Yes or No challenge😂

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21 giu 2021




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yasio bolo
yasio bolo Ora fa
I was crying, then i saw this fucking post, and I cried more.
shubhra singh
shubhra singh Giorno fa
In the first one even before the juice hit her she was like 0 0 ' o
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Giorno fa
At first in 0:03 or 0:04 if you pause you can see she closed her eyes before it comes😑
THEMV GUY 2 giorni fa
DS 2 giorni fa
Guys Let's Appreciate That That Girl Reacted Before The Juice Was Pour On Her
Diksha Gupta
Diksha Gupta 2 giorni fa
They would have poured the pringles over her head as well, why to cry?
Simran Dubey
Simran Dubey 2 giorni fa
I know it's just for fun but you guys are wasting a hell lot of food
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Giorno fa
My opinion is when they good good items they just slam it on their faces and bad items..? EATING IT OR USING IT..my opinion no idea about others
THE_SK0RPI0N 2 giorni fa
There are millions who starve to death every year, and u still waste food
MAYURIMA NATH 2 giorni fa
Did anyone noticed the dove shampoo?
I Exist
I Exist 2 giorni fa
Is it only me who thinks she's always wearing green nail paint
lol moments
lol moments 2 giorni fa
Guys, it's good that you entertain us but you're wasting the food you always know that much than millions of child died due to hunger crisis . Please don't waste food 🙏
PIRATE王 2 giorni fa
He would have rubbed the Pringles on her face. Why is she sad ?
Asterix Boy
Asterix Boy 2 giorni fa
Waste of food.
ALISHA LODHI 2 giorni fa
Sanah Gani
Sanah Gani 3 giorni fa
Everybody be like the fact is that she reacted before knowing bla bla bla...what about the food being wasted.there are ppl who eat mud biscuits to kill their hunger and much more.this is literally the heart breaking to see how ppl in some countries are wasting food while some have nothing 🙃
Vinithra A
Vinithra A 3 giorni fa
How to block you tube shorts?
Priya Bhandari
Priya Bhandari 3 giorni fa
I like the yes no challenge
Afshan Noor
Afshan Noor 4 giorni fa
My opinion is when they good good items they just slam it on their faces and bad items..? EATING IT OR USING IT..my opinion no idea about others
swati phale
swati phale 4 giorni fa
U are mad
Gemüsebrühe 5 giorni fa
People so stupid
TimIsCool 5 giorni fa
Why is it called common sense when no one had it
Aaruhi Jha
Aaruhi Jha 5 giorni fa
Poor she
ashiya  shaikh
ashiya shaikh 6 giorni fa
App ki awwaz bohat cute hai aur ye song bhi😉
Indian 7 giorni fa
1 minute silence for those it's not scripted😁😁😁😁😢
Harithasree Thirunarayanan
In first match Yes means you have to give the juice no!!!!
Contain Ads
Contain Ads 7 giorni fa
If she says yes to Pringles then she will drop all the Pringles on her If she will say no then she will not give her😂😂😂😂
3veni 143
3veni 143 7 giorni fa
Musical Gamer
Musical Gamer 8 giorni fa
Even if you have said yes for Pringles then also he will just pour it (Pringles) on your head so don't worry 😉
Dear YT SHORTS warriors place your anticringe shield correctly.
Andylin Plocher
Andylin Plocher 8 giorni fa
What the heck
Cheezify ❶
Cheezify ❶ 10 giorni fa
gun go brrrrrr
Nightcore  Remixx  , Trap Musix
Cupcake like this 🤡
MiZo Idol OP
MiZo Idol OP 10 giorni fa
Copy Cat Nooob
とよですねー 10 giorni fa
Post Melon 🍈
Post Melon 🍈 10 giorni fa
If u r wasting food rember there people who don't have food
Rakshita Kanwar
Rakshita Kanwar 10 giorni fa
Wasting food
DEDSEC hacker
DEDSEC hacker 10 giorni fa
We were suppose to drink that fanta and eat that cupcake you punks Me after seeing this where is my anti cringe pill ohh yeah its the comment section
tyler mooney
tyler mooney 10 giorni fa
We're a fucked species guys
Chad Horton
Chad Horton 10 giorni fa
why tf she want pringles on her head
Gustavo Mendes
Gustavo Mendes 10 giorni fa
Jesus loves you. Jesus vos ama. Jesus te ama. Jesus Christ is coming back repent of your sins. Jesus Cristo está voltando arrependam dos seus pecados. Jesus Cristo viene, arrepiéntete de tus pecados. João 3:16 Porque Deus amou o mundo de tal maneira que deu o seu Filho unigênito, para que todo aquele que nele crê não pereça, mas tenha a vida eterna. John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have eternal life. Juan 3:16 Porque tanto amó Dios al mundo que dio a su Hijo unigénito, para que todo aquel que en él cree no se pierda, mas tenga vida eterna..
Susana Avila
Susana Avila 10 giorni fa
Can she just EAT the cupcake!?!?
opie4life 15
opie4life 15 12 giorni fa
Humanity is evolving just backwards
loldog705 12 giorni fa
Ok your here on ITvid shorts there's a comment somewhere he will give you the items you need for you adventure in ITvid shorts. Now it's all you need if you need an extra I got more with me so just tell me and I will give you an extra
TANMAY KUMAR 12 giorni fa
Yeh Log Itna Khana Barbaad krte hai ki kuch khne ki nahi
"if idiots could fly tiktok would be an airport" -wise men on internet Meme of the day
Laura_Playz 12 giorni fa
I feel bad for her she only got one thing she wants
D 4 C
D 4 C 12 giorni fa
Fucking cringe
Alfred Sunil
Alfred Sunil 12 giorni fa
Please🙏🙏🙏🙏 don't waste food please...
Nizar K
Nizar K 12 giorni fa
GREY 2nd Gear
GREY 2nd Gear 12 giorni fa
I wish one could ultimate push this world into dust
Antonia Jorquers
Antonia Jorquers 12 giorni fa
Yes or no 1 no 2 no 3 yes 4 yes
Emine Degirmen
Emine Degirmen 13 giorni fa
Elle doit manger le gâteau
Emine Degirmen
Emine Degirmen 13 giorni fa
Mais d'habitude elle doit boire l'eau
El Fion
El Fion 13 giorni fa
phone ringtones
phone ringtones 14 giorni fa
2020 : youtube vs tiktok 2021 : youtube = tiktok
Sangwoo :^
Sangwoo :^ 15 giorni fa
Sometimes I think Thanos made the right decision.
Noob Girl Gaming
Noob Girl Gaming 15 giorni fa
She made the "O" Face before he started pouring the fanta..... 🤦‍♀️
Fearless Soul
Fearless Soul 15 giorni fa
People are dying there due to Poverty and here food is wasted in the name of challenges. That cream they've put on your face came after making an Animal suffer. Atleast respect it. Extremely insane.😑
Вероника Завадка
Ну тогда бы он тебе их раскрошил и высыпал на голову
Gulhayo Erchiboyeva
Gulhayo Erchiboyeva 15 giorni fa
Rjfej add fsgkdeg
Shivam Bhanu
Shivam Bhanu 15 giorni fa
Now say YES to that DOVE in ur right girl.
James Jayaputra
James Jayaputra 15 giorni fa
Thanks. Now because of this, youtube suck
Griselda Contreras
Griselda Contreras 15 giorni fa
Your guys's videos suck
Jessica o-o
Jessica o-o 15 giorni fa
I would’ve dead no on every one of them to be safe lol
Adolfo Diaz Juarez
Adolfo Diaz Juarez 15 giorni fa
Nooooooo estupi
ZAMBAK Uji 16 giorni fa
Nice but not gud... Give them to needed ones..Hoo r suffering from hunger😠😠😠🤬
• lovely cherry •
Put an F in the chat for FAKE
Idk why she was so sad when she knew he was just gon drop the Pringles on her
*TL* 16 giorni fa
Cringe and fake ok...
Gizelle Lima
Gizelle Lima 16 giorni fa
Ok yes no
Apex ‘x
Apex ‘x 17 giorni fa
souvagini dalai
souvagini dalai 17 giorni fa
I like your video
Porfirio Rea
Porfirio Rea 17 giorni fa
Yareli 😭😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤩😍🥰🥳
Silvana Pirraci
Silvana Pirraci 17 giorni fa
Mom: Blows mouth
s v
s v 17 giorni fa
Perfect example of cringe video
Sindy Pamela Martinez
Melon 17 giorni fa
come get your anti-cringe pills 💊💊
Saikat Biswas
Saikat Biswas 18 giorni fa
Just say no everytime 😂
DoNotJudge DONOT
DoNotJudge DONOT 18 giorni fa
Long ago the internet was a very beautiful land. The 4 main platforms, ITvid, Face book, Instagram, and Twitter all lived in peace and harmony but little did we know that the internet and everything inside it would be destroyed. It all started when Tik Tok was created. Tik tok spreaded like a virus. Tik tok spreaded fake and bad videos. Some of the videos were actually funny but it was too little. It was small at first but now it has taken over all four platforms. The internet was destroyed and now I fear for what’s up ahead. I fear for the internet’s future. -a random dude
monkAss Jobi
monkAss Jobi 18 giorni fa
this moment when u just look this videos to comment how cringe it is
WTF Showtime
WTF Showtime 18 giorni fa
That's very funny
Brijesh Shah
Brijesh Shah 18 giorni fa
Plzz like video
No No Yes Yes
Diana Karina Cayo Rivas
If you want I can buy you pringles
Isabel Rumiche
Isabel Rumiche 18 giorni fa
its_G4cha 18 giorni fa
Mano isso e um desperdício tanta pessoa passando fome na rua e ainda desperdiciam!
betul parlak
betul parlak 18 giorni fa
رضه رضه
رضه رضه 19 giorni fa
Ruben Gonzalez De la Cruz
Celina Prins
Celina Prins 19 giorni fa
Nod nod
Cristina Mellado
Cristina Mellado 19 giorni fa
Lucas Felix
Lucas Felix 20 giorni fa
Guys i saw her face is panic even the juice are not hit his head bruh Fake
giada Miraculous
giada Miraculous 20 giorni fa
Shobha Thapa
Shobha Thapa 20 giorni fa
Violet Metaverse
Violet Metaverse 20 giorni fa
Wasted so much juice, would have given it to me😭
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