Hello Will, great videos, your friend fidel meza dsede perú greets you and thank you for existing
daniel robas
daniel robas 3 mesi fa
Thats hot
ItsmeSmile 3 mesi fa
oh thats hot,, thats hot
Abhishek Sharma
Abhishek Sharma 3 mesi fa
Adrenaline Rush-feeling free- embracing life & death- ineffable mindset- joyous jump- experience that silence
Juegos y Mas!
Juegos y Mas! 3 mesi fa
What is the name of the song that plays at 2:40?
NATSU Dragnal
NATSU Dragnal 29 giorni fa
Me to i went to know tha name of song
Sophie 3 mesi fa
at 01:21 you can really see just how high up they are and oh my god that is so scary
Elvis Van
Elvis Van 3 mesi fa
_🌤3PM Dec 31 2018~_
Alexa Tavarez
Alexa Tavarez 3 mesi fa
Por qué no haces subtitulos en español para los que no saben inglés?
Parakram Rai
Parakram Rai 3 mesi fa
Datts H O T T
Shadow Playz
Shadow Playz 3 mesi fa
Did they forgot to untie the rope??
James Anderson
James Anderson 3 mesi fa
I hope he doesn't do a Trevor... If you know, you know😂😂
MithrandilPlays 3 mesi fa
YAW is rewind time. If I could control rewind, I would want fort-nite and Markass Brownlee
MithrandilPlays 3 mesi fa
No hate tho, you are not bad, just not organic on youtube
hhellohhello 3 mesi fa
When they say money can't buy you hapiness, I show that Will's channel. LOL
Knox Cool
Knox Cool 3 mesi fa
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ITvid rewind
Knox Cool
Knox Cool 3 mesi fa
You know what’s hot
John Adan
John Adan 3 mesi fa
Should be awesome 👏 😂👍
Tedi Bare
Tedi Bare 3 mesi fa
Did you do that without a parachute? If I did that that’s what I what do, let go and parachute down
Joseph Harmon
Joseph Harmon 3 mesi fa
You should get your A license and start skydiving man. The tandem jump is just the tip o the iceberg when it comes to skydiving.
Samuel XD
Samuel XD 3 mesi fa
Like si bienes por badabum
Cesar Reyes
Cesar Reyes 3 mesi fa
Y los españoles
K.C 3 mesi fa
I can do anything and still not jump out of a helicopter lol
Afong 4 mesi fa
It's like an umbilical cord and he just got born! 😅☺️😊
C & J Clipz
C & J Clipz 4 mesi fa
Aw that’s hot. THAT’s hot.
Beadly 4 mesi fa
thats hot
Stefanella Sizzarettia
‘i ain’t no bungee expert but I don’t think he’s supposed to be smacking into the ground like that’ Where my Fresh Prince fans at 👊🏿
Bok Choy
Bok Choy 4 mesi fa
Damn, that's hot
talentos Desconhecidos
All i can think about that scream is him playing oscar in shark tales lol
Darri 4 mesi fa
2:04 *That's hot, that's hot.*
Hi TUBERS 4 mesi fa
I am Donald Trump and this is fake news
JOE BLACK 4 mesi fa
rodrigo _
rodrigo _ 4 mesi fa
Loud BoiBoiBoi
Loud BoiBoiBoi 4 mesi fa
Now this is a story all about how, I went bungee jumping
c rokoroko
c rokoroko 4 mesi fa
Ali Yılmaz
Ali Yılmaz 4 mesi fa
Oğlum allah için tek din islam dır allah sadece islam yardım eder
Texas Made Born N Raised
Hancock should’ve flew up and made the helicopter bungee jump off of him
Smol Fly
Smol Fly 4 mesi fa
I live in Arizona, when I get older %100 percent gonna go jump the Grand canyon
Em Hathaway
Em Hathaway 4 mesi fa
Who else came from yes theory and loves Will?!!
Brandon Fisher
Brandon Fisher 4 mesi fa
Great way to celebrate your birthday! :)
Ronald James
Ronald James 4 mesi fa
Will I am so proud of you brother. It’s SO good to see you fearless and squeezing every bit of life out of everything you do. I’d bless and keep going. Be fearless on your own terms bro. Love ya man.
Mike Lesesne
Mike Lesesne 4 mesi fa
Edgar Gasparyan
Edgar Gasparyan 4 mesi fa
Real. Man
Александр Шалин
You're cool
Дарина Филатова
Súper Paqui Gójar
Avery's world
Avery's world 4 mesi fa
OMG WILL SMITH!!!!!???!!!!!?
ارت هوم Art Home
انا معرفش اكتب إنجليزي بس حبيت اقولك ان انا من أشد المعجبين بيك و بافلامك . بالتوفيق و فى تقديم مستمر ومن نجاح الى نجاح .
Iacopo Cutino
Iacopo Cutino 5 mesi fa
Why he's doing that? He want to be a stuntman now?
Itz Ase
Itz Ase 5 mesi fa
Hi Will Smith. My mom met you a long time ago and showed you a pic on Instagram. Make sure you respond back. 😀
Mariam Vargas Rodríguez
Wow this is awesome!
Miss Random
Miss Random 5 mesi fa
Hi random scroll person have an amazing day
Ben 5 mesi fa
No hesitation when jumping off
ณฐภัทร พานจำนงค์
Nuurdeen Elmi
Nuurdeen Elmi 5 mesi fa
BRUH! Is that Oscar from Shark Take screaming? 😭
Cristhy Jou
Cristhy Jou 5 mesi fa
loco pirata
loco pirata 5 mesi fa
You are a great person, you limit yourself, and you show it every day that age does not matter, everything can be done !!!! a huge hug from Argentina !!!!!
Troy Crith ll
Troy Crith ll 5 mesi fa
Holipu getlen l r9 in em
Lokki Kokki
Lokki Kokki 5 mesi fa
Feels like a Spiderman
Cameron Magee
Cameron Magee 5 mesi fa
will Will Smith smith Will Smith
Leslie Macias
Leslie Macias 5 mesi fa
Jon Pascasio
Jon Pascasio 5 mesi fa
Buried Alien
Buried Alien 5 mesi fa
The Real Life Hancock!😂
Tony Jones
Tony Jones 5 mesi fa
Happy belated birthday Will Smith
Dai Khairai
Dai Khairai 5 mesi fa
i have to wonder though if your hearts beat rapidly increasing to such a high degree breaks up debris in your veins? maybe its good keep from having a heart attack later on down the line, in exchange for a few dozen little heart attacks throughout your life. maybe next time write a question to the grime reaper on a note card, right after the jump see if you got a response most alive on the brink of death right?
Dai Khairai
Dai Khairai 5 mesi fa
probably around 3 weeks of preparation for a 20 second drop and a few minutes of screaming on the end of a bungee line, doubt i'd be much different aside from the screaming I'd just freeze up and people think i was dead. will looked like he was really having fun though.. meanwhile if you listen carefully when you bungee jump theres a part of your brain thats screaming at you thats your survival instinct and it just gave you an F- in decision making and an A+ in NOT DYING..the more important portion of the grading system. but hey it looked COOL :)
punkmtv 5 mesi fa
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ALIEN 5 mesi fa
Hola como estan
ALIEN 5 mesi fa
PatoXG [S151]
PatoXG [S151] 5 mesi fa
diablos señorito :v
Jhonatan Gonzalez
Saludos desde colombia
Saul Nicolas Felix
The evil within song
carlos ramirez
carlos ramirez 5 mesi fa
Will si que sabe cómo divertirse! Lol
Cuetzpalli Lopez
Like si vienés de tucosmopolis
Los Bro
Los Bro 5 mesi fa
Tu cosmopolis?
black boot troop
Good people are why we can still live as we do.
Litness Edits
Litness Edits 5 mesi fa
Kimmy Gibbler from Full House 0:25
Raymond Leggs
Raymond Leggs 5 mesi fa
Whooooooooooooo! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!
Avengers İnfinity war
😂😂😂😂😂 i love you Will Smith
Jah-Jah Jackson
Jah-Jah Jackson 5 mesi fa
Mr. Smith, first, I would like to congratulate on being Will Smith, and also say, thank you for being an amazing influence in the media. Apropos, I am writing to you today, to ask.. Did diving backwards out of a helicopter in flight get you to publicly release a clip of you swearing on mic, for the first time?
The L
The L 5 mesi fa
#Will Smith
omar carrasco
omar carrasco 5 mesi fa
I need the name of the song!
Azzen Abidi
Azzen Abidi 5 mesi fa
bach - air
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