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Without You - Lana Del Rey Lyrics

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10 mag 2012




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FreeDom Fighter
the most beautiful song by lana del rey and one of the best ever
Csaba Szasz
Csaba Szasz 14 ore fa
I really don't know why people are comparing wildest dreams with this masterpiece. The chorus doesn't seem all that much alike. Maybe a resemblence but the words and the rhytm is different. To me this song and wildest dreams doesn't compare at all. In this one its like a beautiful woman is hugging me. In wildest dreams is just a little naive girl not knowing what she is into. Thats the difference
Pasta Jendeuki
Pasta Jendeuki 2 giorni fa
A música é da Lana, mas só tem Taylor nos comentários, vcs são podres
marvelswift 4 giorni fa
this sounds nothing like wildest dreams lmao
tea Spills
tea Spills 19 giorni fa
Taylor copied Lana on her song "Wildest Dreams"
Naiyarah Domingue
Naiyarah Domingue 19 giorni fa
Could we just enjoy Lana and let the people who like Taylor swift listen to her in peace? I mean the songs aren't even that similar
Brenna 20 giorni fa
2019 anyone!!???
TaylorSwift Nation
TaylorSwift Nation 21 giorno fa
Don't know why everyone blaming Taylor for having her WD a very tiny small part similar to this song. Camilla, Little mix,Beyonce, Ariana copied their entire melody and everyone easily forgets it
Urška Videnšek
Urška Videnšek 28 giorni fa
by the lyrics she seems really codependent
Marcelo Pessoa
Marcelo Pessoa 29 giorni fa
✨Amazing song singer❕⭐️👑⭐️💛👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
unknown unknown
Patricia Divina
Love this
Lulu 2018
Lulu 2018 Mese fa
Lana saying dope
Van Kawdiøderbh
Dia 01-01-2019 as 01:34 madrugada e eu aqui ouvindo essa mulher maravilhosa!
Ewellina Bojarczuk
I Love tour music
Dylan Aurianz
Dylan Aurianz 2 mesi fa
Yall got mad cause of Taylor, let me tell you something...... Stay pressed
Li 2 mesi fa
dashie's bbgurl
dashie's bbgurl 2 mesi fa
Reggie & Frances
Iza K
Iza K 2 mesi fa
"I've nothing without you", not 'I am nothing', Lana would never write something so inappropiate for a young girls who listen her music
aql 2 mesi fa
Iza K but she does lol
Mystique Francisco
She looks like Catriona Grey, Miss Philippines
XAE 3 mesi fa
i can't believe y'all are so disgusting bashing Taylor just because of a tiny melody resemblance of basically seconds in the chorus. It was just a coincidence. Both artist are great. Like literally every artist this happens too.
Emma 3 mesi fa
Smh half of the lyrics are wrong. Don't make lyric videos if you can't even get the lyrics right.
Brian Jolly
Brian Jolly 3 mesi fa
Taylor Swift totally ripped this off to make Wildest Dreams
Paige L
Paige L 3 mesi fa
I honestly wondered why I liked wildest dreams so much
Luli Luminari
Luli Luminari 3 mesi fa
hermosa mi amor presiosa venis seguido por aca diosa
Bangstan 3 mesi fa
i love this song!!!
Rujay Cunningham
Love love love
dadı dadı
dadı dadı 3 mesi fa
kelimeler içinde dans ediyorum.
Hatice Nur
Hatice Nur 4 mesi fa
nadia rawat
nadia rawat 4 mesi fa
why does wildest dreams by taylor swift sounds like this song
Stella Kind
Stella Kind 4 mesi fa
Its a MAN
Nicolas Simon
Nicolas Simon 4 mesi fa
Love! Fã 9 anos
detectiveyoshi 4 mesi fa
Somehow this song reminds me of my father whom passed away even though I know it's about a love story.. Still listened to this song a lot when my father died and cried my eyes out haha. Thank you Lana!
blamegoogleforallowingmetohavethislongname Yaoi!
A great pain to love it is and t'is a pain that pain to miss. But the biggest of all pains it is to love, but in vain.
this matc
this matc 5 mesi fa
LYRİCS... Everything I want I have Money, notoriety and riviera I even think I found God In the flashbulbs of the Pretty cameras Pretty cameras Pretty cameras Am I glamorous? Tell me am I glamorous? Hello, hello ca-can you hear me? I can be your China doll If you want to see me fall You're so good Your love is deadly Tell me life is beautiful They all think I have it all I'm nothing, without you All my dreams And all the lights mean Nothing without you Summertime is nice and hot And my life is sweet like vanilla is Gold and silver line my heart But brand into my brain Are these stolen images Stolen images baby stolen images Can you picture it babe the life we could've lived Hello, hello? Ca-can you hear me? I can be your China doll if you want to see me fall Boy, you're so dope Your love is deadly Tell me life is beautiful They all think I have it all I'm nothing without you All my dreams and all the lights mean Nothing without you We were two kids, just tryin' to get out Live on the dark side of the American dream We would dance all night, play our music loud When we grew up, nothing was what it seemed Hello? Hello? C-can you hear me? I can be your China doll If you like to see me fall Boy, you're so dope Your love is deadly Tell me life is beautiful They think that I have it all I'm nothing without you All my dreams and all the lights mean Nothing without you Hello? Hello? C-can you hear me? I can be your China doll If you like to see me fall Boy, you're so dope Your love is deadly Tell me life is beautiful They think that I have it all I'm nothing without you All my dreams and all the lights mean Nothing without you All my dreams and all the lights mean Nothing if I can't have you
iara Colt
iara Colt 5 mesi fa
It's might be coincidence but it's nothing like wildest dreams
Kim Namjoon
Kim Namjoon 5 mesi fa
Did Taylor sample this song or no? I'm really asking. I love both Lana and Taylor. And I'm sorry if my english is bad I'm not native☹
Ana Luiza
Ana Luiza 5 mesi fa
The spectre e dark side muita coincidência
Mellie 5 mesi fa
I listened to Wildest Dreams for the first time today and I just kept thinking "This sounds like Lana..." Hahahaha.
this song is so good
doğa tunç
doğa tunç 5 mesi fa
bitch lana .she stole this chords form taylor.
The Lucky Purse
+doğa tunç No offense, I love both artist, but actually this song might be written before wildest dream because the demo of this song is finished since 2012(it leaked on June 7 too), and the record of "Wildest Dream" was done in 2014.
doğa tunç
doğa tunç 5 mesi fa
no this song was out in 2015 and wildest dreams was out in 2012 .your wrong or your blind so you cant see that how bitch lana is.
Ricky 5 mesi fa
Am killing myself to this song
Michael Archbold
Her song lust for life has the exact same chorus.
Joerg Federmann Composition
I dont get it...analyzing songs for more than 10years.. i love lana...but...tell me where is the comparison between this song and wildest dreams?? Its 2 totally different works.
Mohamed ben awena
wild,cat T
wild,cat T 6 mesi fa
☯️🕎☪️⚛️🔙🎭🎼🕯️ for whatever it's worth good day goodbye no comment✒️🎨🖼️🌈💰📸🎫⚡️⛱️
House Of Ayala
House Of Ayala 6 mesi fa
A dumbass transcribed the lyrics
rolezeiro da quebrada
Se tiver algum br da gostei no comentário
Brody Krieg
Brody Krieg 6 mesi fa
Half of these lyrics are wrong
Rhys P
Rhys P 6 mesi fa
I really hope Lana didn’t copy Taylor :(
Rhys P
Rhys P 6 mesi fa
fitrianny yunus oh
fitrianny yunus
fitrianny yunus 6 mesi fa
Rhys P he/she mean,Taylor is copying lana
Rhys P
Rhys P 6 mesi fa
mikail 29 ??
XAE 7 mesi fa
yeah I kinda hear the similarities in the chorus but still it's not that significant. People saying that Taylor is trying to be Lana are just fucking dumb cause Taylor was singing like that long before Lana was discovered. Taylor is unbothered selling over 200+ records WW and worth $320M. Y'all hate her so much... and it's sad.
Antonio 7 mesi fa
Lyrics are wrong in multiple spots
Hell , yeah Hell , nope
bla bla
bla bla 7 mesi fa
in any context, lana is better than taylor
Alif Hussainy
Alif Hussainy 7 mesi fa
Both wildest dreams and this don't even sound the same smh
Heather Eudy
Heather Eudy 7 mesi fa
Lana you're a total babe.
Ben-Laden Bernanke
Why does so many people try to do a BAD LIPS READING to so many of her songs? It's not like every song has some subliminally dangerous or hurtful message? Even I don't believe that. Really, they're all pretty bad in that department. I wander how many people have "offed themselves" to Summertime Sadness. And she has a song bargaing about how she "bleeped her way to the top." When you see her less radio-played songs (because they are overtly vulgar) you see that she is really a sophisticated version of Kesha without bragging about drinking blood, hitting on homeless people and getting kicked out of restaurants and night clubs for starting fights. KE$HA is the product of a single-mom from LA with Honkytonk Dreams in Nashville and Lana Del Rey is from the prestigious Grant Family (both parents intact) from the upper-east side.
Alfred Carignano
È pieno di errori...
purplecil 202
purplecil 202 7 mesi fa
this sounds like sad by xxxtentacion - Rip X
Luke McLaren
Luke McLaren 8 mesi fa
This does not sound like wildest dreams.
Veronica Subliminals
thesecond 8 mesi fa
This song if she knew it or not was inspired by East 17.
Superu Chic
Superu Chic 8 mesi fa
I have a borderline obsession with lana. Her music is so dark but they just do something to me every time i hear her sing. I love her love love love
Abigail Stein
Abigail Stein 8 mesi fa
These captions are incorrect at times 😂
Retrologist 8 mesi fa
628 dislikes from Taylor Swift
Yami B
Yami B 8 mesi fa
I didn't even realize the similarity before i read the comments. Both the artists are absolutely diff and their songs are both pleasing in a different way. I bet if wildest dreams would be released first then this drama would not happen because Taylor is the one bashed for everything she does and always is on the receiving end.
Gavlyyy Jenxx
Gavlyyy Jenxx 8 mesi fa
Lana who? TAY !, Lana who? TAY !, Taylor !!!
Animax 8 mesi fa
Osmar Junior
Osmar Junior 8 mesi fa
i love this song so fucking much
Renee Cooke
Renee Cooke 8 mesi fa
so many errors in these lyrics
sphephelo mkhumbuzi
there are gods and monsters bt LANA_ is ALLMIGHTY
Alexandra Dun
Alexandra Dun 8 mesi fa
O iubesc
Limp Noodle
Limp Noodle 8 mesi fa
Mariah Avila
Mariah Avila 9 mesi fa
Lana Del Rey is life
100% Ekkologico
100% Ekkologico 9 mesi fa
Ah vou me matar kkkk olha isso mano da nao :'(
This was uploaded on my birthday
Electra 9 mesi fa
Lana’s music literally moves me. This song makes me feel so much. Lana is life!
Nothando Natacia
(T)uck taylor swift
Luke Griffith
Luke Griffith 9 mesi fa
Man, Lana has her own sound down sharp as a whip
just another wallflower
OMG. I heard this for the first time...And well love it. Lana is great. I'm a swiftie ...💔 Wildest dreams is clearly a rip off though
Christian Boulay
Christian Boulay 10 mesi fa
Lot's of lyric errors. It's "If you LIKE to see me fall...Boy you're so dope.", "Everything I want, I have, money, notoriety, AND Riviera's." "In the flash bulbs of THE pretty cameras, pretty cameras, pretty cameras. Am I glamorous, TELL ME, AM I glamorous. Hello, hello..."
Zainab Ali
Zainab Ali 10 mesi fa
Every freakin person here who is commenting that taylor copied this song, get ur eyes checked bc Taylor's wildest dreams came 2 years ago and this song came 1 year ago. Guess now we know who copied who and stop talking shit about Taylor!!! OMG u guys are ridiculous
Kat kat
Kat kat 9 mesi fa
Zainab Ali I was listening to this song in 2012. Check your sources please.
Denise Sir Ritter
#Hello2018 it's not #Adele it's #LanaDelRay2018 🤗
QAUI Attera
QAUI Attera 10 mesi fa
I am nothing without you, baby can u picture it, the life we could have lived, girl your so dope, your love is deadly but still I'm nothing if I can't have you. But
a countach
a countach 10 mesi fa
damn, that chorus gives me goosebumps
Anne Catherine Orea Tennant
your ultraviolence.. shoes.. too
Chris Fitzgerald
Chris Fitzgerald 10 mesi fa
Taylor swift-10 Grammys, 280 million $ net worth Lana del rey- 0 Grammys, 12 million dollars net worth The numbers speak for themselves Taylor> Lana 🤷🏻‍♀️
Dereck Del rey**
Dereck Del rey** 10 mesi fa
Lubna Naurin
Lubna Naurin 10 mesi fa
*Wildest dreams is wayyyyy better than this boring song*
Twnty one Chemical pilots
As much as I love Taylor I gotta admit wildest dreams is nothing compared to this masterpiece
tonyhawkarg 11 mesi fa
C-Can you hear me?
Mahak Punjabi
Mahak Punjabi 11 mesi fa
Lol Stop Talking bad about Taylor. She told that Wildest dreams was inspired by Lana
tony macintosh
tony macintosh 11 mesi fa
i am nothing without you...
Mariah Avila
Mariah Avila 11 mesi fa
I love her
Funny moments of Life
2018 ??! (Subscribe ME :P) Cuz My channel is nothing without SUBSCRIBE ... :-)
Alex Tay
Alex Tay 11 mesi fa
This song sucks! Wildest Dreams is so much better than this shit!
Arthur 1985
Arthur 1985 11 mesi fa
itvid.net/video/video-pMwOBXBrT-4.html My version of the without you (cover)
h4wk3yes 11 mesi fa
Be my china doll pls
alex henry
alex henry 11 mesi fa
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