World’s Largest Alligator! Lakeland, Florida - My Search For “GODZILLA” of Circle B Park, Wild Gator

Tampa Jay
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The World’s Largest Alligator “Godzilla” has been spotted in Lakeland, Florida at Circle B Bar Reserve Park, Polk County. This is Florida's real Gatorland and I'm about to track down this "humpback" Gator the size of a SUV. The locals call him “Godzilla” Please join me as I go searching for the largest alligator you may ever see! There is much ahead.

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26 mar 2019




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Commenti 100
Tampa Jay
Tampa Jay 6 giorni fa
T.L Hill
T.L Hill 13 ore fa
Didn't some lady get snatched off a trail by a gator this year in Florida? People don't realize they can move extremely fast for a short distance on land. A Kracker is white boy in a Florida hood, it use to be the guy with a whip on a cattle drive.
Matthew Neary
Matthew Neary 2 giorni fa
I have spent countless saturday mornings out there and come across many gators of this size or similar. Gators over 10' are quite common on lake hancock, i would suggest going back a few times you will see one.
SIMPLYAUDIA ! 3 giorni fa
This is the park behind my school lol
Allen Folmar
Allen Folmar 5 giorni fa
I seen one in circle bbar idk if it was is but it looked wayyyy bigger than that
Debra Reel
Debra Reel 6 giorni fa
It fat
Pretty five Hundred name
He literally bothers nobody,was able to see him twice...I live close and go there a lot. You leave him and you will not become an appitzer...
Tampa Jay
Tampa Jay 7 giorni fa
Would love to live close by. Thank you for watching :-)
HG Don - Home Is Where Trees Are -
I’ve seen this on the news couple of days ago. It’s nice to see this in my community. 🌱
Olympic880 9 giorni fa
It really looks like CGI so fake
Tampa Jay
Tampa Jay 8 giorni fa
It’s real
OTB Cliff
OTB Cliff 9 giorni fa
There’s bigger gators in the lake that boarders this park. The lakes name is Hancock and my buddy gets his gator tags for this lake quite often.
Wendy Domino
Wendy Domino 11 giorni fa
I loved the video
stanislav 182000
stanislav 182000 11 giorni fa
Little croc eats shrimps in Sri-Lanka itvid.net/video/video-laOmZHlgJ2c.html
Roseliza Nheik
Roseliza Nheik 13 giorni fa
Someone found him and killed him . Sad news.
Tampa Jay
Tampa Jay 13 giorni fa
Roseliza Nheik Thank you so so much for sharing this with me
Roseliza Nheik
Roseliza Nheik 13 giorni fa
@Tampa Jay well now they took the hash tag off and removed the screenshot of the alligator news off their post
Roseliza Nheik
Roseliza Nheik 13 giorni fa
@Tampa Jay im not quite sure if it'll show but here is the FB post. m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2046467055484911&id=100003649088393
Tampa Jay
Tampa Jay 13 giorni fa
That is so sad. I’ve heard this story before but I can never confirm it. I am trying to find any kind of media sources or news articles about the pouching. If you are anyone know of any could you please email them to me or send them to my Facebook. I’d really appreciate it. Thank you for watching. I aim to tell the story of this happened.
Костя Пак
Костя Пак 15 giorni fa
It is extremely dangerous to handle wildlife in parks
Andreas Freij
Andreas Freij 17 giorni fa
I think THE gator is racist
Jordan Housen
Jordan Housen 18 giorni fa
I remember my school had a field trip here
TREY SONGZ Is so fine
Awww it’s so cute 😭
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts 21 giorno fa
U r in the middle of the state and west a lil from the center of the state. Its not called the south of the state.
Tampa Jay
Tampa Jay 21 giorno fa
Northeastbaseball 22 giorni fa
Don't Eat Me Bro.
Koomakid 24 giorni fa
1:29 look in the middle of the water is that another one
Stacie Green
Stacie Green 25 giorni fa
"It's very secluded, and quiet... A little too quiet." LMFAO!!!!🤣🤣🤣 Seriously dude??? We're just going to start throwing out cliches now??? 🙄🙄🙄 Fine... Whatever.
juan reveles
juan reveles 25 giorni fa
It always surprises me how people casually go for walk in places known to have wildlife with no form of protection. Then they blame the animals for attacking them. lol
Susu Bn
Susu Bn 26 giorni fa
I can’t believe scp 682 breaches again
ANA MARGARET 27 giorni fa
And it had to be from Lakeland 😨😰
Peter sturm
Peter sturm 28 giorni fa
I really hope we protect our beautiful wildlife
1,000,000 Subscribers With No Videos?
A boy sees an alligator in the zoo and shouts "Hey are you a caiman?" "I'm alright, thanks kid" he replies
Giovan The Rehabilitating Thief
LOL. Never heard that joke before!! Got any more?
Casey Thomas
Casey Thomas Mese fa
I grew up about 5 miles from circle B, theres some biggens in there..
Hank Harrison
Yeah, you want to know just how fast a gator can be, just...get...a little...closer..
Adog 00
Adog 00 Mese fa
What in the actual fuck
Ryan Ward
Ryan Ward Mese fa
GATOR IN DELRAY BEACH COMES FOR MY DRONE!! itvid.net/video/video-p56fT9v5-4s.html
Tw1st3dGUNzz Mese fa
1:59 he do be vibin' doe 😳
Cainin Milton
My Grandaddy live in Lakeland.
MageryGuy Mese fa
Be happy they can't gallop like Crocodiles.
Visuals Mese fa
Ah.....this is the real reason why we're quarantined.
Charlie P
Charlie P Mese fa
You are nutsss
DeoNynx Mese fa
*Only in florida*
jwalsh1594 Mese fa
Heroin hideout junkie park
Ethan Changjohnson
SCP-682 shortly after breaching containment, still recovering from acid immersion.
Mad Dog Murdoch
Im watching this from Scotland, probably about 12 feet away...
Joy Blessed Life
scary how close people walk past those huge gators
Steve Punter
Steve Punter Mese fa
Invest in a drone my friend and wow everyone including your self 👍🍻🇳🇿
Marsellus Wallace
Dave get next to it for perspective
Kenneth Phillips
Scene from cockadile Dundee you mean the gator area yes it was it's the slope they use to get in and out of the water lol
Giorno Giovanna
Not gonna lie that thing looks like Shin Godzilla
Titanus gojira
Titanus gojira 2 mesi fa
That’s not Godzilla that’s GATORZILLA!
Titanus gojira
Titanus gojira 2 mesi fa
Tampa Jay
Tampa Jay 2 mesi fa
Rex kaiju i like that
The 69 subscriber man
Plot twist: the alligator was a paid actor
The 69 subscriber man
Tampa Jay very epic
Tampa Jay
Tampa Jay 2 mesi fa
You nailed it
Rocky Losco
Rocky Losco 2 mesi fa
There’s gators bigger than 15 ft,gomek and sobek etc
Darren Douglas
Darren Douglas 2 mesi fa
Rumour Mike Tyson wanting right again Planned Training Camp Florida GATORS packed up doing a moonlight flit New York sewers When heard ,inspired & impressed MMA Champ who wrestled with Bears had a Cuz crazy idea ,No sparring partners willing Mike's already sparked, laid Yogi Yellowstones Alpha Grizzly Bear out cold next wants KO Godzilla the Biggest Meanest Gator in Florida (even Godzillas like Mike Tyson F#ck that when's next Greyhound NY .Why can't find him he's hanging with Mutant Turtles & Rat sensi)
Darren Douglas
Darren Douglas 2 mesi fa
No Wonder Donald Trump shit it to drain the swamp That thing is bloody huge Strolling like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever Watch backwards over play Michael Jackson's moonwalking song Billy Jean lol
Elly O
Elly O 2 mesi fa
Is it wrong that I REALLY wanna HUG IT ? 🤗♥️🐊
Tampa Jay
Tampa Jay 2 mesi fa
Nope I felt the same way
XxThe TimeDemonxX
Why this reminds me of how to train your Dragon
larry robinson
larry robinson 2 mesi fa
Calm down I'm just crossin the road ok. ?????
Liam’s Adventures
9:03 what is that thing? A snake bird?
Mikki Kas
Mikki Kas 2 mesi fa
How long is it? Sherman the Tank, wandering back and forth from pond to pond across a golf course in Florida, is over 12' long. What an impressive sight! Hes been impressing golfers and the local residents for a long time🤗🥰❤ He's estimated about 60 years old and does his travels daily. He has never bothered any humans. Both golfers and residents respect him and hopefully he'll be around for people to admire for a long time.
Harry P
Harry P 2 mesi fa
I’d love to be there. Looks like a nice place to spread a afternoon. Thanks TJ, you rock
Kevon Thomas
Kevon Thomas 2 mesi fa
And where is he think he's going. Holy molly, huge gator.👈😁😅😝🤭🤪😜🤤😂🙂🤣
Football Genius
Football Genius 2 mesi fa
Man I fast forward and you are still talking, what a waste of my time, the only thing large is the senary. Get some live bait. Hopefully you don't come up missing testing your luck that gator might find you !
Football Genius
Football Genius 2 mesi fa
This has to be the place for missing persons don't you think ?
abelyn carrasquillo
that's not a gator, thats an scp
True outdoors
True outdoors 2 mesi fa
Joe Smartballs
Joe Smartballs 2 mesi fa
14 foot gator. If left in the wild most get 12 foot long or bigger. In captivity their growth is stunted.
Chase RS
Chase RS 2 mesi fa
I know that alligator. His name is hunchback because he has a rounded back. You can see it at about 00:05. He he lives at Circle-B South Florida. My grandpa is the one who told me about him. 😎😅😝. And he’s also 56 years old. Edit: The alligator is 56 not my grandpa just letting you know.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Ven Geance
Ven Geance 2 mesi fa
5:12 is a very large soft shelled turtle. I rescued one running down the street a month ago.
Rabbit 2 mesi fa
4 footer lol that thing was at least 6 from head to tail
Tim Holt
Tim Holt 2 mesi fa
Let's introduce some Australia crocds go good with the pythons
Daniel Webster
Daniel Webster 2 mesi fa
Swimming with gators like Steve Irwin used to do this would be a very bad move is this animal is quite capable of killing a number of people at once but it needs to just be left alone
Asma Jazil
Asma Jazil 2 mesi fa
is this alligator real
Super Venom Jedi snake
That ain’t just a gator. That’s Supergator.
DylanEmpire 324
DylanEmpire 324 3 mesi fa
7:30 my ears
ashleigh davies
ashleigh davies 3 mesi fa
I'm sorry im from uk and i could never be able to go near one i went to Florida twice and only seen them from a distance Its not normal for me to just walk past ond
Tampa Jay
Tampa Jay 3 mesi fa
ashleigh davies There was speculation that it had been poached but I did hear from someone the other day that they saw it. I’m planning to go back in the near future to see if I can find it
ashleigh davies
ashleigh davies 3 mesi fa
@Tampa Jay im also curious if you'd know if this alligator still roams this area and how long its been there in really intrigued
Tampa Jay
Tampa Jay 3 mesi fa
It’s not recommended that’s completely understandable. It’s hard to fathom but it’s so rare to find one this large and friendly. Thank you for watching:)
Sir Peanut
Sir Peanut 3 mesi fa
Let's Go!
Let's Go! 3 mesi fa
Never turn your back to a gator. Remember they're opportunistic. :0) 07:34
Isabella: Queen Of The Weebs
That's Godzilla's long lost cousin
Sally Blatchford
THIS is the Florida near & dear to my heart. The swamps, the marshes, the gators, the wildlife, the vastness of wild Florida (even though technically it was a park). You reminded me of myself during my first trip into the Everglades; I stood maybe...MAYBE 4 feet from 2 gators who could have shredded me and it was GLORIOUS, lol...(the Everglades are so amazing and are most definitely my favorite part of Florida, btw). The video was so NOT a failure. I mean that one gator was a beautifully big creature and dude, you met up with a cluster of fiberglass poopers...what more could you want? I mean what a photo op! 🤣😂🤣 Anyway, loved the vid 😎👏🏼🐊. PS: Have you ever considered going into the Everglades with your camera for us? You could make it a ling special edition..just a thought although it wouldn’t necessarily be a cheap excursion what with gas and food and possibly even lodging. Ok, I’m old and would need lodging because the drive down, then exploring all over then driving back in one day would exhaust me haha!
b t s n
b t s n 3 mesi fa
ive seen some big gators down in the everglades....that fucker is massive
b t s n
b t s n 3 mesi fa
holy shit...is this fucking real?
b t s n
b t s n 3 mesi fa
@Tampa Jay happy tracking!
Tampa Jay
Tampa Jay 3 mesi fa
It’s real and I’m still looking for it :)
KenDale 3 mesi fa
Scp 682 lol
sebasilisk 3 mesi fa
it honestly looks like a sarcosuchus or a deinosuchus
Leila Martin
Leila Martin 3 mesi fa
Today was my second visit to circle b, and we saw Godzilla/Humpback. Extremely exciting and scary at the same time. He started growling and arched his tail out of the water. We saw him on Rabbit Run.
Tampa Jay
Tampa Jay 3 mesi fa
Thank you so much I’ve been looking for someone to say they have spotted him. I hope to return to Circle B soon
X FY 3 mesi fa
How are you walking there!? I would be terrified standing a couple feet from one 😂😂😅😮 only answer..... Florida man
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 3 mesi fa
Just planted some cypress trees and some 1 gallon plants there last week, there are some monsters there, I also stepped on a huge Snake.
Jeannified 3 mesi fa
Great video!
Tampa Jay
Tampa Jay 3 mesi fa
Thank you :)
little DIPPER
little DIPPER 3 mesi fa
I live here
NightsPhenom712 4 mesi fa
Gator is huge and still faster than any person if it tries to chase
Michael Childs
Michael Childs 4 mesi fa
Tampa Jay don’t quit your day job!
Remmington Johnson
King k. Rool in real life
Sanita 747
Sanita 747 4 mesi fa
He is very big Florida is a Heaven for gators.
Met3lAngel 4 mesi fa
He’s got a swamp mustache.
ultimate gaming alligator
Are you sure it's not a crocodile you should check the snout and teeth
MisfitSquisher 4 mesi fa
Dude. I would've tried to bag one of them pigs.
Heather Hales
Heather Hales 4 mesi fa
his name is humpback and yes he is real. ive seen his several times
Heather Hales
Heather Hales 4 mesi fa
He travels a lot. You can follow my Instagram to see more. heatherhalesphotography
Heather Hales
Heather Hales 4 mesi fa
Just before the covid 19 closure
Joel Coley
Joel Coley 4 mesi fa
@Tampa Jay There is a video out of him fighting another gator the same size, cant remember the channel. Found it: itvid.net/video/video-Q8VwmfvcVOI.html
Tampa Jay
Tampa Jay 4 mesi fa
Heather Hales have you seen him recently ?
gusuave007 4 mesi fa
I'd be carrying a machete or a large game gun or a compound bow.
Arturo Gauna
Arturo Gauna 4 mesi fa
He's actually not the largest gator in Florida. Go down to lake Okeechobee. Make this one look like a baby
Globglogabgolab 2.0
I'd have just yote the fuck all the way up to New York after running up on a twelve foot gator.
BoogalooBoy1776 4 mesi fa
"Jungles", its pronounced "swamp".
BoogalooBoy1776 4 mesi fa
@Tampa Jay Y'all have gators down there, up here we have black bears.
Tampa Jay
Tampa Jay 4 mesi fa
Not necessarily
mitchell deaton
mitchell deaton 4 mesi fa
Not alligator snapping turtle, it is in-fact a soft shell turtle
Ahmad Oumari
Ahmad Oumari 4 mesi fa
That’s no alligator, that’s a SARCOSUCHUS
Nah seems more like purrusaurus to me.
Alex Bazarov
Alex Bazarov 4 mesi fa
its a perfect pelt for Arthur Morgan
Sharkz Films
Sharkz Films 4 mesi fa
7:35 It scared me when the gators eyes opened
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