Xbox One In 2019! (Still Worth It?) (Review)

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The Xbox One came out in 2019, so how does it hold up in 2019? Let’s Find Out!
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Commenti 371
Hilda Argueta
Hilda Argueta Giorno fa
Xbox one is the same as xbox one s it plays the same games
Zane Yates
Zane Yates Giorno fa
Im on Xbox one and its worth it try it
Issa Simpson
Issa Simpson Giorno fa
I still have this xbox one and I have never had any problems my console still works like the day I first got it
Kuzan Kuzma
Kuzan Kuzma 2 giorni fa
Should i buy xbox one or ps4 (not pro) ??
Joseph Burke
Joseph Burke 6 giorni fa
Yes. For Black Friday, Gamestop was selling refurbs for $99, compared to the digital only edition at $149. Without a BD-ROM drive, you are locked into buying all your content directly from MS for whatever price they demand. That includes movies as well as games. You still get upscaling of games and streaming at 4k, but that isnt enough to make up the lack of an optical drive.
Joseph Burke
Joseph Burke 4 giorni fa
Oh, and the white one looks a lot better than the black one and hides scratches better.
Ninja getgood gaming
PS4 sucks
Ytamar Fondeur
Ytamar Fondeur 11 giorni fa
paper weight
Umer Rehman
Umer Rehman 11 giorni fa
Did I hear you say ps2/3 controller is the best?
AM WOLF 12 giorni fa
I have the Xbox one s digital
Slip Å Slit
Slip Å Slit 12 giorni fa
The new controller the new controllers have headphone jack and is updated . and xbox 720 was the rumor name for the xbox one
akshay dua
akshay dua 15 giorni fa
worth it to buy Xbox one s now ?
William Fedack
William Fedack 11 giorni fa
akshay dua Yes but buy a extra storage unit. U gonna need it and they are on sale
tHeWasTeDYouTh 17 giorni fa
📂Microsoft └📁X019 └📁Xbox Games └⚠️ This folder is empty
Tuutti 17 giorni fa
"The gaming library is VERY good for this console" *names no games Outstanding move! I couldn't think of one which is why I'm looking through these videos.
SuperNova 19 giorni fa
Hopefully it will still be popular when the next Xbox comes out
Morgz Gaming
Morgz Gaming 19 giorni fa
I just bought an Xbox one with a blue controller
Mai Va Lee
Mai Va Lee 20 giorni fa
Yea your a shit if your not a gamer thats why you say ps4 controller doesnt feel good! your not a gamer even thought im not agamer It feel good then ps3 that just feel cheap broke easily!
Kim Fenton
Kim Fenton 20 giorni fa
Can you connect any Xbox one a control to Xbox one x
Mai Va Lee
Mai Va Lee 20 giorni fa
Yes you may
Tyson Tollstrup
Tyson Tollstrup 21 giorno fa
Although xbox Scarlett is coming out next November they don't even sell the original xbox one in stores anymore and that console is 6 years old
Red 21 giorno fa
I mean yeah because yeah it is still good but if you get an Xbox 360 you have something wrong in the head
BVBZ WENT WILD 21 giorno fa
Xboxes are so cheap compared to ps4s here but I prefer ps4 so here I am
Nathan Parker
Nathan Parker 21 giorno fa
Ps4 is better
BOSS DOG 22 giorni fa
I have this and it’s fine
Lemon Kid
Lemon Kid 21 giorno fa
BOSS DOG more than fine it’s insane I’ve had mines for 4 years going on 5
Arcana Imperii
Arcana Imperii 24 giorni fa
Not worth it. New consoles r coming in less than 1 year. Ur new purchase will be severely outdated pretty quickly.
Shayne Lewis
Shayne Lewis 10 giorni fa
Arcana Imperii I can tell you are a child or a very young person. There is no reasoning with you, so I am blocking you too
Arcana Imperii
Arcana Imperii 10 giorni fa
@Candy’s Channel ur gonna sell it for peanuts.
Arcana Imperii
Arcana Imperii 10 giorni fa
@Shayne Lewis when were you asked to comment on her behalf, white knight? Relax. She can speak for herself.
Shayne Lewis
Shayne Lewis 10 giorni fa
Arcana Imperii 1. If a person wants to play Xbox one games NOW, what choice do they have? Wait a year?! Of course not. No one is going to twiddle their thumbs for an entire year when they could be enjoying a console that still has life in it. Other older consoles continue to be used or collected. She has a different opinion than yours, so it appears you dismiss it instead of accepting other people have differing views than yours. What is worth to someone else is not worth it to you and both things are ok
Candy’s Channel
Candy’s Channel 10 giorni fa
Arcana Imperii I can easily sell it on eBay or craigslist etc etc. I am blocking for a refusal to think or see dialectically
Darren Gartlan
Darren Gartlan 24 giorni fa
The xbox one is a beast
Darren Gartlan
Darren Gartlan 24 giorni fa
Had a ps4 for 1 month changed it for the ps4 pro got really bored and another month later i went for the xbox one and really enjoyed everthing on it.. Im now a proud owners of the one x and that is a bad boy console.. It pisses all over the ps4 pro without a doubt
Poke Gaming
Poke Gaming 25 giorni fa
1:44 I thought he said Xbox one lite I was like OMG I didn’t know Nintendo copied from Microsoft
Jovica Vujanovic
Justin Yee
Justin Yee Mese fa
What is with you Americans saying Nintendo as Nitendo
It was worth it at one point. A year out from next gen, not worth it. It’ll be worth it again after next gen comes out. When its cheap as f***. Not yet.
REDBIRD 27 giorni fa
Right on. Used is a different story. Good find. Best Buy has the Xbox one for $500 & $600 CAD. That I dont think is worth it less than a year from next gen.
darrell 27 giorni fa
Just picked one up with a controller and a bunch of games for $150. So you can find them out there in the cheap
Andrew Trussell
I have a xbox one s dont buy the old xbox one i went through 2 xbox one i had my xbox one s for a good bit now
D'Amanti Springer
Xbox one play online for free
Colin Mese fa
I don’t mind the Xbox one but I hate having to install the game from disc and a huge update just to play the game. The 360 allowed you to just play from the disc. I also was disappointed that that the original Xbox one only had 1080p just like the Xbox 360. I got it after they dropped Kinect.
Jesse Powell
Jesse Powell Mese fa
Xbox Original - Xbox 180 Xbox 360 - Xbox 360 Xbox One - Xbox 720 Xbox Scarlett - Xbox 1440 Just for the lol.
fans buses gaming
I still have the original xbox one I don't have a 4k tv so I can't get the xbox one x so I want xbox one s Click yes if same
Mai Va Lee
Mai Va Lee 20 giorni fa
Xbox one X can still work on 1080p or even 720p tv but its best to experience games on a 4ktv HDR on. beside tv are on sale! The best one 4ktv for you to expereince the jaw drop 4k hdr with deep color render is. www.bestbuy.com/site/toshiba-43-class-led-2160p-smart-4k-uhd-tv-with-hdr-fire-tv-edition/6194907.p?skuId=6194907
The original xbox one controller has no bluetooth but, the xbox one s controller does so you can play on mobile and xbox one x controller does too
dat type bruh
Who has Xbox One 2013? 30 fps....
Taran Bham
Taran Bham Mese fa
Came from a ps4, got the xbox one S because of all my friends. My honest review is, that I love everything about the xbox from start up to the console itself and the controller, don’t get me wrong tho, i loved my ps4 aswell, they both are good consoles, but i’ll probably grab the new xbox over the ps5 coming out soon.
Danny Ruiz
Danny Ruiz 11 giorni fa
Your out of your mind if your choosing the new xbox over the PS5 next gen ...SMH
Taran Bham
Taran Bham 18 giorni fa
RusseII Westbrick lol jit, i’m grown I had my fair share of experiences for both over years, i’m giving an opinion, how does having one more longer justifies for you to stick with it, young fella?
RusseII Westbrick
RusseII Westbrick 18 giorni fa
Game developers are already claiming the PS5 is running pretty good on their top notch games. Stick with the system you played throughout the years young fella.
Cody Holbrook
Cody Holbrook 19 giorni fa
I’ll get both
Isaiah Robinson
Original Xbox one is definitely worth it just like Xbox one s and Xbox one x.
FaZe Ale
FaZe Ale Mese fa
Ihave a xbox one x
Nhằng Nhặng TV
In my country, 80% of console gamers use playtation and about 5% dont know about xbox
mavishill Mese fa
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