YouTube's 2019 Rewind: FIXED

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100% of proceeds from this video will go to suicide prevention programs worldwide.
We got this, ITvid. Since our friends at ITvid shared our passion for top 10 lists and used the format to unveil ITvid Rewind 2019, but seemed to have omitted a lot of the people and stories that stood out on the platform, we thought we'd add our input on the list and present you the top 10 Stories & People We Actually Cared About on ITvid. You're welcome, ITvid. We appreciate the effort with the 2019 Rewind, but maybe leave the ranking to the professionals?
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WatchMojo.com 8 mesi fa
100% of proceeds from this video will go to suicide prevention programs worldwide.
Braden 21 giorno fa
That’s hot. That’s hot
Garfield is god
Craig The Monke
Craig The Monke 3 mesi fa
For people who saw it
I Support That👍👍👍👍
Çınar İnceoğlu
Brilliant job man . Everything is perfectly fine and everything important about 2019. 10/10 ( aka short version of the PewDiePie rewind 2019 ) 👌👍
Concerned Commenter
I want this to get more likes.
lelovet 5 giorni fa
Glitter Magic 0909
Glitter Magic 0909 6 giorni fa
This is the rewind that everyone asked for in ITvid "Rewind" 2019's comments
James Forester
James Forester 8 giorni fa
Perhaps we judged you too harshly
manhal walker playz gamez
This is actually way worse then youtube rewind 2018
atha anwarluson
atha anwarluson Giorno fa
Wut there's etika there
Plake Plays
Plake Plays 9 giorni fa
Rewind is just a watchmojo
Musa 11 giorni fa
Why is WatchMojo so much more professional than ITvid themselves
Mac Is underrated
Mac Is underrated 15 giorni fa
Etika: I hope my story makes ITvid a better place ITvid: pulls a Chris Benoit
Ryan Butler
Ryan Butler 16 giorni fa
Ranking ITvid rewind 2019s 1. Pewdiepie 2. Watch Mojo 3. Watch Mojo copy (ITvid)
ツfade 21 giorno fa
No still 9 m dislike
Vik Cook
Vik Cook 25 giorni fa
It’s Ramsay
I’m On I’m On
Can’t wait for the 2020 fixed rewind that’s gonna be real good where gonna have some fun with that 😈
Fortune YT
Fortune YT Mese fa
Kdraws 246
Kdraws 246 Mese fa
You know rewind was more like a watch mojo video than watch mojo
IPad Pro 2020 Apple
ITvid worker 1: sooo it's rewind time again. What do you think we should do ITvid worker 2: hmmm remember the dislikes we got last year. Let's do something something.... Not political ITvid worker 1: A-ha got it let's make a top 10 list. No one can complain about that!! ITvid worker 2: you mean... A watchmojo list ITvid worker 1: well yeah but we aren't gonna tell then that you know ITvid worker 2: perfect. So should we ask watchmojo to make it or something?? ITvid worker 1: of course not! We'll make it ourselves. They'll get all the credit if watchmojo makes it. ITvid worker 2: OK perfect . Let's start making the MOST LIKED VIDEO IN ITvid **9 million dislikes** ITvid worker 2: do you think watchmojo should have done it instead!?! ITvid worker 1: I think we should have
Jack Call
Jack Call Mese fa
WatchMojo you gotta be careful before ITvid demonetises you and claims copyright with this Top 10 lists.
William Hinson
WatchMojo: ha I finally found you faker! ITvid: faker? I think you're the fake video around here you're not even good enough to be my fake- WatchMojo: I'll make you eat those words!
Joshua Abardo
Yo DaD
Yo DaD Mese fa
1:49 The Reason i gave this Video a Like.
reedle Mese fa
It's actually sad that WatchMojo does better than ITvid
Tooru Mese fa
2019: Watchmojo 2020: Tiktok
janet ន
janet ន Mese fa
youtube getting a copyright strike
Comrade Rusty_retr09
Well ITvid rewind 2019 is basically a top 10 watch mojo video
Shuhrat Kessikbayev
WatchMojo: Features Etika in #1 place and gives out suicide hotline numbers for people going through a rough time ITvid: Y'know what's really dope? Featuring ITvidrs no one has ever heard about until we brought them up.
Mo3 Miah
Mo3 Miah Mese fa
WatchMojo: Makes ITvid rewind but better Everyone: Liked that
Shark War
Shark War 2 mesi fa
Emreald 2 mesi fa
damn watchmojo be out playing youtube
Holee JR
Holee JR 2 mesi fa
Death hhahahha
I’m a Yeti.
I’m a Yeti. 2 mesi fa
ITvid rewind: copies watch mojo Watch mojo: *copies youtube rewind*
the Ruby maker
the Ruby maker 2 mesi fa
Etika was g man
the Ruby maker
the Ruby maker 2 mesi fa
ITvid: hmm let’s just copy watch mojo Watch mojo: Uno reverse card
Anime HDG
Anime HDG 2 mesi fa
This is probably the best thing that watchmojo has ever done not only did it fixed the youtube rank like putting pewdiepie vs t series and Logan Paul but it even put one of the best youtubers that inspired me to become a youtuber and his name is etika my boy will never and ever be missed aka the legend of youtube
TheGreatAutismo 2077
I didn't know Etika as a content creator that well, I just knew him for his over the top smash bros. reaction meme, but still seeing this warmed my heart a little. Clips I have seen of him ranting passionately about never letting anyone douse your motivations, the clip added in this video, they show me the reason why people loved and enjoyed his content... why they loved him. To know that people were so ruthless towards him, to know keemstar himself was one of those people who said the wrong things to the wrong person, it breaks my heart. I hope that people can learn to be open minded, and empathetic, I pray that we don't lose more souls in the same way we lost Etika
Samuel Gorges
Samuel Gorges 2 mesi fa
Perhaps I treated you too harshly.....
Nardose Mengesha
SaltedLemon 2 mesi fa
Let’s be honest. Nobody can beat WatchMojo and being WatchMojo.
loopsie doopsie
loopsie doopsie 2 mesi fa
Why is a watch mojo video making me cry at the end
Burnik Lover
Burnik Lover 2 mesi fa
Perhaps I treated you too harshly - Thanos
Dhruv Mukherjee
Dhruv Mukherjee 2 mesi fa
Thank you so much WatchMojo, for giving respect to Etika. RIP Etika, we miss you so much today.
Josephine Francisco
youtube rewind 2019 is bassicaly one of youre videos
Greely 2 mesi fa
when WatchMojo makes a better WatchMojo rewind video than youtube
HolyVision 3 mesi fa
People ITvid rewind What a Watch mojo video watch mojo we can do better still though
Nvll 3 mesi fa
Can't believe I'm crying on a Watchmojo video
Ava Lightwood
Ava Lightwood 3 mesi fa
How is this better?
Joseph Motto
Joseph Motto 3 mesi fa
This video is a watchmojo top 10 anime plot twist with them turning out to be the good guys
Arham Rafi
Arham Rafi 3 mesi fa
But like this wuz trasher.......
PhostageFRFX 3 mesi fa
it was the right thing to do to put Etika #1. I always love you, Etika.
Zorah Gosal
Zorah Gosal 3 mesi fa
Watch mojo is that the cool teacher of the school And youtube is that teacher no one likes.
My Gaming Studios
lets make this the most liked video on youtube
ZapTrap 3 mesi fa
Is anyone talking about Grant Thompson aka TKOR death not being in this
Random Dude
Random Dude 3 mesi fa
When watchmojo did it better than youtube in their own game
Fast11 GTR
Fast11 GTR 3 mesi fa
Nobody: ITvid: lets copy people and make it boring Watchmojo: I am 4 parrel universes ahead of you
Carlo Llanos-Lévesque
Browser Jay
Browser Jay 3 mesi fa
ITvid basically copied watchmojo's homework changed it slightly and made it worse just like the people behind the new lion king film.
Bloody Chloe
Bloody Chloe 3 mesi fa
I feel like mojo tried to be cocky here but instead they just made themselves look shit by showing how there videos are much better without the annoying voice overs. I mean it was still cringey but better.
Ginnex875 3 mesi fa
goodbye jean pierre polnareff(etika) i hope you live in peace at afterlife
Browser Jay
Browser Jay 3 mesi fa
That's not etika's real name his real name is desmond daniel amofah.
God Triq
God Triq 4 mesi fa
Who’s etika
Zaadus 4 mesi fa
I love that we calling youtube rewind a watchmojo video but your standards are too high so when you make your own it totally destroyes normal rewind!
JesticPlayz 4 mesi fa
“ITvid Headquarters” *take notes*
Not a Spam Mammm
That was passive aggressive
Dep 4 mesi fa
congrats watchmojo....you did a WAY better job than youtube....this had a more "rewind" feeling than the actual rewind
Correa Torres
Correa Torres 4 mesi fa
Christoffer Viken
Don't try to out-watchmojo watchmojo, it won't work.
Hydro Rimus
Hydro Rimus 4 mesi fa
1:54 im crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Evil Dizz
Evil Dizz 4 mesi fa
ITvid is there for you we are acting we are not intelligent people we are all normal
Evil Dizz
Evil Dizz 4 mesi fa
It's just for you the girl looking like the girl seeing just for her
Evil Dizz
Evil Dizz 4 mesi fa
It's for you
Raging Nick
Raging Nick 4 mesi fa
I personally never watched his channel, so I don't know all the details, but nevertheless. Nobody has to confront their demons alone, no matter what one may think. RIP Etika
JMD Productions
JMD Productions 4 mesi fa
Top 10 anime redemption arcs
Razerx17 4 mesi fa
That ending hit me hard
Ann 4 mesi fa
i dont hate rewind 2019 cuz they put in pewdiepie, bts and left out the bullshit sjw politics, but this watchmojo rewind was way better at capturing the events of the year and they did it in 3 mins on top of that whaaat??? 😂👍
Ajaykr Jha
Ajaykr Jha 4 mesi fa
Well done
EpicgamerNS 5 mesi fa
I just realized etika died exactly 10 years after micheal jackson died sad
Zero Black
Zero Black 5 mesi fa
The Watchmojo redemption arc took me by surprise
Just Goose
Just Goose 5 mesi fa
Pretty much everyone:Compares ITvid rewind to Watch Mojo Watch Mojo:oh, ho, ho, ho, hooooooo, we we are not like them, an we will prove it! Me: Thank you! For proving the people wrong (Ps. I love how you acknowledged someone's death, and recommend that if someone needed help they put prevention lines on the screen)
KGK Skull
KGK Skull 5 mesi fa
Anyone here betting that ITvid is just going by money in channels and not the quality of the content and fans
Jeebz 5 mesi fa
I only wish i could've seen it sooner.... watchmojo is a hero
Jxtaro 17
Jxtaro 17 5 mesi fa
I saw this and was like “aight not bad, some good stuff” and when I saw Etika it just broke me😢
Daniel McEachern
I'm Trollin' Again
This is actually sooo good.
Ninjareml NR
Ninjareml NR 5 mesi fa
ITvid: copy’s watch mojo Watchmojo: Sign* Watch and learn *Makes better rewind Everyone: Wow they made something better than youtube
Ah_Roon 5 mesi fa
Better than previous ITvid Rewind 2019. Nice job mojo
Old Hag Lugia
Old Hag Lugia 5 mesi fa
Only WatchMojo can outwatch the mojo.
the dark bun
the dark bun 5 mesi fa
WatchMojo: well maybe i don't want to be the bad guy anymore.
Josh lini
Josh lini 5 mesi fa
Thats how u make a ranking....
no u
no u 6 mesi fa
0:21 lol
Gianna Gelato
Gianna Gelato 6 mesi fa
Dear Watchmojo, thanks for making this.
its me NELSON!
its me NELSON! 6 mesi fa
Wdym you made the youtube rewind 2019 didnt you?
Infinite Flight 747
Maybe ITvid Rewind this year was just one day ITvid and WatchMojo switched roles
JoeyTheGamer 6 mesi fa
Why did watchmojo make a second rewind
Joshua Solorzano
This is better than rewind 2019
Ryujin Akuma
Ryujin Akuma 6 mesi fa
ITvid: Makes 2019 rewind a Top 10 list Everyone compares to WatchMojo WatchMojo: Why do I have to clean up the mess you made?
JonayK 6 mesi fa
The only reason why i liked this is becouse etika was actualy in it
Connor Gandel
Connor Gandel 6 mesi fa
WatchMojo: ITvid rewind 2019 sucks WatchMojo: *photo of man being held at gunpoint by himself*
MiningPixel 6 mesi fa
Joycon boyz forever!
justin shimon karborani
thank you for putting etika is warms my heart to see people still care about him
Assylum 13
Assylum 13 6 mesi fa
2019 rewinds in order from best to worst (in my opinion) 1. PewDiePie 2. WatchMojo 3. Literally 4. Any 5. Other 6. Flipping 7. 2019 rewind 8. There 9. Is 10. ITvid
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