Zero to Hero, That last save  

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15 mar 2023




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C0ldEditz7 2 mesi fa
As a goalie I love watching these videos. Keep it up
Crister Ronaldo
Crister Ronaldo 2 mesi fa
C0ldEditz7 2 mesi fa
@Crister Ronaldo love your name. Ronaldo the goat
Crister Ronaldo
Crister Ronaldo 2 mesi fa
@C0ldEditz7 👍👍❤️❤️❤️
2lilCs 2 mesi fa
Tu Trew
Tu Trew 2 mesi fa
Dominating his box 💀
LeBabo Du47
LeBabo Du47 Mese fa
Lol he doesn't catch the easiest balls 😀
iBreezy Mese fa
Man U fan?
Kai MacMillan
@LeBabo Du47 it is raining
LeBabo Du47
LeBabo Du47 Mese fa
@Kai MacMillan so?
​@LeBabo Du47 Probably helps him lose grip and maybe vision
Maxim Cautreels
Hes so humble
Marin51 Mese fa
Bro’s so humble he didnt even mention how he invented goalkeeping
CoconutTwee Mese fa
Wouldn’t go that far he’s made a channel where he writes commentary to his own games💀
DybalaTHD Mese fa
Is this supposed to be a joke lol
@DybalaTHD yes…
luffy 2 mesi fa
Honestly playing as GK is one of the most stressful things in football , like one small mistake and the match can be lost because of you
De Omnibus Dubitandum Est
Not a controversial opinion in the slightest
Matchstick2 2 mesi fa
Hi luffy
luffy 2 mesi fa
@Matchstick2 hi
shiva 2 mesi fa
A match is never lost by one person ;) its always won and lost by the TEAM
Happy Guy
Happy Guy 2 mesi fa
Especially when the team all blamed you 😞
Best Name Ever
Best Name Ever 2 mesi fa
as i always say: you just were being humble and gave them a goal
The Troll Bombr
The Troll Bombr 2 mesi fa
He is not humble at all
Darth JarJar_
Darth JarJar_ 2 mesi fa
@The Troll Bombr yk it’s not him making the video tho right?
Cosmic Wanderer
Im still waiting for the worldie he had/made. Where is it?
Nathan Armstrong
Think he means a worldie of a game
Merc lover 44
Last save probs
newhydro TV
newhydro TV Mese fa
@Nathan Armstrongwhich game was that?
D K Mese fa
​@Nathan Armstrong clearly says in the description it was the last save which was average at best lol
Steven Mese fa
​@D K huh
lol man
lol man 2 mesi fa
3:1 is a huge win I hope your club has a lot of success ❤ Edit: mom I'm famous
Rob Breakwell
0 replies and 1k likes let me fix that
Meiler Philip
These edits are so cringe.
Dylan Taft
Dylan Taft Mese fa
Edit: Mom don't care because that was cringe asf
Péricles Ferreira
2nd half was rly good. Congrats from Brazil bro!
NevadaR6 20 giorni fa
Most humble man alive
Russell Sinclair
Russell Sinclair 12 giorni fa
Young Dj
Young Dj Mese fa
Good shit. This is the type of teammate you want, the guy that makes mistakes but genuinely learns from them and locks in after.
Seansation19 Mese fa
Turned into Ramsdale on that last one! 👏👏👏
Shortys00 Mese fa
Gregor Kobel is his mentor
David Carcamo
David Carcamo 2 mesi fa
Love when a team bails out their keeper after an embarrassing start
Kaddee Wrong
Kaddee Wrong 2 mesi fa
As a keeper I hate bobbly pitches because I can't take goal kicks well and I am so scared about what happened to you, I have almost had it happen 3 times but I had time so managed to recover. Keep it up.
Alexander Lopez
Beautiful goalkeeping. As a goalkeeper it’s so satisfying to see I’m not the only one that makes mistakes and see that I’m also not the only one that does well. Good work man!!
Brunch Mese fa
As a goalkeeper, everyone remembers your mistakes because more often than not they go on the scoreboard. Remember that your field players are making mistakes all the time that nobody will remember. Not to say to just give up and play carelessly, but keep your head in the game even when you make mistakes, if the rest of your team played perfectly you wouldn’t even have any shots to save and you would be up by 10 goals at halftime.
The owls are not what they seem
It’s a very mentally strenuous position, why they say you have to be mad to be a keeper! Keep at it my g
L Mese fa
As a goalkeeper: he had an average performance or not even average
babyyoda games
babyyoda games 2 mesi fa
Im a goalie and these vids help me a lot thanks
Bobby O'Dowd
Bobby O'Dowd Mese fa
Awesome stuff, love seeing this as a former keeper myself. Always remember to go with both hands if you can, attack the ball with your hands (especially on the low ones) and always go in hard on the brave keeping ones (you almost always get the benefit of the doubt with big collisions). Tough luck on the first one, but way to make like a quality keeper and forget about it. My coach always said to me if I let one in that I probably shouldn’t have “it’s not the first time you’ve been scored on, and it won’t be the last, just do your best”
leah perkins
leah perkins Mese fa
It’s all about confidence, the second you lose that you lose your game, back yourself & stay strong & you’ll come out on top!
Erandy Melendez
Erandy Melendez 2 mesi fa
saving the ball is such a good feeling
ErikArzensek 8 giorni fa
"Good claim.." proceedes to drop the hot potato 😂 what a humble lad 👏🏻
Brad Adoo
Brad Adoo Mese fa
I once covered as a keeper. I did okay but it was the most anxious I’ve ever been in a football game. I’ve always had respect for my keepers as they’re the ones who try and clean up what I let through. But that gave me another level of respect
outaaspace 25 giorni fa
i miss that so much. 😢
Jennnx_Editsx 2 mesi fa
❤Congratulations ❤🎉 hope you win more🎉🎉
Julian Thingvoll
Love watching these on ITvid. Instagram has so gatekeeping.
yup 2 mesi fa
i love watching these before a match
hidude531 2 mesi fa
I don’t play gk but I love to watch these 😊
Vignesh Madhu
What I expected from kobel yesterday
Isaac Raigeluw
Isaac Raigeluw 2 mesi fa
That’s what happened today with my team. Keeper made a mistake but made up for it and we got the win.
Fernando Bueno
Fernando Bueno 2 mesi fa
They got you working Frr 😂
polarpob Mese fa
bros congratulating himself for doing what’s necessary and expected
Don Mese fa
Bro ur acting like what he’s doing also isn’t very difficult. Just because it’s necessary and expected doesn’t mean it’s not important. Try saying that to a solider or a doctor
chubeviewer Mese fa
Yeah he must have made this video too and is complimenting himself
L Mese fa
@Don no it's not very difficult he Just did what he had to, saying what a save Is too much for that save
L Mese fa
@Don Bro how are you comparing soldiers and medics to a goalkeeper (which judged by the difficulty of the League, doesn't even do that for work)
bryan palapa
bryan palapa 2 mesi fa
I am used to be a goalie, keep up the good work bro
Bxrnardo🩵 2 mesi fa
Well done you really good🎉 keep winning
among us
among us 2 mesi fa
To have the resilience to come back from that shocker is amazing Edit: thanks for 236 likes MOM IM FAMOUS!
Feng Robert
Feng Robert Mese fa
@Absolutely No Content 😊😊😊p😊p😊😊😊p😊😊
Crezor Mese fa
Was just thinking the same, I wouldn’t get up!
IssacAU Mese fa
Having the confidence to push outside your box after conceding due to it is amazing
Yani Mateo
Yani Mateo Mese fa
Your going places can’t wait to see playing in a good team
Gloedp 2 mesi fa
“REF” got me dying💀
Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy Mese fa
Making beer league goalie edits is hilarious
Terror70 Mese fa
Stressful but the best feeling when doing good
blatant_pidgeon2 22 giorni fa
Dw about the bobble I've came out to pick it up but attacker took it round me
richard zhang
I’m a goalie for my team, and honestly it sucks when I can’t react fast enough then some dumbass tells me to start trying. Luv ur vid tho❤❤
Astral Games
Astral Games Mese fa
Blue lock got my shorts flooded with nothing but soccer lmaoo
Austin Newman
Austin Newman 2 mesi fa
No way this kid is a real goalie
Zach 2 mesi fa
Wow brilliant save can you make a vid on how to not get chipped from free kicks it always happens to me😊
Ryland Jacobs
Ryland Jacobs 2 mesi fa
Huge deflection, amazing reaction save... bro, you were moving in slow motion😂😂😂
Alex Saltelechi
Alex Saltelechi 2 mesi fa
Karlsson 98
Karlsson 98 2 mesi fa
Where's the worldie?
BigPapiChi Mese fa
Dominating his box. Great technique safe hands superb falcon punch 😂 man was glazing himself
Yasmin Begum
Yasmin Begum 2 mesi fa
I love your vids they inspire me but i have one weakness which is my bottom left corner . I cant save any shot that hits there. Do you have any advise?
The leafe brothers
It’s ok mate if happens I did it through on goal once It bobbled before I was taking the shot and I shot it wide 😂
Firgz Mese fa
I always told my keeper before the game no matter how many goals they let in I would score 1 more than they allowed it always boosted their confidence a lot and made them play stress free
Dylan Fingleton
That is why you never let your head drop ❤
jamonit 22 ore fa
Bro sung his own praises.
Wheeler Homestead
Hell yeah dude…. I miss football and being keeper… love to be aggressive and dominate the box
cameron joy
cameron joy Mese fa
The mistake IV done that before, it's heartbreaking 🤣
Wanga Kinnaj
Wanga Kinnaj 2 mesi fa
Deflection wasnt to bad, good claim proceeds to let the ball go, last save wasnt that great but that one was some brave keeping indeed.
Dean Shaw
Dean Shaw Mese fa
Clears the ball into dangerous areas tho that’s my one big red flag, a lot of simple saves and claims. As you say he was brave for the save at the attackers feet but that’s about it, not a stellar performance by any means
Lyn Pendry
Lyn Pendry Mese fa
@Dean Shawhe got lucky the other team Didnt score after he dropped the corner
Buzzz Bros Disc Golf
Get that knee up when you’re jumping!
Brad the lad
Brad the lad 2 mesi fa
Took a hit for the brave keeping an carries on 15/10
BlakeZz Mese fa
Swear down anyone can be a keeper after a months training
Killua IF
Killua IF 17 giorni fa
Someone needs to teach him to put his knee up when he goes for balls in a challenge
Nick Amarsanaa
Moral of the story: “Don’t sub off someone if they make just 1 mistake”
REXO レクソ
bro is making his own happiness by apperctiing hi self 💀
Fabian Aguirre
Fabian Aguirre 2 mesi fa
Yo that last save was amazing. Keep it up
Brady Richmond
Goalie needs to find his voice. As a defender, I want to hear you over everyone else. Guide your defense.
NPC 2 mesi fa
Always dreamed of becoming a keeper
Zephyr Mese fa
Love these vids they help me as a keeper , keep up the work
The Troll Bombr
The Troll Bombr 2 mesi fa
Amazing reaction save 😅
CXRSE™️ Mese fa
Them lights brighter than my future
CommentKing 14 giorni fa
Moral of the story: Don't take a player out for one bad mistake
Aldahir Pulido
Amazing reaction on a 1kph ball
Ali Kamal
Ali Kamal Mese fa
Bro is playing when it's raining 💀
Kevin De Windt
Kevin De Windt 2 mesi fa
Amazing reaction save 😂😂😂
Mr. NotSoCreative
My coach would have kicked me off the team if I ran that far out of the goal to defend
TheBigDog Mese fa
“Good claim” - drops the ball in the middle of the box
C Mclean
C Mclean Mese fa
Bro no way he hyping himself up this much for some simple saves😂😂😂
CJ Cunninghame
CJ Cunninghame 2 mesi fa
There's nothing worse than a miss kick, oohhh the knee ligaments.
OB1KaToby Mese fa
Mental game is strong. Id be crushed after that first miss
Dash Mese fa
"What a save!" "What a save!" "What a save!" "Chat disabled for 1 second(s)."
Alexander Baum
The part where he was brave looked pretty painful. Props.
Splunky 12 giorni fa
Goalkeeping in the rain sounds like a nightmare
Peyethon Mese fa
Steve Dangle “If you’re a goaltender, TEND THE GOAL!”
jordan baker
jordan baker Mese fa
I wish I could play still lol
Krishna Ghadi
as a midfielder I gotta say "this was satisfying 😌"
Maluma Baybi
Maluma Baybi Mese fa
"Don't fuck me" omg😂😂😂
Jeff K
Jeff K 28 giorni fa
Usually I walk in the ring and the ball gets so scared of my presence that it rolls itself out of the stadium
The fact that he still kept going up for the ball is what you love to see. Yeah u messed up once but its your style which works so keep doing it
LeCumStain Mese fa
Just cause your fail don’t give up always keep working hard eventually you’ll succeed
Daniele Caracappa
Nice video buddy
Rob Mays
Rob Mays Mese fa
The 'worldie' 💀💀
TwinFlame 10 giorni fa
I don’t play goalie but this man is throwing himself like he’s scared to get hurt! Fckn fly man
David Balogun
David Balogun 2 mesi fa
You came off your line more times in this video than De Gea has in his whole career
Just_a_deer Mese fa
When it said what a save i was thinking "that's a goal"
ZFC Gaming
ZFC Gaming Mese fa
Who u play for??? Great save btw
Sycalla Mese fa
(*keeper moves*) Keeper:Amazing positioning By Myself what a class player
Matthew Clark
Matthew Clark 2 mesi fa
All I would say is try to catch some over the shots that you punched. I know it’s raining
compressed balls
bro loves himself a lot lol (nice keeping tho)
HYDRA 3 giorni fa
its the coach
Lex Rogerson
Lex Rogerson Mese fa
Cal the dragon vibes
Patrick 2 mesi fa
Is no one gonna talk about that scream when he got it like damn
Stev 7 giorni fa
Waiting for the "Someone should sign him" comment
Frans Teja
Frans Teja Mese fa
As a goalie this happens often, a mistake happens at first and play better after. 😂
Kelvin 2 mesi fa
You play in slowmotion?
Matthew Perez
Goalkeeper in an actually game is fun as hell bru