YouTube Rewind: The Ultimate 2016 Challenge | #YouTubeRewind

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ITvid Rewind 2016. Celebrating the videos, people, music and moves that made 2016. #ITvidRewind
Spend more time with your favorite creators, videos and trends from 2016: yt.be/rewind2016
Watch trending videos from 2016: itvid.net/u-rewind
See trends as they happen: itvid.net/u-trending
Watch the BTS video: itvid.net/video/video-Y8MuxHNLfZ8.html
Watch all the easter eggs: goo.gl/WihKvv
Music by The Hood Internet itvid.net/u-thehoodinternet
With an original remix by Major Lazer itvid.net/u-majorlazer
Alex Wassabi itvid.net/u-hoiitsroi
Alfie itvid.net/u-PointlessBlog
AIB itvid.net/u-allindiabakchod
AmazingPhil itvid.net/u-AmazingPhil
AndreasChoice itvid.net/u-AndreasChoice
Bethany Mota itvid.net/u-Macbarbie07
BFvsGF itvid.net/u-BFvsGF
BibisBeautyPalace itvid.net/u-BibisBeautyPalace
Bie The Ska itvid.net/u-bomberball
CaELiKe itvid.net/u-CaELiKe
Casey Neistat itvid.net/u-caseyneistat
Caspar itvid.net/u-dicasp
Connor Franta itvid.net/u-ConnorFranta
Cyprien itvid.net/u-MonsieurDream
danisnotonfire itvid.net/u-danisnotonfire
Dude Perfect itvid.net/u-corycotton
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson itvid.net/u-therock
EeOneGuy itvid.net/u-EeOneGuy
elrubiusOMG itvid.net/u-elrubiusOMG
enchufetv itvid.net/u-enchufetv
Gigi Gorgeous itvid.net/u-GregoryGORGEOUS
Grace Helbig itvid.net/u-graciehinabox
hajimesyacho itvid.net/u-0214mex
Hannah Hart itvid.net/u-MyHarto
Hayla itvid.net/u-HaylaTV
Hevesh5 itvid.net/u-Hevesh5
HolaSoyGerman itvid.net/u-HolaSoyGerman
iHasCupquake itvid.net/u-iHasCupquake
Ingrid Nilsen itvid.net/u-missglamorazzi
jacksepticeye itvid.net/u-jacksepticeye
Jenn McAllister itvid.net/u-jennxpenn
Joey Graceffa itvid.net/u-JoeyGraceffa
JoutJout Prazer itvid.net/u-joutjoutprazer
KianAndJC itvid.net/u-KianAndJc
KSI itvid.net/u-KSIOlajidebt
Kurt Hugo Schneider itvid.net/u-KurtHugoSchneider
LaurDIY itvid.net/u-LaurDIY
Lilly Singh itvid.net/u-IISuperwomanII
Liza Koshy itvid.net/show-UCxSz6JVYmzVhtkraHWZC7HQ
LosPolinesios itvid.net/u-LosPolinesios
Luisito Rey itvid.net/u-luisitorey
Luzu itvid.net/u-luzugames
Mamrie Hart itvid.net/u-YouDeserveADrink
Markiplier itvid.net/u-markiplierGAME
Marques Brownlee itvid.net/u-marquesbrownlee
MatPat itvid.net/u-MatthewPatrick13
Matt Steffanina itvid.net/u-MattSDance
Meg DeAngelis itvid.net/u-maybabytumbler
Meredith Foster itvid.net/u-StilaBabe09
Nicky Jam itvid.net/show-UCpb_iJuhFe8V6rQdbNqfAlQ
PewDiePie itvid.net/u-PewDiePie
PIKOTARO itvid.net/show-UCKpIOnsk-gcwHXIzuk24ExA
Porta dos Fundos itvid.net/u-portadosfundos
PrankvsPrank itvid.net/u-PrankvsPrank
RADIO FISH itvid.net/show-UCok3jJg7q1-PKV6XYDYTA_A
Rclbeauty101 itvid.net/u-Rclbeauty101
Rhett & Link itvid.net/u-RhettandLink
Sebastián Villalobos itvid.net/u-VillalobosSebastian
Seth Meyers itvid.net/u-LateNightSeth
SQUEEZIE itvid.net/u-aMOODIEsqueezie
sWooZie itvid.net/u-swoozie06
The Dolan Twins itvid.net/u-TheDolanTwins
The Late Late Show with James Corden itvid.net/show-UCJ0uqCI0Vqr2Rrt1HseGirg
The Slow Mo Guys itvid.net/u-theslowmoguys
TheWillyrex itvid.net/u-TheWillyrex
Tre Melvin itvid.net/u-ThisIsACommentary
Trevor Noah itvid.net/show-UCwWhs_6x42TyRM4Wstoq8HA
Unbox Therapy itvid.net/u-unboxtherapy
VanossGaming itvid.net/u-VanossGaming
VRZOchannel itvid.net/u-VrzoChannel
Werevertumorro itvid.net/u-werevertumorro
What's Inside? itvid.net/u-lincolnmarkham
whatdafaqshow itvid.net/u-WHATDAFAQSHOW
WhinderssonNunes itvid.net/u-whinderssonnunes
YosStoP itvid.net/u-YosStoP
Yuka Kinoshita itvid.net/u-kinoyuu0204
Yuya itvid.net/u-lady16makeup
& more!
ITvid Rewind 2016 produced by Portal A

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7 dic 2016




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Commenti 695 091
00Farhan00 18 ore fa
This is way better than 2018
00Farhan00 18 ore fa
Pray for 2020🥺🥺
kittycat lula
kittycat lula 20 ore fa
I am happy that dan and Phil are in 4 rewinds in a row
Cooper Considine
It’s weird that ITvid have made some of the most liked videos on ITvid but also the most disliked video on ITvid
Nesher G
Nesher G Giorno fa
The best rewind ever from 2020
Life is a Lie
Life is a Lie Giorno fa
Bro this is my fav rewinf
Adv Shahanaj Panna
3:29 i love u wengie!!!
Rodrigo15100 L.A
This is amazing
• kylizzie •
dang time flies so fast, 2016 was the best year for me :
sebastian avalos
Mas parece music rewind
TONY play
TONY play Giorno fa
My favorite 1:55
Person_who_ breathes
Te faltó la mejor serie que se acabó en el 2016
Snowyman dude
Snowyman dude Giorno fa
This is the only real ITvid rewind before the bad streak
ツKyng Giorno fa
Best ITvid rewind so far🔥🔥🔥
Lola Lopez
Lola Lopez Giorno fa
Holaaaaaaaaaa 2020
BendyDH1 Giorno fa
Hola ahre
Maripi Giovi
Maripi Giovi 2 giorni fa
Esto si era una rewind..... cuando eramos felices y no lo sabíamos :,) Yyyy donde se valoraban los youtubers de todos los paises
Luis Angel Ramirez
Luis Angel Ramirez 2 giorni fa
F for the old youtube. :'(
Lilian Guzman
Lilian Guzman 2 giorni fa
Rubius tiene más sibcriptores que el mismísimo ITvid
Austin Atkinson
Austin Atkinson 2 giorni fa
Sometimes I look back at rewinds from 2014-2017 and wonder where time went and where did it all go wrong...
Z4kulYT 2 giorni fa
Like si viniste por JuegaGerman
Mhd111 Mhd
Mhd111 Mhd 2 giorni fa
I wanna cry watching this.... :( i dont know why but 2016 was the best year ever and best year in my life...
jhojan03Gamer Recolipcion
Alguien viendo en 2020? 🤔😎🤣
Itz Yadi
Itz Yadi 2 giorni fa
Dude in my opinion this is the best rewind ITvid has ever made so far
Bloxxer Studios
Bloxxer Studios 2 giorni fa
why did youtube decide to change this? 2018 just why
Chloe Massie
Chloe Massie 2 giorni fa
5:27 you can just tell their Australians 😂😂
Chloe Massie
Chloe Massie 2 giorni fa
Dan looks like Marty from Back to the future lol
Itay Melnik
Itay Melnik 2 giorni fa
That’s better
Itay Melnik
Itay Melnik 2 giorni fa
Pardo-Kun 3 giorni fa
like if this is the best rewind
cristobal villalobos
Yo no ablar mucho inglish
Vale Tardini
Vale Tardini 3 giorni fa
I lovee
Estek 3 giorni fa
_ Villalba
_ Villalba 3 giorni fa
By far, the best rewind of all the times.
Evelyn P.
Evelyn P. 3 giorni fa
2016 sucked but this is better. Still a decline from the previous ones though.
Keyla Peréz
Keyla Peréz 3 giorni fa
Fue el año de los mejores creadores, hoy en día son los talentos que se perdieron
Keyla Peréz
Keyla Peréz 3 giorni fa
Que buenos años
Alex Corbell
Alex Corbell 3 giorni fa
This was the last good rewind
ok 3 giorni fa
Antonio Cervantes
Antonio Cervantes 3 giorni fa
Agnes Jansson
Agnes Jansson 3 giorni fa
Miss when ITvid did rewinds like this
kuzzi70 3 giorni fa
The amount of times people dabbed
Rooben Khashaki
Rooben Khashaki 4 giorni fa
Want to second is this game is trash just ITvid
One Kukun
One Kukun 4 giorni fa
Rubius tiene mas subs que ITvid wtf
Amy Jama
Amy Jama 4 giorni fa
I love jjs moves Xd
Willow H
Willow H 4 giorni fa
Why was this the best rewind?
Argenz bezeta
Argenz bezeta 4 giorni fa
A pesar de que pasó hace 4 años me llena de nostalgia
Sarim Yildirim
Sarim Yildirim 4 giorni fa
Rio Pt
Rio Pt 4 giorni fa
Like si ablas español y bienes por german rubius o yuya
furqan kanyare
furqan kanyare 4 giorni fa
If only they knew what was coming
Sneeze Aechoo
Sneeze Aechoo 4 giorni fa
I miss the old days. Time does fly by. 😔
Simon 4 giorni fa
Soy el comentario en español que estas buscando
By Likes
By Likes 4 giorni fa
este es el vrd rewind los del 2017 18 y19 una basura
Dank Lord The Meme Jesus
I know 100% Liza or Lilly is gonna be in rewind 2020
MJN SEIFER 3 giorni fa
Let's hope Rewind 2020 is like these Rewinds, and not a list or something (in my opinion.)
ii Trex7
ii Trex7 4 giorni fa
Possible name of the song 2:22
Savannah Carpenter
Savannah Carpenter 4 giorni fa
The young dolans bro were so attractive
Ava M
Ava M 4 giorni fa
Yea so I’m just gonna cry until I go back in time 🥺😣
Mario24xd ddd
Mario24xd ddd 4 giorni fa
This is the Best rewind
Ethan Ndayah
Ethan Ndayah 4 giorni fa
I saw dawne johnsen
Ethan Ndayah
Ethan Ndayah 4 giorni fa
Alia vikkstar comedygaming
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