Women Try Fashion Nova Formal Wear

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"You look like the dancing emoji."
Get their looks:
Love Struck dress $34.99
Amelia Twist Front Maxi Dress $29.99
Ballroom Tulle dress $69.99
Sugar free dress $32.99
Up and counting rainbow jumpsuit $29.99
Cardi party dress $49.99
Chasin' love ruffle dress $39.99
Silver Soul Sequin Jumpsuit $49.99
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10 nov 2018

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Commenti 366
As/Is 6 mesi fa
Get their looks; Love Struck dress $34.99 bzfd.it/2AY79KX Amelia Twist Front Maxi Dress $29.99 bzfd.it/2QrZvxI Ballroom Tulle dress $69.99 bzfd.it/2DcksZH Sugar free dress $32.99 bzfd.it/2JRqUXq Up and counting rainbow jumpsuit $29.99 bzfd.it/2OxDvzD Cardi party dress $49.99 bzfd.it/2DwsQV4 Chasin' love ruffle dress $39.99 bzfd.it/2qCNESl Silver Soul Sequin Jumpsuit $49.99 bzfd.it/2zEl6vL We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.
Lauren O
Lauren O 6 mesi fa
Yes, we get it.
Alem & Amir
Alem & Amir 3 mesi fa
*Simplynaillogical has left the chat*
Life With Lulu
Life With Lulu 3 mesi fa
who else got an asmr ad
LovelyMayhem 4 mesi fa
First time watching this channel .. and man Charlyn you skin is stunningly glowing.
BubblegumPink00 4 mesi fa
After 1:31 I realized that I am NOT bored enough to watch a bunch of lame broads critic CHEAP garments.
Apryl’s Page
Apryl’s Page 4 mesi fa
They look like Ross or TJ Maxx style dresses. Cheap thin material for a “look”! Def. Paid sponsorship
King Alpha
King Alpha 4 mesi fa
A vast majority of females nowadays refuse to dress with modesty and decency. Dressing like prostitutes and strippers is not of God. It's absolutely ridiculous that some females feel the need to refuse biblical instructions for dressing appropriately; they have no shame. When Jesus returns; where will you be in the Lord?
Joshua Carvajal
Joshua Carvajal 4 mesi fa
Why do women age so horribly & they own race converts 2 them hating the BlEsSeD white meat...🤣😂 That’s all they can do is clap away...😅🙊🤦🏻‍♂️
Zizi G
Zizi G 4 mesi fa
R u trying to copy safia
Jasreen Singh
Jasreen Singh 5 mesi fa
Where's the diversity?
Unseen but Well Heard
You can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig
Online Rn
Online Rn 5 mesi fa
TheConcho75 5 mesi fa
Theses outfits were cute!!!🔥👏
Jesse Vega
Jesse Vega 5 mesi fa
Circulo Infantil El Mambisito
me encantan
Ken Nechee
Ken Nechee 6 mesi fa
💿💿💿 #💿💿💿💿 💿💿💿 #💿💿💿💿 *Jesus Christ is the Son of God & promises you eternal life if you simply believe Him.* *He promised to also heal your body. (Just ask Him)*
Leland Sumner
Leland Sumner 6 mesi fa
Melissa Torres
Melissa Torres 6 mesi fa
The quality of this video with the panning up/down and out was horrible. I had to stop watching. As is or whatever they are have gone down significantly.
avaleste 6 mesi fa
5 minutes and 13 seconds of women hyping up other women and i'm so here for it
Akshara Kumar
Akshara Kumar 6 mesi fa
5 minutes of women complimenting each other..club bathroom wholesome
Josefa Rojas
Josefa Rojas 6 mesi fa
lo numero del día de hoy 18 11 2018
Grace Johnson
Grace Johnson 6 mesi fa
that girl's dreads are everything
diamond sarah
diamond sarah 6 mesi fa
Ryan Carpenter
Ryan Carpenter 6 mesi fa
I thought her locks were real, bummer!!!!
Ryan Carpenter
Ryan Carpenter 6 mesi fa
Ryan Carpenter
Ryan Carpenter 6 mesi fa
they have horrible taste.. Fashion Nova has some grand items
Lara Wolf
Lara Wolf 6 mesi fa
3:58 “i think that is an amazing price for thaaaat” ugh stop, be honest, these clothes are not formal wear. please stop🙄
french1375 6 mesi fa
As usual for plus size women, the "go to" is always a wrap dress. Come on!! There are other options!
Taurean Diamond
Taurean Diamond 6 mesi fa
Whooo Lord have Mercy. Those dresses are a mess. I mean not really the dresses but you guys and your body type do not match the dresses
Estefany Diaz
Estefany Diaz 6 mesi fa
I want a part 2 !!!
Ruffdogg21 6 mesi fa
How did these Moesha extras make the trending page?
Majestic Dark Horse
I'm exhausted. Pardon, you all have a lot of free time, we can use a lot of volunteers at the "Big Sister Program" with homework, test preps, etc... You know, Bible, Titus 2: 3-5 required help.
notachibisuke 6 mesi fa
The red and green dresses the one lady got looked... exactly... the same.... ?????
Ruthy Bap
Ruthy Bap 6 mesi fa
Token white person?
Katherine 6 mesi fa
Fashion Nova is a terrible Brand. Their customer service is Non- Existent. They make it impossible to get a refund and will argue that they didn't receive your returned item even though you have the tracking # to prove it. And their clothing quality is GARBAGE. SMH....
teeahrahahnet 6 mesi fa
I was literally looking for address on there for an event. Perfect timing.
jbangelofdeath 6 mesi fa
the outfit #1 most expensive is a horrible fit... the breast-portion is like... have the designers ever seen it on a person?
Somebody actually
The clothes were horrible. It's like they picked the ugliest items they could find to wear.
Shilow Dawn
Shilow Dawn 6 mesi fa
Justnputvthe fat one in a sheet. She can't look good in anything. Where would one wear these fancy things anyway? Proms r It for formal accept weddings and sexy is not the ticket 4 those.
Luz Badillo
Luz Badillo 6 mesi fa
Look cheap.
NeoKenni Me
NeoKenni Me 6 mesi fa
Seems interesting. I'd like to find out more about it.
Harmaa 6 mesi fa
Morgan do u wanna do something about that teeth or nah?
Gabbi Durham
Gabbi Durham 6 mesi fa
This should have a paid promotion banner in the vid
A A 6 mesi fa
Nope !
Imari Joy
Imari Joy 6 mesi fa
These pieces are tacky and not styled right at all
Gero Merca
Gero Merca 6 mesi fa
Yeah girls get some men out of mgtow
Lauren O
Lauren O 6 mesi fa
I’m assuming the dresses were all free for this video
Fanta 6 mesi fa
Fashion Nova aka Hoe wear
Katya Carmichael
2:56 😂😂😂
Sweets Hunni Bunni
Design looks cheap
Adnan A
Adnan A 6 mesi fa
If only there was Fashion Nova for men.
click my picture
I wish Cardi could try some on for us, she loves fashion nova
Tsunauticus THE CLOWN III
When did she🅱️oons become women?
Misfit Graves
Misfit Graves 6 mesi fa
Look like men
Emily Campbell
Emily Campbell 6 mesi fa
The plus size options on here did not do the web site justice. There are a ton of really beautiful options online. From xs to 3x.
Reallity 6 mesi fa
Two fatties and some black chicks and one of them needs to see a dentist. Lmfao. Where they find these people? KFC?
Francita007 K
Francita007 K 6 mesi fa
I wish they would send me my order!! Damn Fashion Nova!!
Katherine 6 mesi fa
Good luck. Their customer service is non existent
Joshua Mirfanda
Joshua Mirfanda 6 mesi fa
Did anyone recognise the background music from mamrie hart and colleen ballinger: swagger pants.?
Alexia Rogers
Alexia Rogers 6 mesi fa
New girls on the block??💖
Tazhie Nunurbusinezz
Let the 5 minute 14 second commercial begin...
Saf did it better
Lana Adams
Lana Adams 6 mesi fa
Why do they support companies like this whose products are made unethically and not environmentally friendly.
Grace Orick
Grace Orick 6 mesi fa
Hey dear, How are you? Hope you are doing well :) This is www.rosewe.com/, I’m a member of PR team for socail media. I happened to see your youtube channel and was really impressed. It seems that you really enjoy showing off your sense of cutting-edge style, and amazing make up looks. So i’d like to invite you to our Fashionista Program. We can provide you with amazing free items!! If you're interested,please contact me via this email: Grace@rosewe.com I can show you more details !! Have a nice day! Best wishes.
Ceceliaa 6 mesi fa
Medieval styles need to come back soon
T W 6 mesi fa
Why would I want to look like a $2 hooker?
Nini N.
Nini N. 6 mesi fa
Any similar websites like fashion nova
M I 6 mesi fa
Jesa A
Jesa A 6 mesi fa
Fashion nova sucks. You can't cancel your order even when it hasn't been processed and their customer service is the worst
jason R
jason R 6 mesi fa
Women? No you mean just girls of color try things lol
Rauldoesgaming 6 mesi fa
Should I start a fashionnova 2???
Lola Gonzales
Lola Gonzales 6 mesi fa
Where broke girls shop to catch a man with money lol
Jasmine kuwonu
Jasmine kuwonu 6 mesi fa
I love fashion Nova but... These are personally not my style
Violet Rain
Violet Rain 6 mesi fa
The lady with the glasses picked the ugliest dress she could find.
brella 6 mesi fa
Ok they totally got this idea from Saf
Maria Mrm
Maria Mrm 6 mesi fa
My problem with fashion nova is that they don’t offer sizes for is tall girls!!! I bought some awesome jeans from there that fit me perfectly.............but they pretty much could have been capris because they don’t size things in long. :(((
plus size teranae loves hauls
Love me some Fashion nova
Sarah K
Sarah K 6 mesi fa
none of these were cute.
renee proud/ARMY
I love fashion Nova but they never get here on time
Taco Bella
Taco Bella 6 mesi fa
The girl with dreads is STUNNING
Charlyn Buchanan
TacoBella ❤️
Linsha Kimberley
mightybfool C
mightybfool C 6 mesi fa
I actually like the white dress
Gemma Elliott
Gemma Elliott 6 mesi fa
These gals are gorg but fast fashion is polluting the planet :(
Valentine 6 mesi fa
the material and sewing looks so cheap ;; we really gotta stop hyping all these fast fashion places
Valentine 6 mesi fa
lmao fashion nova got advertising on buzzfeed now cause they already bought all of instagram
Nabil Villamil
Nabil Villamil 6 mesi fa
oh snapp check this outitvid.net/video/video-LLqvir1DdFw.html
Carlisha Robinson
These outfits remind me of the clearance rack with all of the old outdated stuff that no one wants when you go into a store that if youre lucky you may find a cute top you can make work. And I have bought from fashion nova and love their jeans but these dresses give me cheap thrift store vibes.
Laura Haines
Laura Haines 6 mesi fa
Please can you use more ethical clothing stores! Fast fashion is such a huge issue for human rights and the environment. It's also a feminist issue since most garment workers are women and they don't get paid a living wage when they work for companies like Fashion Nova. Please, please will you give some airtime to ethical fashion!
Walking Paradox
Walking Paradox 6 mesi fa
Maybe you should take a break from the internet.
Ebru 6 mesi fa
Exactly! That was all I could think about during the video
Rap Instrumentals & Beats - Lil Matrix Beats
Black women are so beautiful.
miller torrez
miller torrez 6 mesi fa
Karma .Bitch
Karma .Bitch 6 mesi fa
Yay! Cheap awful outfits to keep the wheel of underpaid eastern workers sewing 20 hours a day for a 50cents spinning!!! 🤗 can’t wait till I get my next package of terribly sewn spandex crap!
Larry Cung
Larry Cung 6 mesi fa
I honestly don't understand how ITvid structure their "trendy" videos.
Dhamayanti Setiadi
Instantly love Charlyn! 😍
Emiry 6 mesi fa
Fashion nova has the worst customer service and basically scams all their customers.....
Kati P
Kati P 6 mesi fa
Am i the only on who though this whole video was cheaply done? Especially for buzzfeed?
Savannah Jenkins
Do not believe the hype. I just got my FashionNova clothes yesterday. I was super disappointed about how cheap the clothes looked, they were not sewn right, AND they gave me a incorrect item. Plus the customer service is terrible! Spend your money elsewhere ladies and gents.
Aquarian Beauty
Aquarian Beauty 6 mesi fa
So I won’t be shopping there! 😂
Pelo MK
Pelo MK 6 mesi fa
The white dress is gorgeous.
JJP boi
JJP boi 6 mesi fa
Project zorgo is watching
Anna Seda
Anna Seda 6 mesi fa
The rouched is my dream cello performance attire! Sad it’s sold out of medium sizes
Racer X
Racer X 6 mesi fa
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