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It's time to break some recs! (records)
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16 mag 2016




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Commenti 100
pol iwo
pol iwo Ora fa
am i the only one who thinks that is all a fake?
BBD_Boyz! YouTube
6:41 Imagine if they dropped the camera!
BLUE MI 4 ore fa
Dude perfect Team Do impossible thing Like it just eat food
vijay jadiya
vijay jadiya 11 ore fa
Harry Singh
Harry Singh 11 ore fa
I like the world longest baskeetball shoot
Twenty 7
Twenty 7 12 ore fa
Their like playing in an arcade
Chairina Anwar
Chairina Anwar 17 ore fa
wow they are super talented
World Countries Weekly
*proceeds to cry in bed by seeing that people can accomplish all I can do is watch some Netflix and eat poptarts*
Gray And Bob
Gray And Bob 21 ora fa
3:31 did he just say he doesn’t even know I exist they have so many subscribers of course he knows he exists
Gray And Bob
Gray And Bob 21 ora fa
Is nobody gonna talk about how they swish every shot
Jorell Jones
Jorell Jones Giorno fa
I know I’m dumb but I thought they made all these trick shots on the first try
Felipe Marcel Maahs
Guinness guy broke the record for giving more Guinness frames in a day
leaderly roblox
leaderly roblox 11 ore fa
Pr0grammed Giorno fa
how do people even manage to dislike this?
Alif habibi
Alif habibi Giorno fa
I'm love to songs
smitha rachuri
smitha rachuri Giorno fa
I can't believe how did they do
Unspoken Past
Unspoken Past Giorno fa
They have the best videos I've ever seen. I'm so glad they sticked with this ITvid channel and blew up. Maybe the only ITvid channel where every video is awesome to watch
HarryMangoGames 2 giorni fa
This video holds my first ever youtube comment "Hello"
Vivid Puppy
Vivid Puppy 2 giorni fa
How many people are here during COVID-19
Sarren Hatton
Sarren Hatton 2 giorni fa
Kris Upson
Kris Upson 2 giorni fa
Can you beat your own world record?
Marvell Gietharro
Marvell Gietharro 2 giorni fa
No one: ..... :Litteraly no one YT:lets recommend this 4 years later
kyleplayzrblox 12
kyleplayzrblox 12 2 giorni fa
5:33 Look it said 19 to beat But they tied it and the guy said u broke the record congrats♥️
trireu huong
trireu huong 2 giorni fa
6:50 wow
Jude Long
Jude Long 2 giorni fa
subscribe to blaise the dog and watch his first video
i Fahad
i Fahad 3 giorni fa
شيل الصليب واعطيك لايك
The incredible Badon
This video is blowing my mind👍🏻
The incredible Badon
This video is blowing my mind👍🏻
Tyrannosaurus You guys
I can not receive the email love you
random facts
random facts 3 giorni fa
Who know binod
random facts
random facts 3 giorni fa
Who know binod
defaulty boi jonesey
anyone bored in quarintine
Kiroshime 3 giorni fa
Squad i tak lepszy
SGAS vids
SGAS vids 4 giorni fa
can you make this the most liked comment
Hwee Ping Soh
Hwee Ping Soh 3 giorni fa
Wail Maghrabi
Wail Maghrabi 4 giorni fa
Legends say the elevator still moving
L L 4 giorni fa
How much clout must you have to get sponsored by ruffles
Trisha Nandani Raj
Trisha Nandani Raj 4 giorni fa
Hey guys you should join basketball teems
22 IX A prathamesh nyamagoudar
Niramay Mehta
Niramay Mehta 4 giorni fa
That look on his face 4:36
Niramay Mehta
Niramay Mehta 4 giorni fa
No one... absolutely no on waited for Michael to finish... and they all go YEEAAAHHHH😂😂😂 My sympathies for Michael
C D H 4 giorni fa
A normal basketball player could do all these things
Arth 4 giorni fa
The first time I watched this was when I was in grade 7. Now I’m about to graduate high school. So crazy how time flies 🤟
lonely ghost
lonely ghost 4 giorni fa
Congrats man :D
lott nio
lott nio 4 giorni fa
Not true records since they take multiple shots (they reveal that in some other video). In world record attempts one has just one change to get it right. It is not record if you attempt multiple times.
Keith Chan
Keith Chan 4 giorni fa
Wooooooooooooooo world record!!!!!!!
Banana Man
Banana Man 4 giorni fa
Scroll down for a surprise Almost there Just wait just scroll down for 1 more minute So close Okay know your pretty close Jk your not close at all Okay know your actually really close just keep scrolling U did all that for nothing🤠
Banana Man
Banana Man 5 giorni fa
My favorite part was when they made a trick shot Sup
Shadow Killer98
Shadow Killer98 5 giorni fa
Love the song
Caiden Sun
Caiden Sun 5 giorni fa
Me: Tries for a year to learn to shoot the ball high enough to get it hoop level Them: Beats the world record first try
cctv trevita
cctv trevita 5 giorni fa
Why these guys not joining nba if these guys join nba lebron hames curry and durant cleaning those guys toilet
cody should have gotten another Guinness world record for breaking a record in the first try
Azn 5 giorni fa
If you look at the certificate at 4 minutes it doesnt say the world’s longest bounce shot... It says something else, can someone explain or am I just dumb.
Neha Gupta
Neha Gupta 5 giorni fa
Sallo kaise karte ho tum log ye
Rudra Badhan
Rudra Badhan 6 giorni fa
Congratulations sir...Can I get ur number
Future Fellow
Future Fellow 6 giorni fa
Guinness world record : am I a joke to you guys 😐
Anitha N
Anitha N 6 giorni fa
I beat highest shot
Abel Eden
Abel Eden 6 giorni fa
darn tootin, their video editor is fukin impeccable
Peaches 6 giorni fa
Still my fave video HAHAHAHA
Rajshree Tawade
Rajshree Tawade 6 giorni fa
Are those real world records
Peter 007
Peter 007 6 giorni fa
How easy would life be if u nailed these trick shots every time
Samantha Rajan
Samantha Rajan 7 giorni fa
Anyone here knows the song in the background???
Samantha Rajan
Samantha Rajan 6 giorni fa
undefeated ...tauren wells ft. KB
Ryley Payne
Ryley Payne 8 giorni fa
Your houses must be filled with world records
It wasnt the highest basketball shot that record
Makayla Testorff
Makayla Testorff 8 giorni fa
For the next longest basket ball shot you should do it from a plane that you skydive from
amirul asyraf
amirul asyraf 8 giorni fa
Dude purfect : . . . People : YEARHHHH!! (Bg music plays)
Chester GC
Chester GC 8 giorni fa
"feet" as a unit *cringe*
Kishan Kumar Chandrawanshi
I do this daily in my dreams...😁😁😁😁😁😁
chaosawaits 9 giorni fa
Which record do you think will last the longest?
Akshata Kothalikar
Akshata Kothalikar 9 giorni fa
Were these shots made in one attempt ?
Eid Esports
Eid Esports 9 giorni fa
Erik Hurtig
Erik Hurtig 10 giorni fa
To sum up the entire video: Weird flex but ok
Nitin Jhaveri
Nitin Jhaveri 11 giorni fa
Cory and coby made last shot after 0:0 in freeshot by two players
T.B rjn
T.B rjn 11 giorni fa
2:06 Just how strong is this guy
school boy going wild vansh
Dude is the hulk
T.B rjn
T.B rjn 8 giorni fa
@Boite Normal lol
Boite Normal
Boite Normal 9 giorni fa
Ghost _ GAEMING 11 giorni fa
Fax s
Vijay Rahate
Vijay Rahate 11 giorni fa
Sumehr Singh Pasricha
6:44 , was it just me who thought that he was gonna break all the cars
Sumehr Singh Pasricha
Nobody Literally Nobody Hahahahahahah, you fell for it
Sumehr Singh Pasricha
0:04, who saw that football stadium
Em_ma 11 giorni fa
I love how the song vibes with 'em ❤️
Yatharth Saraff
Yatharth Saraff 12 giorni fa
these guys should be awarded by president of their country or maybe king or primeminister too
Jawed Smaine
Jawed Smaine 12 giorni fa
c les meilleur ➡️➡️
Jinath Rahman
Jinath Rahman 12 giorni fa
These guys make it look so easy that nobody should believe this
Arya kumar
Arya kumar 12 giorni fa
the big the vedios the big the discription
IULIA MARIA ANTAL 13 giorni fa
The guy from the Guinness book of records: .-.
Marc Murphy
Marc Murphy 13 giorni fa
They are so high
Michael Myers
Michael Myers 13 giorni fa
I have a question Why you guys was so pro?
Lullo De lullis
Lullo De lullis 13 giorni fa
Leonel Mills
Leonel Mills 13 giorni fa
Dude too Perfect
Mario And Friends
Mario And Friends 13 giorni fa
So Old!
Super Sonic Gamer
Super Sonic Gamer 14 giorni fa
Tushar Srivastava
Tushar Srivastava 14 giorni fa
Josiah Brannon has made the guinness world record in head shot.. you guys are making fool...
Noah's Gaming Chanel
R Braz
R Braz 14 giorni fa
Palm Spring
Palm Spring 14 giorni fa
6:53 I thought ty was gonna jump off the building.
Home of Hockey
Home of Hockey 15 giorni fa
You guys are actually undefeated
selimhan ışık
selimhan ışık 16 giorni fa
4.33 corona
emiliano garcia
emiliano garcia 16 giorni fa
he said boy gimme dat
Zack Lozano
Zack Lozano 16 giorni fa
i always thinking did they doing it just one time?
Parzival Forever
Parzival Forever 16 giorni fa
𝗬𝗼𝘂 𝗴𝘂𝘆𝘀 𝗮𝗿𝗲 𝗮𝘄𝗲𝘀𝗼𝗺𝗲
Karan Singh
Karan Singh 17 giorni fa
Are those balls made up of plastic seems to lightweight 😮
ninja gaming
ninja gaming 17 giorni fa
Great job
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