World’s Largest Alligator! Lakeland, Florida - My Search For “GODZILLA” of Circle B Park, Wild Gator

Tampa Jay
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The World’s Largest Alligator “Godzilla” has been spotted in Lakeland, Florida at Circle B Bar Reserve Park, Polk County. This is Florida's real Gatorland and I'm about to track down this "humpback" Gator the size of a SUV. The locals call him “Godzilla” Please join me as I go searching for the largest alligator you may ever see! There is much ahead.

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26 mar 2019




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Commenti 586
Tampa Jay
Tampa Jay 7 mesi fa
Make sure you subcribe to the channel and ring the notification bell because I’m going back!!! Also and again please do not try this at home. Alligators are very dangerous and unpredictable animals. I don’t recommend getting anywhere near a wild alligator. That being said.. I’ll do it for you! Thank you for watchhng my friend :)
Rafael Diaz
Rafael Diaz 12 ore fa
That shit was dumb as fuck
Warlock NWO
Warlock NWO 7 giorni fa
Or gaiters easily cat. Are gators usually can only be found in home
R C 9 giorni fa
Fucking clickbait
Gas man Gas man
Gas man Gas man 22 giorni fa
LMAO Do not try this at home HA HA HA !!!! Going to be pretty hard trying to search for alligators in Canada lolllll.
Aa1 Bb2
Aa1 Bb2 26 giorni fa
Man encourage them too do it they alrite/ besides experience is the best teacher even til death!! Haha
Cecilia D.H
Cecilia D.H 2 ore fa
i remeber when i lived near cape Canaveral near nasa launch pad i would see fld crock laying up on the bank on the walkway platform at Kennedy space center great video i had to resub you bro shoot man nice wild life makes me home sick
Tampa Jay
Tampa Jay 11 ore fa
Thats funny lol That’s the first place I ever one along side the road too. Glad you found the video my friend. Thank you for watching
milkshake man44
milkshake man44 Giorno fa
Ok at the beginning it looked so cgi
John Ortmann
John Ortmann Giorno fa
The "alligator snapping turtle" at 5:10 was a softshell turtle.
John Ortmann
John Ortmann Giorno fa
@Tampa Jay No problem. I'm a pro. Snappers, and especially alligator snappers, have proportionally enormous heads. Softshells have small, pointy heads, which is often all your going to see of them. Softshells scare me more than snappers; their necks seem to be about 8 feet long and they're lightning fast. They can run faster on land than most people.
Tampa Jay
Tampa Jay Giorno fa
John Ortmann thank you for the correction:)
Natalie Love
Natalie Love 3 giorni fa
"Looks like he's sleeping, i won't bother him"🤣🤣🤣🤣. Excellent video man!. ..I love it!.
Tampa Jay
Tampa Jay 3 giorni fa
he he ;) Thank you Natalie
Sacrificial Lamb
Sacrificial Lamb 4 giorni fa
10:55 what's the name of that cool background music?
P Val
P Val 6 giorni fa
Hot women. Alex and A C. 2 in
Toodie 6 giorni fa
is it just me or does this park look like that one swampy area feasted with crocodiles in red dead redemption?
Austin J.
Austin J. 6 giorni fa
This is just making me look forward to moving there even more.
mike lombardo
mike lombardo 7 giorni fa
I think the video is great but those gators are definitely fed well cause you definitely wouldnt be able to get that close without them budging...but i tip my hat to ya u kept ur cool like a man so i give u credit buddy !👍🏽
Tampa Jay
Tampa Jay 7 giorni fa
Thank you my friend. They are fed very well
Joaquin Catanghal
Joaquin Catanghal 7 giorni fa
of course it’s in florida
Jamey H
Jamey H 8 giorni fa
Dude, it's good you didn't get to see a big gator , cause it probably last thing you ever saw !!
Fizzygaming 212
Fizzygaming 212 8 giorni fa
Who’s annoyed by the wind
techmaniac43 9 giorni fa
Chasing dinosaurs in the wild Florida, amazing.
Ronaldo 9 giorni fa
No gator should ever be allowed to get that big.
CJxLuvly 8 giorni fa
Ronaldo wtf do you mean "allowed"?? It's a wild animal it does what it wants when it wants and humans should have no say.
Calvin Josey
Calvin Josey 9 giorni fa
There is a state record in Micanopy on a horse farm I did some work at. She won’t let anyone come out though to verify. It’s between 16.5- 17 foot. I grew up in that area and freaked when I saw it
Calvin Josey
Calvin Josey 8 giorni fa
Tampa Jay It was alive in 2018 when I left. I had asked her to let some FWC biologist to come out and she was totally against it. She is very anti-government. My friend still boards her horse at her house though so I’ll ask her and see if she has changed any. Someone needs to go document that thing
Tampa Jay
Tampa Jay 9 giorni fa
I’d say that’s close to this one is that gator still alive? Would she let anyone come out just to see it?
Dom _DDP
Dom _DDP 9 giorni fa
Did you feel as awkward as you looked, when you did your big solo bridge crossing shot??
Tampa Jay
Tampa Jay 9 giorni fa
Dom_ enoW No.
It’s actually sad with all the development and overpopulation in Florida animals have no place left to go .
Will Andrews
Will Andrews 9 giorni fa
How do you be collective?
Sam Galloway
Sam Galloway 9 giorni fa
*Florida in a nutshell*
Sagatuppercut SF2
Sagatuppercut SF2 9 giorni fa
Imagine if that alligator sneaks into Disneyworld and bites Mickey Mouse.
Connor Dayman
Connor Dayman 10 giorni fa
God reptiles are ugly.
lee santos
lee santos 10 giorni fa
Gatorzilla is looking for meals !
quellenathanar 10 giorni fa
Don't leave your doggy's outside.
Anthony Pittman
Anthony Pittman 11 giorni fa
I live in auburndale fl 20 miles from lakeland and i went to circle b bar and i seen its head it was huge and scary
Tampa Jay
Tampa Jay 9 giorni fa
How long ago was that my friend?
American Viking
American Viking 11 giorni fa
o i guess you do know aligators can run 30mph right jay from florida?
Tampa Jay
Tampa Jay 9 giorni fa
Well aware of it
American Viking
American Viking 11 giorni fa
Why does alot of folks on youtube make videos with the wind blowing into the micraphone?
Edgelord 9000
Edgelord 9000 12 giorni fa
Looks like scp 682 breached containment again
Jay jay
Jay jay 13 giorni fa
King k rool
I sneeze too much
I sneeze too much 13 giorni fa
Charles Joiner
Charles Joiner 13 giorni fa
Going to find the big Gator? To late I say him at the start of the film.later Gator....
Rebecca McInroy
Rebecca McInroy 14 giorni fa
Could you imagine walking down the trails with the long grass dam you don't know, there could be gators hiding in the grass I have seen two gators working together,
Rebecca McInroy
Rebecca McInroy 14 giorni fa
Those gators, are so dangerous it is my biggest fear a small child or any child walking down one of those trails please watch your children very closely especially in places like that
charlie rice
charlie rice 15 giorni fa
I’m going to go up north and sneak up on some snow
tee lovee
tee lovee 15 giorni fa
That ain't no gator. That's a dinosaur.
Property And Malaga
Property And Malaga 15 giorni fa
4:19 The scene from Crocodile Dundee with Linda Kozlowski oh yeah I remember lol, 2:13 the hell he's sleeping he's waiting for you to make one step further :-)
Kill Bill
Kill Bill 15 giorni fa
I think it had babies in its mouth
M/M M/M 15 giorni fa
Most children's first words, "ma ma," or "da da," but not in Florida, our first words are something like this, "Holy $hit it's a Gator, Run, Run, Run......!"
Trent Henderson
Trent Henderson 16 giorni fa
7:33 made me uncomfortable and im not even the one standing there😂
Stephanie Anderson
Stephanie Anderson 16 giorni fa
Tampa Jay
Tampa Jay 16 giorni fa
denis avdic
denis avdic 17 giorni fa
scary trees
Clinton Pough
Clinton Pough 17 giorni fa
On an elementary school field trip to the Everglades in the 1970's, a total stranger picked me up and pretended he was going to throw me in the alligator pit, of course he didn't, I would have been lunch. If that guy did that today he would get yelled at and probably arrested, different carefree times when I was growing up. 🐊 🐿 🐢
Tampa Jay
Tampa Jay 16 giorni fa
Yep he definitely would have been on the news! Lol thanks for sharing that Clinton. Thank you for watching
Tabitha Stevens
Tabitha Stevens 18 giorni fa
Sign entering Lakeland: Beware of the locals and please don't feed the gators.... 🙅‍♀️😰
Pippin2luv 18 giorni fa
I love walking the trails around my house, and Florida trails in general. Best thing is anytime there’s a gator, you let the next people you see know that there is one and where it is. Even help them find a good spot to see it.
Arm Collector
Arm Collector 18 giorni fa
when u said he was sleeping I am sorry I was laughing bc we all know half their brain stays alert and one eye open when they sleep so I like to say sleeping with one eye open lmfao, but I know u would've never got any closer to show us!!!
Tampa Jay
Tampa Jay 18 giorni fa
I think that’s what’s most important to me capturing the outdoors I love the outdoors. Yes, I’ve always wanted to go on a safari. Hopefully I will get to go on one someday. I am you found a video thanks for watching ;)
Arm Collector
Arm Collector 18 giorni fa
Tampa Jay really enjoyed this sometimes it's about capturing the beauty sometimes bc not all of us are lucky enough to just go out and see this so I am glad u did for us, even if u got to look around u all the time lol, that place is surly beautiful, I am from Louisiana and I would never try and go look for any beauty with our animals, they also seem very aggressive, I would love to go on a safari would be amazing u ever think bout doing that? Anyways I subbed and love to see more of this HAVE A GREAT DAY!!
Tampa Jay
Tampa Jay 18 giorni fa
Ha ha it even opened his eye a couple times I could see him in my camera monitor. Yes, I was not getting any closer. Thanks for watching my friend hope you enjoyed the video
Anthony Ryan Angie
Anthony Ryan Angie 19 giorni fa
That looks dangerous it's really wild life in Florida
Justin Berryman
Justin Berryman 19 giorni fa
That was a common snapping turtle there nature guy lol
Justin Berryman
Justin Berryman 19 giorni fa
@Tampa Jay no problem and anytime always remember alligator snappers can't retract into there she'll completely like a snapper can the alligator snappers have a spikey like shell and snappers has the spikey tail it's crazy but that's the difference alligator snappers have a far larger head and pointed jagged like mouth to they can get you holding them from the side even it sucks getting chomped by either of em but a least you still have your fingers if bit by the common snapper you won't be so lucky bit by the alligator snapper no shit my reattached index finger can vouch for that I do have most the feeling in it now days
Tampa Jay
Tampa Jay 19 giorni fa
I appreciate the correction thanks for watching
Tyler 19 giorni fa
this guys measurements are insane "im about 6 foot way" while being around 10-12 foot away
Tampa Jay
Tampa Jay 19 giorni fa
Tyler That’s pretty sweet man I saw some caiman once in South America I wish I was making videos back then . Thanks again for watching happy new year
Tyler 19 giorni fa
Makes sense, could also be the camera lens I guess. I have a Speculated caiman who is 2 foot long right now and he is going to get 6-7 foot one day but I’ve never seen a large crocodilian in real life YET
Tampa Jay
Tampa Jay 19 giorni fa
Well Tyler things look further away on camera then they do on your ITvid viewing application. Thanks for watching!
Ronnie Bowen
Ronnie Bowen 19 giorni fa
That was a soft shell turtle not an alligator turtle
Tampa Jay
Tampa Jay 18 giorni fa
Thank you I appreciate the correction thanks for letting me know
This Is Merica
This Is Merica 19 giorni fa
Living in this area, I've seen some HUGE gators. Lake parker and thanotossa being the 2 lakes that come to mind.
Larry Whittington
Larry Whittington 17 giorni fa
I've seen bigger lizards than that at Saddle Creek!
Evan Mason Lucero
Evan Mason Lucero 19 giorni fa
Tehlia Your dad
Tehlia Your dad 19 giorni fa
Oh that’s jerry he’s in my backyard I live in the Everglades Florida
BuckNut 20 giorni fa
Is this dude seriously taping with his back turned? Really? 🙄
Tampa Jay
Tampa Jay 18 giorni fa
I could see him in my monitor 😉
DreayDreay2007 Best
DreayDreay2007 Best 20 giorni fa
Wow he is really massive but Godzilla get biger
Sharon Lewis
Sharon Lewis 20 giorni fa
Imagine how old Godzilla is. Amazing!
ZY Bell
ZY Bell 20 giorni fa
The alligator should have ate him...
Tampa Jay
Tampa Jay 20 giorni fa
ZY Bell maybe he did - TJ’s ghost 👻
tony long
tony long 20 giorni fa
I lived in Land O' Lakes in a subdivision called Connerton and they had little lakes in it and they all had gators in them. I would walk my boxers and we would spot them everywhere and then make a quick exit!
tony long
tony long 20 giorni fa
holy sheep shit!
BLOOD 21 giorno fa
He needs a gator aid, ha ha ha.
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