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It's time to break some recs! (records)
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16 mag 2016




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Commenti 81 862
MONTZR / منتظر
They should get an award for breaking most of the world record in a video😍😍
kalpana mohanty
Sorry for watching your videos so late but I must say you guys are really great. 😘😘😍😍
Teh Spi
Teh Spi 9 ore fa
that thumbnail looked like a single twin tower where that plane at
Shyam Charaniya
Shyam Charaniya 11 ore fa
aswsome guys
Ali Sajid Kazmi
Ali Sajid Kazmi 16 ore fa
hopefully no one came here after watching the first video on youtube
TRISTAN 18 ore fa
wow you are crazy
'Lil Swagger
'Lil Swagger 19 ore fa
i love how they celebrate breaking the record even though they know by even making the shot successfully they already broke the record
Patricia Basani
Patricia Basani 20 ore fa
soooooo! awsome!
Astro_ Chronicle
Who wants first try edition
Giana DiMercurio
dude this takes like 2 weeks to do AMAZING WE LOVE YOU DUDE PERFECT
Phil Swift
Phil Swift 21 ora fa
How come you guys are never in the Guinness World Records books I'm kind of confused
Rose Ann Perentin
U guys are so lucky
Gabriel Dernys
Gabriel Dernys Giorno fa
Qui est français
Himanshu saxena
Himanshu saxena Giorno fa
World records are joke for them
give me that!!!
Sami Chowdhury
Sami Chowdhury Giorno fa
Sami Chowdhury
Sami Chowdhury Giorno fa
Sub to Dude Perfect and PewDiePie
Sami Chowdhury
Sami Chowdhury Giorno fa
These guys should be beating F****** T series (T SERIES SUKS ****
Form sonic
Form sonic 2 giorni fa
DK CRAZY VIBES 2 giorni fa
ഇതൊക്കെ എങ്ങനെ സാധിക്കുന്നു
Anshul Playz
Anshul Playz 2 giorni fa
You got
Tricky Mario bros
Tricky Mario bros 2 giorni fa
Their house should fill up with world records
Hax Gamer
Hax Gamer 2 giorni fa
6:18 first shot after 100m shots xD
Eriyen Buz
Eriyen Buz 3 giorni fa
Just imagine you have a world record and just randomly dude perfect steals your record and 100 million people saw it on youtube
jyoti bansal
jyoti bansal 3 giorni fa
World records are work of seconds 4 them...
TECH OMM 3 giorni fa
How you can do this
xd ccrized
xd ccrized 3 giorni fa
6:56 people : what’s the flying thing, and why is it heading for a hoop? *the ball gets in* person: realizes that it’s a basketball and it came from the building JESUS CHRIST
NSP - Non-Stop Parkour
6:54, taller building for next time?
Mohammed Anas
Mohammed Anas 3 giorni fa
5:00 I can't even do a front flip lol
Jesús Blanco Flores
Michael jordan: *:O*
Barrett Kuntz
Barrett Kuntz 3 giorni fa
The sitting down shot: Teammate here give me the ball Guy sitting down: no let me just hook shot swoosh it
Brandon Kuo
Brandon Kuo 3 giorni fa
anyone remember watching this when it came out and now it’s almost 2020?!?
Samirah Abassid
Samirah Abassid 3 giorni fa
5:10 I would have given him another record for the flip😂
Woodier Aunt2244
Woodier Aunt2244 2 giorni fa
That was the whole point of the record my guy
Samirah Abassid
Samirah Abassid 3 giorni fa
I should win a record for witnessing 10 in one day😂😂👇
Rachel Strawser
Rachel Strawser 4 giorni fa
Love your Tyler 😍❤️💛💚💙💜💕💓💗💖💘💝
Lauren Eagle
Lauren Eagle 4 giorni fa
Dude perfect is just simply the best at world records. This is how many times dude perfect has broken a world record how much likes it gets 👇🏻
Jennifer Phelps
Jennifer Phelps 4 giorni fa
I think I saw the Devan Tower that in Oklahoma
max vanrohlua
max vanrohlua 5 giorni fa
Wow. Blah no meaning for me because i dont think i can break world record.i dont want to try too. Anyone just like me
Rocket Gamers
Rocket Gamers 5 giorni fa
Dude Perfect: Which world record can you break? Me: Sorry, none
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