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Steve Black
Steve Black 2 giorni fa
1:51:15 are you actually that stupid ethan or can you not come up with anything better? He clearly doesn't support gun control he's mocking those that do when they come up with stupid ways to implement gun control, he's saying that by what Chris supports he wouldn't even be allowed to own a gun, he would be targeted by the own laws he wants implemented. Stop being stupid.
Natalie Holiday
Natalie Holiday 5 giorni fa
Wish Ethan would stop talking over the clips all the time when we’re trying to hear what’s going on..
Steven Jennings
Steven Jennings 6 giorni fa
King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard FUCKING RIGHT BABY!!
Kharn who cares
Kharn who cares 7 giorni fa
that mary lady is just trying to make her life look so bad shes getting into all these trouble bc she wants to
john wednesday
john wednesday 8 giorni fa
You should hear Australians before they get into a fight: "Mate, I'll punch your head in Mate." "go on then Mate." And the cops: "Mate, mate, stop right there mate".
ceren 9 giorni fa
I gotta pee sooo bad
grizzlywhisker 11 giorni fa
Arby's = pure trash. The only thing I can stomach is the chicken tenders but it's kinda hard to fuck up chicken tenders.
Rage Quit
Rage Quit 11 giorni fa
its a trap
Bianca Durante
Bianca Durante 11 giorni fa
I just want to say this: you don't get to choose what is offensive or not for a different racial group. If someone says something you said is offensive because of their racial background, you just apologize and that's it. Also, from the the video you're showing, it seems like that conversation has already been going on for a while, so it might just be that the friend of the guy that was filming was already being a dick for a while and knew that that response was coming.
Xoto Beats
Xoto Beats 11 giorni fa
Patrick Crocker
Patrick Crocker 12 giorni fa
Americans drive on the wrong side of the road, almost every else drives the way the do in Australia, I’m American as well so this is unbiased
LUNCHTIME 12 giorni fa
Arbys new special deal you get one of there meat and bread only sandwiches and a 5 gallon tank of water
Cziffra 13 giorni fa
34:21 does anyone think that "oh my god" sounds like Donna from that 70s show?
Nick Lima
Nick Lima 15 giorni fa
54:10 Title gets relevant lol
Taylor Cox
Taylor Cox 15 giorni fa
Such funny footage but for real Ethan u cannot do an Australian accent mate, not even close.
Animezingly 15 giorni fa
TV heads are a thing in the cosplay community as well (though I'm not sure how popular) I saw a couple of people with it at my small town convention.
Sobin Sobington
Sobin Sobington 18 giorni fa
Well yeah the Australian police showed up quick have you seen mad Max? The main force patrol has to be everywhere before the warboys on scooters show up to huff all the gasoline
My Dixy Wrecked
My Dixy Wrecked 18 giorni fa
Oh sh*t! "Fupper Pooper!" HAHAHA I was an "Hila Kleiner" but I like Fupper Pooper way better!
Ethorbit 18 giorni fa
I'm subbed with bell notifications on yet I haven't received any notifications about your videos for like 2 months, what the hell ITvid?! I guess on the bright side I now can listen to podcasts all day long.
B. Jamison
B. Jamison 18 giorni fa
More scooter specific episodes pleeease
Donnie V.
Donnie V. 19 giorni fa
Sexuality should not be monetized by ITvid.
trip shh
trip shh 19 giorni fa
Scoundrel 21 giorno fa
Shits on Arby’s but gives Mc Donald’s an A, talk about the pot calling the kettle black
Ty Davies
Ty Davies 21 giorno fa
I was feeling ill so I thought I’d catch up on the pods and seeing that Arby’s nearly did it for me, thanks the universe it’s not in the uk
bkstacker 247
bkstacker 247 22 giorni fa
Arbys chicken bacon cheese sandwich is beast
This Charming Matthew
“Now, Ethan, would You want a 3-wheel, or 4-wheel scooter?” These are the questions that Americans are asking themselves 🤔
chiquelemon 23 giorni fa
Loved when Ethan spoke with an Australian accent😂 so funny!!!
Thomas Barnes
Thomas Barnes 23 giorni fa
Love Dan repping King Gizz
Fuq King
Fuq King 23 giorni fa
Connor1779 24 giorni fa
i hate arby's...but I want to try it again now
social media
social media 24 giorni fa
*Old person + scooter= public immunity*
JoshFloor 25 giorni fa
Just to weigh in on your point against creators not being treated equally: yes, it does make sense that you should get a person to make the decisions on things for you, rather than a bot. That doesn't mean we aren't being treated differently, that defines how we are being treated differently (we being small creators and you). There are many stories of people who just outright lose their channels due to a misstep by the bot, and some never get their channel back. They don't have the person at ITvid to fall back on, because they never got to get to that point. They have to rely on a Twitter account that sometimes gets back to them. Yeah, this gets a little off topic from the conversation you're having, but please don't try to make the point that we are treated equally, then talk about your person at ITvid.
Teodoro Nino
Teodoro Nino 25 giorni fa
The north didnt care about the slaves the education system lies to us and says we did it to free slaves hell no the reason they fought is cause the north kinda of hated that the south got free labor and they payed for they labor so yhes they did it free slaves but cause they wanted them to pay for labor
Pheminon 26 giorni fa
There needs to be a warning at the beginning saying, *You can/cannot listen to this in the car." The first 30 minutes was just Ethan going, "lol that's so wild." While reacting to videos
candy panda
candy panda 26 giorni fa
yet again ethan comments on something he isn't educated on. I love you guys, but i swear I lose brain cells every time I watch the show.
Slank〽an 25 giorni fa
Honestly I know 😂
MisFit ToyMaker
MisFit ToyMaker 26 giorni fa
HERE IS HOW YOU SOLVE EVERY ITvidR'S DEMONETIZATION PROBLEM! youtube just needs a check list for their advertisers to reach the relevant audience, no one need be demonetized completely, just automatically directed to what ever pool of relevant adds and revenue that exists under GAY or JEW, or video games, ect.
Waviest cafe
Waviest cafe 26 giorni fa
Scooter lady at 34:00 seems annoying
Duspro 26 giorni fa
If you’re interested in Trumps take on gun control look up the red flag laws he’s trying to implement. For someone who talks about gun control and mental health being a possible underlying issue and wanting people to do something about it, well here’s something I guess
Scylla H
Scylla H 26 giorni fa
Sorry ya old bitch that the homeless are so inconvenient to you 🙄
Diablo chan
Diablo chan 27 giorni fa
I couldn't stand mobility marry, I've been putting the podcast on and off since it came out. I finally made it to the break
Rich Abello
Rich Abello 27 giorni fa
Here in Canada they gave me a little canadian flag when i had my citizen. :')
Brock 27 giorni fa
Hila and Ethan are wrong on the aspect that hateful speech has not been defined as is not protected under the first amendment. I love you guys and your videos but some of the things you guys say are blatantly wrong and misleading.
RAM3D 28 giorni fa
you have to try the turkey Gyro at Arby's the roast beef sandwiches are alittle weird to me but their other items are pretty good.
Deion Toledo
Deion Toledo 28 giorni fa
Ethan became an actual baby with his mother
James 28 giorni fa
The other ‘normal’ letters in the alphabet are being discriminated against ‘LMNOP’ deserves more of the spotlight
James 28 giorni fa
The funny thing is the scooter lady initiated all of the confrontation... hmmm
Caleb Crowell
Caleb Crowell 28 giorni fa
Bless you with myrrh and frankincense
moazzam Ali
moazzam Ali 28 giorni fa
What did you say at 3:08?
Lance Sunrise
Lance Sunrise 28 giorni fa
Books is a beautiful thing.
Daw 28 giorni fa
I put this on, went on twitter and daaaaaamn how tf did 2 hours pass so quickly
Lynch 28 giorni fa
wait wtf dan. king gizzard t-shirt. i'd slam you if i were a chick, jesus
As an Italian, being called a Fredo would be an insult. Not on the same level as the n-word though. The n-word for us is guniea and, if someone called him that, I'd hope he'd start swinging right away
B00ST10 28 giorni fa
ITvid officially ends gay people
Edward Kenway
Edward Kenway 29 giorni fa
Mary is Don Quixote on a mobility scooter.
86Corvus 29 giorni fa
Its simple, hateful speech is speech they dont like or agree with, and their speech is always in agreement with them. Its an extremely primitive and totalitarian way of thinking.
James 28 giorni fa
Yes it’s very strange how they think they’re so progressive but they’re the close minded ones, you could liken it to a very religious person, small tribe mentality
BobV97 29 giorni fa
86Corvus 29 giorni fa
LGBTQ - Rules for thy, not for me.
86Corvus 29 giorni fa
You are not breaking any rules but your content is not allowed on the platform. - isnt that what the lgbtqers were fighting for? Isnt thats what their war on freedom of speech is all about? As far as i see it, they pressured YT to deplatform people who didnt brake any laws so now that they get the taste of their own poison they can fucking shove their complaints up their preferred sexual hole.
86Corvus 29 giorni fa
Noone cares about you and they are not obligued to care about you.
86Corvus 29 giorni fa
Regardless of how it works, she wants engagement algorithm reward but she doesnt want to have to allow for users to engage with her content and comment. I swear, why is it so hard for those people to understand. YOU CANT HAVE THE ENGAGEMENT BONUS WHILE NOT ALOWING FOR ENGAGEMENT.
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